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Five Bug-Themed Games To Play: Part 1

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7 months ago
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Besides their important roles in nature, Insects and Arachnids in general, have also influenced other aspects of our culture such as movies like Bug Life, or comic book characters such as Spider Man.

But what about video games? Funny enough, Pokemon itself was based on the insect collecting hobby that its creator enjoyed as a kid. Animal Crossing has a bug-catching mechanic, making even the most bug-phobic player gain a new appreciation for these animals.

And of course there the infamous giant spider dungeon enemies that are pretty a staple in a typical fantasy game.

But what about a game that is mostly centered around them? Not as enemies, but as player characters or even as pets? So, I did my research and manage to find a variety of bug theme games to play.

This list is gonna be divided into more than one part, be sure to follow me so you can receive an update on future articles.

That being said here we go.

1. Hollow Knight

It offers platform-style gameplay with challenging combat. There is a lot to see and explore, you can battle over 30 bosses, explore an expansive and open world, gain and evolve new skills, equip items called charms that give you new abilities, and more.

Not to mention you get beautiful landscapes, and haunting music composed by Christopher Larkin.

One of my favorite aspects of the game is the character design, they really went all in giving them cool bug traits while mixing with a little bit of cuteness.

One word of warning, this is a really challenging game but the way this was created makes it worth it just to see all the secrets. The game also has several DLCs available, so I also recommend getting those.

Game Link: HumbleBundle/Steam/GOG

2.Yoku´s Island Express

Like the previous entry, this game is also a Metroidvania but with a pinball twist. The main character Yoku is based on the dung beetle. Armed with only a ball, it´s your job as the island´s postmaster to deliver packages to its inhabitants and rebuild the postoffice. Meanwhile, there is also a sleeping God it´s up to you to wake him up and help the Island.

You get to explore the island through Pinball mechanics like bumpers and ramps, you can even get new powerups that make certain areas accessible.

For example, one such ability the Sootling on a Leash allows you to attach a leash to certain objects to have more control over where you land and reach higher platforms.

Due to its open-linear gameplay, you are free to complete quests in any order, as well as pick different area routes. There also plenty of secrets to be found.

Not only is Yoku fun to play but probably the best way to introduce this genre to beginners, or maybe it´s because I´m a Pinball gaming veteran making this game a bit easy for my standards.

Game Link: HumbleBundle/Steam/GOG

2.Bug Fables

In this RPG adventure, you follow three insect heroes, Vi, Kabbu, and Leif on their quest to find the everlasting sapling, a treasure that grants immortality.

You get to explore Bulgaria a continent full of other treasures, different environments, and puzzles that you must solve to progress and help the locals.

The gameplay is your typical turn-based gameplay but with action moves. Other game elements include a crafting system, where you can create your own items to help you in battle as well as platform jumping.

Its mechanics and cute 2D paper cutout style actually reminded me of Paper Mario, it really hits hard on that nostalgia factor.

Game Link: HumbleBundle/Steam/GOG

3. Empires of the Undergrowth

I always wanted to have an ant farm and loved Ant Sim, so I was delighted to hear about this game. This is an ant colony management game with real-time strategy gameplay.

You start the game with a Queen and command the new colony workers to quickly dig a nest, carve tunnels, and raise the next generation.

Throughout the game, you will have to confront a variety of enemies, from fierce predators to rival colonies. Gathering food and conquering new territories is also a must if you want your colony to succeed.

You can even say this is an educational game based on its realistic ant behavior, it gives a new perspective on the life of an ant.

Game Link: Steam/GOG

4. Metamorphosis

If you´re familiar with Franz Kafka, then you have of this story before. A man wakes up and finds himself turned into a bug. Imagine my surprise when I heard they were making a game adaptation.

You play as Gregor who finds himself in this exact fate, while your friend gets into trouble with the law and ends up arrested.

You also receive a mysterious message about reaching some kind of tower in order to find the answers to your new situation and possibly having the means to save your favorite.

Now a minuscule insect, Gregor´s house has become an expansive world filled with obstacles and a hidden bug society of sorts.

The gameplay consists of puzzle platforming, you can use your new body like a bug to climb vertically to most surfaces.

There are a lot of interesting and surreal elements that make you want to play it to end just to find an answer to all the mysteries in this game

Game Link: HumbleBundle/Steam/GOG

5. Bugsnax

This last entry is a little different. Rather than being based on any real insects the focus on these fantastical creatures Bugsnax, part Bug, part food.

As a nameless journalist, you are invited to Snaktooth Island to document and possibly capture these guys. There are about 100 species to discover, a variety of methods to catch them.

You can also feed them to Grumpuses, who are the dominant intelligent life on their Island, You know when I look at them, they kinda remind me of the Muppets. Their appearance can change according to the Bugsnax they eat.

As for the Bugsnax themselves, I kind of admit the idea of picking a real species and insects and making it look like a snack is very creative. Also, I dig the google eyes, that´s adorable.

A lot of this game takes inspiration from games like Pokemon Snap and Viva La Pinãta, it´s definitely a kid-friendly game. Unfortunately, it has only been released on the Epic Games Store, meaning if you use other platforms like Steam you will have to wait

Game Link: Epic Games

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, my list of recommended Insect theme games to play. I hope you enjoy learning about these games and add them to your Backlog. And if you know of any similar games, feel free to share them in the comments, I´m always open to feedback.

Thanks for reading, if you like my content you can also follow me through


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Written by   102
7 months ago
Topics: Thought, Gaming, Review, Blog, Video Games, ...
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