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Explaining the West European energy crisis for dummies

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1 month ago
Topics: World, Humanity, News

West Europe was controlled by socialist, feminist, liberal statists for decades. This elite lost the connection with reality long time ago. They farted their own ideological bubble around themself, which poisoned the majority of their population as well. This ensures not just their re-election, but their hegemony for the future to come. This future will however not be very bright, and in this article i will explain, why. This article is not going to be an overly cohesive article, unlike my earlier articles, it will be just a collection of my thoughts about the topic, pointing to possible conclusions and events.

The rise of the modern liberal

Liberalism was originally an ideology revolving about democracy, personal freedom, equality in the front of the law. After the 60s and 70s, the communists have observed the slow death of their own ideology. East Europe, after decades long of battle against communism, which required about 80 million death, finally started to wrestle down the communists. The communists decided to seek shelter in the liberal ideology, which eventually led to the fusion of the communist and liberal ideologies.

The exclusivity of liberalism

The modern liberal agenda is quite similar to the communist agenda. Basically the liberals think they are the only possible savior of humanity, and everyone else is a laggard nazi, who must be fighted. Modern liberalism shown its back to personal freedoms, liberals demand from everyone, to be liberal. Liberals infiltrating corporations, media corporations are forced to display liberal agenda only: such as, non-liberal thoughts will get deleted from Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. Liberals policing corporations as well, forcing corporations to be liberals, employing liberals, meanwhile they hating corporations at the same time, saying, the corporations exploit the workers. Liberals and socialists are in fusion: they think the owner of the corporation, or the CEO, shouldn't earn more than the workers for example. These thoughts are originating from Marx: Das kapital, which is the main book where communism is originating from.

Other aspects of the modern liberalism

Liberalism is international, an important aspect of modern liberalism is the diversity of races. To achieve this, liberals allowing mass migration of foreigner residents from different ethnicities and religious backgrounds to their countries. Who opposes this, are labeled as nazi, being persecuted for hate speech, frequently being jailed, or being kicked from his job. The main goal of modern liberalism is to sustain itself, and exterminate every other forms of ideologies. Liberalism also operates on personal levels. The modern liberals frequently organizing controlled harassment campaigns against those who they don't like. For example, liberals frequently trying to fire someone from his job, if he is not liberal. In liberalism, every forms of self protection is being revoked, and the state offers only special protection for those who the liberals deem worthy for it.

Replacing science with fake science

The main enemy of liberalism are the smart and independent people. They have realized this long time ago, and they have decided to re-shape education to their own desires. Gender studies, social sciences, and other forms of indoctrination have appeared in the education system, meanwhile real sciences got weakened in the same time. In the early 90's, the end exam of a computer hardware class was typically making an ISA sound card from scratch. In the early 2000's, you only had to design a DAC on paper. Nowadays, you typically write an essay about how important the computer is. All fields related to engineering were replaced with fake science, the illusion of the science are being offered by whitepapers with academic symbols which no one really can understand except the academic who wrote it. This backward progress decreased the number of capable engineers from western education institutes to fell to absolute zero, which legitimately forces these states to rely on foreigner scientists and engineers to have their industries running.

Losing entire industries

Without engineers, industrial capacity can not be maintained, and the existing industries also slowly disappearing. After a while, even migration is unable to deliver the required capacity to maintain the industries. Western states lost clothing industry, almost all the industries around manufacturing machinery, guns, hi-tech electronic apparatus, musical instruments, computer chips, software, nuclear industry, plastic industry, bike industry, measuring and lab-instruments, shoe industry, both high and low voltage electronic industry, industry to manufacture apparatus for mineral extractions, hardware and computer industry, telecommunication. As there are barely anyone to understand the basics, the required products are being imported typically from Asia, such as Japan, China, Russia, Korea, India. The only notable industries of the west which are capable to produce exportable goods are American personal computer processors, airplanes, and German cars, which creating a huge deficit in trade, which must be hidden by economic tricks.

Silent content consuming

One of the most important part of parenting a child is putting them on the front of the smart TV, where they can watch movies about trains, ballet dancers, cars. Instead of learning how to communicate, how to behave in the part of a community, or learning how to entertain them-self, the children are sedated with online cat videos, drooling in the front of the television. Scientists found out that using smart devices for more than one hour per day actually creates brain damage in early childhood. The brain of these children are not being properly developed. Nowadays its not an uncommon phenomenon to observe 3-4 year old children being unable to talk properly, or 14 year old children acting like 7 year olds.

Functional incapability

Do not compare smartphone and smart TV addiction to the geeks of the 90's. The main difference is that this type of usage is content consumption, meanwhile operating a computer in the 90's was more like an engineering achievement, and people used the computers not only to consume content, but also to create content. Back then, a 5-6 year old child, if he wanted to watch TV, he plugged the coord into the wall, turned it on, selected the channel, and watched the TV. If he wanted to listen a radio, he tuned the channel in, and listened it. Just two decades ago, any 6 year old was able to get out the NES from a box, connect it to the coaxial output, set the channel, connect the joysticks, plug everything to the wall, put the casette in, select and play the game he wanted to. A typical modern 6 year old child is unable to press a button on the remote controller alone, even if you showed it to him countless times, and you encouraged him to do so alone. If they want to switch to other video, instead of pressing a button, they signal their wish to their parents with un-articulated screams and grunts. The incapability to recognize the basic connections of pressing a button and the occurrence of an event is somewhat being dragged to the late childhood and adulthood as well. Its not like listening those gender-studies classes on the university wouldn't require much harder brain activity anyway...

Systematic oppression of men

Sexual freedom in liberalism is only for women. Extreme feminism if part of modern liberalism. Men have typically no sexual rights or rights of reproduction in western society. Men have no rights for their old children, and forced to pay child support, alimony. Men have no right for housing, social benefits. Men are being punished for committing imaginary crimes, such as rape crimes, sexual harassment, pedophile crimes, which don't exist in reality, as they are frequently not real crimes - meaning that men have no rights for their sexuality. Laws are purposely constructed to oppress men, in some countries women can have sex with minors legally, but men can not. Men receive about three times bigger sentences as a women for committing the same crime. Men are often getting long imprisonment for minor crimes, sometimes even if they are innocent. Boys have no rights for proper education, they get worse grades in school for the same performance as girls, and only about 20% of university students are young men. Men are deprived in healthcare, majority of tax money is being spent to treat women instead. In parallel to this, women barely have any responsibilities, and automatically having all the rights for all the assets of the family, having the rights for custody of the children, and in most cases they are immune to the law which are only enforced on men.

Liberalism supports hatred against men

Liberal platforms, such as Twitter, Discord or Reddit, supports violence against men. Organised hatred against men are allowed in twitter, where feminist liberals can openly incite to murder all men. Even hashtags like killallmen are allowed, demonizing male sexuality and oppressing men sexually have its own hashtag called meetoo as well, meanwhile men reporting these incidents are automatically being banned. Men have no rights for free speech on these platforms, as liberalism doesn't incorporates free speech in reality. Liberal media will not discuss the oppression of men, there are no words in TV or Radio about these issues, as it doesn't fits into the internationalist liberal agenda.

The results of the oppression of men

There are no sustainable society without men taking part of it. Western countries doesn't have enough people, despite of the mass migration. As men have no basic human rights, they refuse to settle and form a family. A typical white West European women only have a chance to give birth to 1 to 1.5 children, and a rising portion of the childbirths are from migrants. For example, in the united states, 50 years ago, 80% of the children were white, now the ratio is only about 50%. Within 100 years, only 5% of the population of the USA will be white. European figures are approximately the same. To sustain the population or to reach population growth, two to three children would been required per women. Similarly to the dark ages, when the religion oppressed women, the population fell, and there was no advancements in technology for centuries. We reached a new dark age. This time men are oppressed, the new witches are the pedophiles, the new heretics are the sexual harassers... whatever that is supposed to mean.

Homosexuals, the holy cows

Liberals are banning almost every type of sexual interaction, to policy and oppress the male sexuality. However, this created a sexual vacuum, which are being filled by the homosexuals. Homosexuals were persecuted in the entire history, now they are not just being legalized, but they are being lifted to the top: they a specially protected sexual minority according to the laws of the most western countries. Laws punish ,,discrimination'' against homosexuals, even media moguls like Discord, forcing their moderators to kick people who don't support homosexual agenda. Homosexual marches with rainbow colors - the symbol of homosexuality and liberalism - are being frequently held in every larger cities with the support of international organizations and the local liberal parties. Children are being educated about homosexuality in their early ages in schools, encouraged to try out homosexuality. What else could be more important to a 10 year old than learning how to have sex with each others buttholes?

How the hell this has to do anything with the energy crisis

Eastern European states, such as Russia, Hungary, Poland, started to crack down on homosexuality. Russia outlawed homosexual propaganda as pedophilia a decade ago. Hungary also have outlawed homosexual propaganda this year, making it illegal to show homosexual agenda for children below 18. This made an outrage among homosexual lobbyists internationally. The liberals are decided not to let these states to get away with not being liberal, and started forming a pact against them.

Liberals becoming militant

Punitive measures against East Europe were taking place in the past months. Russia have setup a new pipeline to send gas to Germany in the past years. The European Union decided to punish Russia, and they tried to force Russia to sell the pipeline to a third party operator. Russia declined this. The European Union also executed punitive measures against Hungary, they have decided to prevent the European recovery funds to be sent to Hungary due to the new homosexual laws.

Green energy

Liberals have banned nuclear energy, because according to them, its dangerous. Its certainly is, however, unknown to them, freezing to death is far more dangerous. Germany and other European states decided to stop nuclear power plants and fossil power plants by 2025. Germany already shut down more than half of their reactors. They have replaced the reactors with wind turbines and solar panels instead. Liberals thought they have done everything properly, and carried out a centrally controlled plan to force nuclear reactor operating corporations to shut down.

The energy crisis

The problem with solar panels and wind turbines are very simple: they cant work, if there are no wind, or of the sun doesn't shine. Solar panels can only work efficiently in summer time, when the weather is clear, around noon. Otherwise, other types of plants must produce power for the electric grid. However, coal mining is almost entirely halted in Europe, due to the uncertainty of the laws, and the future of the area. Manufacturers producing equipment for mines also halted production, and they decommissioned their factories. Coal-based power plants decreased the production, or stopped producing electricity. West European states switched to natural gas based power plants afterwards, and natural gas is also used to heat homes.

The energy crisis unfolding

East Europe decided to counter-punish west for the actions. These countries happen to be the countries supplying gas to the west. The natural gas is being mostly transferred from Asia and East Europe to the West Europe. Russia decided to cut Ukraine, a western ally from its gas supply. After the west introduced sanctions against Hungary for the homosexual laws, Hungary accepted the Russian offer to build a new gas pipeline. They finished the pipeline a few days ago, and then the gas pipeline from Russia to Ukraine were turned off a few days ago. In overall, Russia has cut most of the natural gas supplies to Ukraine and West Europe, which caused a widespread panic, and they refuse to restart the supply with meaningful capacity.

The results of the shortage

Norway is another major gas supplier in the region, but they are already working on maximal capacity, they can't increase production. West Europe can import some quantities of LNG (liquefied gas) from the Arabs and from the USA, which will not be enough alone. Russia is only supplying enough gas for its allies, otherwise it barely sends any gas to the west. The price of natural gas went up drastically in the previous months, and the price of electricity is followed the price of the gas as well.

picture: price of electricity in germany per mwh

The natural gas puffer reserves in the west are not filled with gas. Normally, around October, gas puffers should be full, but they are filled only by 60%, which is not enough for winter, even if the Russians send enough gas.

Possible outcome

There is clearly not enough natural gas in West Europe right now. This caused a widespread panic, and skyrocket in prices. According to analysts, 20-40% of the required gas is missing from the system. Depends on how cold the winter will be, the gas and electricity will be rationed in Germany and all across West Europe. Factories will maybe cut the production for certain days per week, end users will maybe face rolling blackouts. Gas will maybe reserved for heating the homes, and factories will be shut down for weeks and months.

Cutting the gas from Satan's cauldron

Liberals love making drama and wars. This time, they will not enjoy it that much. You don't know what a transistor is, but you want to enter to an economic war with those, who know? You don't have an army, but you waging war against countries with an army? You don't have power plants, but you go with a trade war with a country who have? You descend to embargo with a state who supplies all of your gas? The liberals don't understand it yet: the bear is not a toy. Its time to teach them the lesson.

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Written by   88
1 month ago
Topics: World, Humanity, News
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It's all very weird. I feels like a deliberate inversion of reality. Many different fronts, same idea under it.

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Very brave, very spicy content. You get 1 dollar.

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