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Why do we lie when we know it's a sin?

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1 year ago

Truth and lie has always been an irresistible part of our day to day life. Actually they are with us from the starting day of our civilization.

It can be said that if there are any single human exist there must be truths and there must be same amount of lies.

Truth and lies are like two side of a single coin. If there is truth there must be lie you can be so much sure about that. Now my question is why there is lie?

We all know that telling lies is a sin and we teach our children's not to tell a lie. But we do and our children's also tell a lie.

It's so hard to find a person who never told a single lie in their entire life. But my question is why we tell lie when we know that telling lie is not permitted telling lie is a sin as well.

You've also told lie at least once in your life.We've , they've, he have ,she have we all have told lie but we also know that telling lie is an offence.I've also told lie and I confess that. But my question is why?

I've tried to seek the answer personally and I've also studied peoples mind.I've also tried to observe people's emotions when they are telling lie from a close point of view. 

So here my writing will be emphasize on the question I've asked earlier why do we tell lie.Here are my findings about people I've observed.

Though these are not scientifically proven just my observations but observations are first step towards bigger knowledge.

1)People have the tendency to tell lie just they want to escape the truth.They have a fear if the truth comes out than other people will come to know their inner self.

On the other hand they don't want the truth to come out that's the simple reason I've found out.

They don't want people know who they really are and may be there is something wrong with the truth. That's why they want to hide it.

2)Secondly I've found out telling lie is an interesting sport of some people. Yes you've heard it right there are some people who tell lies just because they think it's more funny than telling the truth.

They tell lie because they want some entertainment. I've found this kind of people around me and I'm quite sure if you look around you'll find this kind of interesting lier around you.

In the morning they woke up telling lies and at night they went sleep telling lies. They are like professional lier.If you've this type of people in your friend list than its high time to let go them.

3)Believe me or not there are some people exist whose profession is telling lie.They earn money from it.But how is this possible right?

If you look around the motivation speakers around you, you'll found out what I'm talking about. Giving motivation to people is really helpful to the person who needs it.But why do we have to lie when we are motivating people?

You'll see most of the motivational speakers talk as if being successful is just a matter of penny.They'll tell you if you have one penny today you can become Elon musk tomorrow.Seriously man?

Honestly I don't take motivation from the motivation speakers rather every single thing around me, every single people around me motivates me the best.

4)People lie just to ruin someone's happiness ,to make any situation more worse, to take advantage of a particular situation and they don't want to prove themselves guilty.

If you have a jealous friend who is always jealous about you, your success and your life there is possibility your friend will lie about you.

They will spread any kind of rumour,fabricated news just to insult you. It's similar to the point some people tell lie just because they wan to take advantage of a situation.

On the other hand some people lie because they know if they tell the truth they'll in a great problem.

They have committed something wrong and they don't want to disclose it that's why they lie.

5)Our society is developed in a way if we tell the truth we'll be punished but if we skip the truth we'll be rewarded. So that's why people become less interested to tell the truth.Who wants to tell lie?

Nobody because we all know telling lie is a sin.But you'll always see there are some people who will always pressurise other to tell lie.

6)Lack of honesty is also a big reason of telling lies. These days we become to much dishonest we don't care about the truth.We have the tendency to tell lie for our own personal benefits.

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If you want to learn some interesting things about people telling lies you can read it from here:

Most of the time we lie because truth tastes bitter everytime.People can't bear the truth that's why people choose lie over truth.

These are my findings most importantly my observations about people's tendency to tell lie. What do you think about my observations?Are you finding my observations relatable with your life?

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Written by   63
1 year ago
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Good evening Miss, a pleasure to greet you, what an important topic to talk about, Lies, as you well mention, is something that has been with human beings, since they began to reason, and go beyond their "limits". However lying has become the best weapon of many people either to achieve a goal or simply to satisfy their ego, we must clarify something and that is that when we lie constantly, and we need to resort to lying to feel "good", is when we can say that we became Mitomanos, so we have to be very careful with the issue of lies, Now returning to your question, we lie because the truth sometimes hurts or is very hard, instead the lie looks sweet and soft, but we forget that the lie is an optical illusion, today we can see it, but there will come a time when it will disappear and we will run into an overwhelming reality, where the shock will be quite painful.

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1 year ago

You've described the whole subject beautifully. Sometimes lies give us pleasure , satisfaction and mental peace but it should be mentioned that the lier also sometimes feel guilty. But he have no choice but telling lies.

As you've said lies are painful, bitter and sometimes hurt someone. But above all truth shall prevail the human society.Though we can't dare to tell the truth.

Exactly!You can tell a lie but you can't deny the facts you can't deny the truth right? Someone can't escape the truth. He may have told hundred lies but one truth is enough to demolish all the hundred lies.

This is simply an optical illusion. One day truth will come into existence but in our society people prefer lie over truth.

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1 year ago

Telling lies is sometimes important to escape the truth. For instance, you are robbed. You can't tell them the exact things that they need. Sometimes, telling lies is important to hide the truth because it will be your foundation for protecting yourself.

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1 year ago

But that depends what kind of truth are you talking about. From your perspective it's one hundred percent correct.But if you hide any truth which may bring justice to people than it's a sin. But as I've said our society is developed such a way you can't always tell the truth. Rather if you tell the truth you may become a victim of the situation.

Everything depends on the perspective.

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1 year ago

There is no lies here, lies is slowly becoming an integral part of our society, many gains now develop from deceit, even the just are currently envious of the lairs has they have more proof of success and boastful

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1 year ago

Absolutely true, sometimes we can't tell the truth because of some reasons and we can't always speak the truth in our dayly life

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1 year ago