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My UFO theory: they are small black holes

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1 year ago

I was thinkering about UFO phenomenons lately, as several posts on the crypto community was about checking UFO videos. My theory that I have, which is mine, is mine (Monty Python reference, sorry), and i accidentally came up with it. It surprisingly explains a lot of the effects of the UFO phenomenons, and it does not even involves aliens, and unexplained natural phenomenons. According to my totally unscientific theory (i have nothing to do too much physics in any way) the UFOs are small black holes, coming from the space.

What is a black hole

Black holes are objects in the space. They have extremely big mass compared to their sizes. Large mass results in a bigger gravitation filed. Due to this large gravity, things cant escape from black hole - even the light (photons) are unable to escape. That's why its called a black hole, as it traps the light. The black holes are however not black, the photons traveling near to the black hole are being affected by the huge gravity of the object, and they trajectory are being modified. This creates a strange mirroring like effect, where people can see behind the black hole.

(picture by NASA)

The shape of an UFO

The typical shape of the UFO is a cilindereid shape, with a sphere in the middle. The object looks like its shiny, seemingly it reflects the light back like a shiny metal object. Actually, this is how the event horizont of a black hole would look like. On the Earth, the black hole would look like a reflective metal sphere. The cilinder shape around this sphere would be the result of the Earth's gravitation field, which lengthens the effect of the black hole in a specific direction with its own gravitation field (pulling objects to the direction inside into earth). Similarly to the gravitational field of the Moon, which makes a low tide and high tide in the sea, a typical tiny black hole would look like a reflective metal sphere with a reflective donut around it.

Beams of the UFO

According to the eye witnesses, the UFO sometimes can emit beams. Actually, the black hole will emit beams. If the black hole consumes something, then it converts it slowly radiates it away. This effect is called Hawking radiation. Smaller the black hole is, faster the black hole will radiate. Once it radiates all of its energy away, it explodes. So a small black hole will emit a lot of beams, depending on how much material it can consume. Basically the black hole UFO would eat the air on its path, and sometimes radiate it out as strange beams.

No, it cant destroy the planet

You may say: oh my god, that can't be true, a black hole would destroy the planet. That's maybe correct. However, according to my calculations, a small one cant destroy the planet. Lets see - the force of gravitation can be computed by the following formula:

F=G*(m1)*(m2)/(d*d). The science does not knows yet, what is the minimum mass of a black hole can be, so we could ignore the first part of the formula altogether. However, we can see that the gravitational force decreases exponentially with the distance. So if the size of the event horizont of our black hole is one meter (this size is being chosen just to simplify the logic) then one meters away, the gravitational force of the black hole would be just 1/4 as big (F/(2 meters*2 meters)), and so on. 16 meters away from the black hole, the forces of the gravity would be 65536 times smaller (2^16)! 32 meters away, 4294967296 times smaller. There are chances that the black hole would destroy your neighbors house without you even noticing it.

Picture: some calculations and formulas on a black hole by the RUDN University
(more mystical than the black hole and the UFO itself!)

Wouldn't it just collide to the earth?

Not really, due to the big mass of the object per its size, and the beams it shoots out, it would just roam around where the beams are tossing it, like a lazy space rocket from a cartoon. Of course it can collide into the surface, and consume some stones, which will just result more beams, so after that it will start to fly wildly to some direction, it will make basically unpredictable direction shifts and moves, seemingly ignoring earths gravity and the laws of physics. Of course, these are very tiny black holes and not large ones, those would destroy the earth within seconds. On an inter-planetary scale, of course the tiny black hole and the Earth will have some interaction with each other.

Yes, it will kidnap the cows

If the black hole approaches a cow, it will spaghettify the cow. For an external viewer, this will look like the cow is slowly starting to accelerate towards the UFO, and on its being miniaturized and it's becoming a spaghettify from the acceleration. From the aspects of the cow, he is not becoming a spaghettify, because as the cow reaches the speed of the light, the time slows downs for her (according to the relativity theory of Einstein). Depending on the size of the black hole, the size of the cow, and the direction the cow gets sucked in, will the cow die from hunger (not being able to find food in the event horizon) or from the disintegration of his body.

It took away my neighbor... But he came back

If somehow your neighbor is not being consumed by the black hole, but he is being gravitated into the black hole, but he is not turning a spaghettify, because the beam of the remains of the previous cow are tossing him outside from the event horizon before he die, your neighbor will still be in a time-space anomaly. For you, outside the field of the black hole, maybe days will pass, but he maybe didn't even noticed the events. He were just collecting the potato on the field, and his next memory is that he is being beamed up into an UFO, and when next time he opened his eyes, he suddenly awakened on the neighboring cornfield.

But the aliens also performed a rectal implant on my neighbor

According to the current knowledge about black holes, aliens cant live in black holes, but if they do, its quite unlikely that they would do rectal implants on human patients.

Please note that my theory, which is mine, is just a theory, and maybe it is totally wrong (of course it is). I just decided to wrote this down because there was nobody on the internet coming up with this theory according to a quick search, so i tought its share-worthy.

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Written by   99
1 year ago
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That doesn't explain unidentified objects which fly changing directions and reacting to planes near them. Very rare, but there was at least one confirmed observation.

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1 year ago

Your theory could explain some of the phenomena. It is interesting. :0)

But in Rosswell, for example, it was not a black hole that crashed. Not to mention the people who are kidnapped regularly.

This is a vast subject, there are probably phenomena which are of natural origin and which are still beyond us, for example your theory could be an explanation, but there is indeed something else too: visitors from elsewhere. :0)

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1 year ago

thankyou. you are right, there are totally different types of encounters, and i am not trying to explain all of that, just this specific type of phenomenon focused on this theory

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1 year ago