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A Guide to your Journey to BITCOINCASH

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1 month ago

I shared on my previous article that I have joined a guild for Axie Infinity. I also shared my journey when I started to become a Scholar. If you may ask why would I have to join such guild then let me tell you the details:

  • Money - of course extra money.

  • Make friends - I wanted to change something on my routine and gain virtual friends.

  • Improve communication and social skills - I want to mingle with different individuals and learn from them. Also improve the way I talk and converse to people be it in English or Filipino Language.

  • Gain more Cryptocurrency - I want to expand the cryptocurrency knowledge that I have and hold. Currently I am only hodling BCH but I wanted to have something I can gain for free or through effort that could add up on my portfolio.

  • Promote BITCOIN CASH - In knowing more people I could get to share the two best platforms where I got passive income and tell them how and helped me through micro tips.

I am planning to hold an event in our Guild regarding Bitcoin Cash. Like a Webinar in our Discord server so other people could get to earn especially the students.

So I am creating this article as a guide and way for me to present the details in that event.

So in order to earn BCH you can have two ways but I am gonna discuss the easiest one where you could start to earn after being active for 3-5 days!

NOISE.CASH is a platform where you post and earn Bitcoin cash.

What is Bitcoin Cash?

To help me explain the details I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you my 2nd sponsor: @PVMihalache !

If you have not known him and our #CLUB1BCH God you missed so much! See his articles below:

With BCH it made possible for to help people and promote BCH to more individuals especially those who are in need. And the more we promote the more chances that Bitcoincash will go the moon!

Requirements before we start:

  1. Email address - GMAIL

  2. Bitcoin Cash Wallet

  3. Verified

Now here's a guide for you.

See the screenshot below with labels on each icon.

  • Channels- this is like FACEBOOK GROUP you could join in that you could relate be it for Moms, movies and etc.

  • Chambers - this isn't too active but this functions like FACEBOOK PAGES. I do not visit this part often since channels are pretty much good for me.

  • Explore - it is where you could see different posts from different people around the globe that you are not subscribed to.

  • Notifications- which I believe we are all familiar; we will get notified whenever the people we subscribe would post or if someone commented our posts.

  • Profile - this is where you could see these things :

  • My posts - goes to your profile.

  • Site Rules - please do follow it, see details below:

  • Settings- this is where your wallet is located. From your wallet you have to copy your receive BCH address then paste it here and set up a qouta. Usually I set it up for $1.

  • Dark/Light Mode- I believe we are already familiar with it. We can make the page black or white.

  • Add to homescreen- if you want to make more accessible like an application. Please be mindful does not have any particular application in playstore.

  • My affiliates - yes this is a new program where we earn if we invite people. This isn'r necessary really but if you want to earn more and help your friends in need then do refer them.

  • Logout - which I believe you are familiar as its the same as totally exiting your account.

How to earn?

You earn by simply posting and engaging. Once someone click that heart button on your post you will get microtips til you reach the minimum amount you set then it will be transferred directly to your wallet.

...end thoughts...

It is still unsure if I can launch this event but if not then I can surely share this to those people I wanted to be part of

Here's the link below:

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$ 0.05 from @Eybyoung
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Written by Β Β 170
1 month ago
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Yeah ! is really great ! One of my biggest income source and a really good way to meet people !

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1 month ago

Same here. Its also not a toxic platform

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1 month ago

And it's pretty easy to avoid the spammers or unwanted content ! You block and you don't see them anymore !

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1 month ago

Good luck with your plans geng.

$ 0.05
1 month ago

Salamat geng ❀️

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I agree with you ... sounds just crazy to not know me :))

$ 0.05
1 month ago

Indeed pvm. I even look up to you and knew you since the day I joined and I was so amaze with Club1bch

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1 month ago