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Hello read cash readers and author's, your not so professional writer is here again.

I have read some articles about paranormal or something creepy experiences from the other authors in here so i wanted to share mine too..

Year 1992!

I don't remember anymore the months when that accident happen to me,but i remember my family was celebrating my grandfather's death anniversary.

It was about to lunch when my brother and I went to our aunt's house to attend the celebration.

It was after the typhoon came and leaves flood's in our place. We need to cross a bamboo made bridge to be able to reach our aunt's house,it was a short cut actually.

Our father told us not play with the flood's and it is very dangerous,he trusted us to cross the bridge even it's flooding. When we reach the river it was over flooded,the water even reaches the bamboo bridge and me as a naughty kid forgot what was our father's order,(Never play with the flood's). I simply play the water with my feet,but my big brother catch me playing so he gets mad at me. I just threw a grind towards him but i stop playing and continue crossing the river.

When we arrive at our aunt's house my mom told us to eat our lunch since it's already lunch time,she gave us plate and order us to serve our selves and we did. While eating i can't forget the flood,i really wanted to come back and play.

I immediately finish my food and ask my mom if we can go home early. But my mom told me that we can't, since the celebration's are not yet done so we must stay for awhile. I saw my big brother playing with our cousin's so i feel bored in the corner.

I'm already introvert at my young age,i don't like being around with many people. I don't want to play with the other kid's even with my cousin's.

My mom notice me alone seating in a corner,so she ask one of my cousin if she can play with me and my cousin immediately run and try to drag me but i immediately refuse. "I don't want to play, I'm sorry' as i said.

Kids are kid's, if you said you don't like,then you don't like, unlike with adults,they will force you to do, what you don't want to do..hahahah that's what i thought when I'm still a kid.

I keep asking my mom to go home with me,but she keeps on refusing and even try to ignore me. I keep grumbling but it's still a no.

I'm bored, I'm really bored and i really wanted to go back and play with the flood in the river.

So i decided to go home alone,i didn't tell my mom and even to my big brother that I'm going home. And since everyone is busy,no one noticed my absence,nobody knows that i went back to the river.

I run straight to the river with full of excitement. I'm smiling while running not knowing with the danger that I'm going to face being a hard headed kid.

When i reach the river i notice that the flow of the water become strong, it's maybe because its high tide. But i don't mind the strong flow,i wanted to play.

I cross the bamboo bridge back and forth. And I'm enjoying the flood when I accidentally slipped and fell into the river.

I feel scared,i suddenly remember my mom and my father. In my mind i keep calling them, I'm asking some help,but no one can hear me. I feel sorry for my self and start to regret what i did,but i feel that it's too late. I feel the strong flow of the water and the cold cover over my body.

I'm already hopeless and i think I'll die any moment. And no one can find me and nobody knows that im died.

But a miracle happen,i was out of conscious and didn't know what had happen. When i open my eyes i found my self lying on the other side of the river.

I'm alive! I'm not died! I look for anyone but I saw nothing, I'm alone. I feel like something is in my head so i grab it to remove and i saw some waterlilies and water spinach.

My father come rushing towards me, i saw that he was so much worried and a little bit mad. I don't know if his mad at me but he just hugged me tight and bring me back home.

While we're walking i asked if how he knows what happen to me, but he just said " be thankful that they are there and they save you!"

I get confused, "who's them?".

"But father i didn't see anyone when i arrive at the river,so who's your talking about? I've been playing at the river by myself,then who save me? But I didn't get any response from him.

He asked me to clean up myself ,so i did a quick wash since i feel cold.

I still can't believe that I'm alive. I was really expecting that I'll be died so soon after i fell.

After i change my clothes i saw my mom and my big brother running home, looking for me.

What happen to you? Why your so hard headed? I told you we will go home together but what did you do? Why you never listen to me? What if you get drown ha? You get into trouble because you're so stubborn!! My mom cried.

I feel guilt and really sorry about what happen. I say sorry to them but i feel like my sorry is not enough.

I thought my day's will be just as ordinary as it was before the accident,but i started to see something that no one can see but me.

I use to go down in the middle of the night just to pee. I don't ask my mom or my siblings to go with me since i feel safe inside our house.

I was about to go outside our mosquito net when i saw a child looking at me,she is wearing a white dress and she's standing in front of our door. I feel scared the moment i saw her face,i don't know her,i haven't seen her before,she looks so innocent,she looks so different with her white dress and pale skin. I slowly go back to our bed and immediately cover myself with the blanket and turn back to sleep.

In the morning i told my mom about what i saw last night and even try to ask my whole family if they also saw the child but they said no.

The illusion continue,i thought it was because of the accident and after month's everything will be okay.

My day's change, the hallucinations continue and even get worst.

One night we we're about to sleep when our lamp suddenly turned off, it was full moon that time. I still remember because I love full moon,i love how it bring some light's during the night.

The light from the moon come inside our room so even without the lamp our room still bright.

I was about to close my eyes when i feel like someone is watching me. So i turn my eyes around and i saw a girl seating in front of me. She has a long curly hair but i can't see her face. She can't be my mom because she appeared after our lamp got turned off,she can't be my sister because she's lying beside me.

I thought she was just my another illusion so i turn to sleep.

I didn't mind to tell my parents about what i saw, because the first time i told them,they just tell me that it's just my illusions/hallucinations,so i try to live like nothing is happening around me.

There were times that i saw someone passing by in front of me, which sometimes scares me.

I don't live a normal life actually, sometimes i thought that im crazy because I have so many illusions. But I'm normal, I can even attend school.

It's only me who can saw them,im not being so over imaginary but i seriously saw them, they were ghost. They are all wearing white dress and they have a pale skin. Good thing they didn't do bad to me.

My hallucinations continue for 6 year's.

Many times i try to reach out to my parents but they don't believe me.

One day me and my row mates at school was been assigned as the sweepers for the next day so we have to go to school earlier than the other student's. I was already grade six that time.

When i arrive school my row mates are not yet there. I'm alone at the whole campus. It's just 6:30 in the morning.

I immediately open our classroom and start cleaning. I was busy sweeping the floor when i heard a sound like someone close our classroom window, and i saw someone pass by. I thought it's one of my row mates so i said " Hay salamat may kasama na din ako, malapit na akong matapos dito akala ko ba maaga tayo?magwalis ka nalang sa plaza"( thank God im with someone, I'm about to finish here,and i thought we will come earlier, you better sweep in the plaza).

I don't get any response so i checked for that person.

When i went outside our classroom i didn't see anyone. I'm still alone, when i look at our window it was close.,so i didn't heard it wrong,but no one was there.

I try to reach out to my friend's mom. And thankfully she listen. She asked me if i got into any accident that might bring me to death and i told her the accident that has happen 6 years ago.

She told me that the accident opened my 'Third Eye". And that's why I can saw people who are already dead.

It made me more scared, but she says that no one can help me with that but myself too,i need to be strong for myself to make my Third eyes close.

I tell my parents about what my friend mom says about the third eye. And they told me that they already knew about it. They just don't want to tell me, because they saw me already suffering, they don't want to scares me more so they just keep telling me that it's just my hallucinations.

They said it opened because the accident brings me to the world of death.

My parents told me that if i can get a courage ,i should try to ask them if what they want from me. They believe that they keep on showing up because they want something or they need something.

They even told me that the person's who save me are not human. They are engkanto, and because they have the ability to transform into human,they called my father after they bring me out from the water and let my father know what happen to me.

They said that they saw me arrive at the river alone,and saw me playing. While they are also enjoying the flood they just keep watching me and since i can't saw them they don't mind me, until i got into the accident and immediately help me.

My father ask if where did they live because they are not familiar to him. And the boy said that they live just near our house that's why they know us. But my father got confused because we don't have any neighbors that time..

And that's how my father got the idea that they are not human.

After hearing what my parents told me,i find a little peace in my mind.

I fully understand what's happening to me and all i have to do is to be strong to fight my fear's to make my third Eye close .

Every day i try not be affected of what i have saw,i try to ignore them like i truly don't see them.

But i cannot have the courage to talk to them..for me they are still a ghost and I can't do anything to help them and I can't be their friends.

After a year and i turn 13 year's old,they just suddenly gone. I haven't seen nor feel them anymore.

Slowly my life turn back as it was before the accident. But the mere fact that the accident made my Third Eye open is still unbelievable to me.

Personal thoughts as an adult me, about the Third Eye!

I don't believe the existence of it,but there's no explanation of what i have experience long time ago. The mere fact that the hallucinations continue for 6 years is unbelievable and hard ,as a grow up kid. It brings a lot of danger actually.

But i believe in God,the accident and the hallucinations brings me more trust with God. He was everyone's saviour and comfort.

❤️ Thanks for reading ❤️

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2 years ago
Topics: Scary, Randomstory


It's a miracle that you are safe. That's why you shared this story with us . May almighty always save you from any bad situation! It's a scaring situation for any baby.Stay strong always!

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2 years ago

That's interesting. Maybe your friend's mom can explain why you don't see them anymore? You still are the lucky one for being able to survive that and tell your story.

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2 years ago

Wow!! I never thought that this could be real,I use to watch scary movies but I know they are just written and directed by a movie director so your experience is awesome. Your so brave at your young age..but I hope I learn something after the accident. Keep it up..I love scary stories..

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2 years ago

Oh my God, tinyaga ko basahin sis at nacurious ako.. Super duper nakakatakot. Kung ako siguro yung nasa kalagayan mo baka nagsisisgaw o nagtatatakbo na ako sa takot sa mga nakita mo.. Buti ang kalma mo..

Anyways, salamat sa Panginoon at walang nagyari sa iyo sa ilog..

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2 years ago

Natatakot ako sis pro never akong nagsisigaw..hahhaha hndi nmn cla kc as in nakakatakot gaya ng mga nakikita natin sa mga horror movies na may mga dugo dugo sa mukha? Cla bigla bigla nalang sumusulpot sa harapan ko. .oo nga sis,hndi ko na talaga ineexpect na mabubuhay pa ako,kc wlang masyadong nadaan sa ilog na un, short cut kc un at kami lang ung madalas na nadaan dun. Kaya kung nalunod ako nun wla talagang makakakita at makakaalam..

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2 years ago

Kaya nga sis.. Ang astig mo matakot.. Parang hindi kaba natataranta.. Hehehe.. Kasi kung ako yun, magtatawag na ako ng kung sinong kasama...

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2 years ago

Grabe yung paninindig ng balahibo ko. Ganda basahin mga article mo kaibigan. Keep it up 🙏💪👆

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2 years ago

Salamat dai.. sorry nalng sa grammar...hahahhaha

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2 years ago

Noon akala ko masasama ang mga engkanto pero nong mabasa ko ito narealize ko na meron din pala mabait. Buti nalang at nasave ka sissy,nakakatakot na karanasan

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2 years ago

Oo sis hndi lahat..tsaka masasabi ko ding himala un..hindi ko na talaga inaasahan na mabubuhay pa ako dahil sa mataas talaga ung baha nun at malakas ang agos ng tubig.. pro naligtas Ako.

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2 years ago

God is good sissy at marami pang magagandang mangyayari sau

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2 years ago

I've got goosebumps while reading this sis.. I believe in paranormal pero never silang nagpakita sakin. May ganun din daw kasi.

You must have been so scared while seeing them.. Its a relief that you're finally got free from seeing them now

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2 years ago

Oo sis,ngaun ay wala na akong mga nakikita at nararamdaman, hndi ko din un gusto, hahahha parang nakakabaliw,ung ikaw lng ung nakakakita. Pro sabi pa nga ng magulang ko maging matapang ako para malabanan ko ung takot ng tuloyan na silang mawala.

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2 years ago

Woah, that's really scary... I'm glad that you finally got free from those things. It must be uncomfortable being able to see them, yet not being able to do anything and nobody will believe you.

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2 years ago

Me too,i even thought that im crazy.. hahahha

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2 years ago