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10 months ago

No one can really tell that this is now the ending,

That this is how we gonna end things between us

We have so many memories that I forgot to look after myself

I was so in love with you that I forgot to leave some for myself

Yes, you are right that from the very start I already knew,

I knew that this relationship will not last for long nevertheless, I fought for it,

You were by far my favorite risk,

my favorite what-if,

my favorite-come-what-may

From the closest beating of my heart from the farthest shining star, you had me

I am wondering which pain weighs more, the pain I felt on the love I have for you or the pain of the moment you let go?

I know that on every page that we tried to put together, There's one page I can't seem to accept,

And that is the last page of our story,

The books I've read had endings too,

But they end in many different manners,

There's a happy ending and a mediocre ending, But why does ours need to be painful?

Why does your leaving so sudden?

It seemed just yesterday when we are happy,

It seemed just yesterday when we talked about our future,

But, why does it seems the world overturned and leaving me was the decision you made.

My mind can't process why we have to be in this situation,

If it's only possible, I would want to forget instantly but every time you crossed my mind,

I can't stop myself to ask how are you doing?

Are you doing fine?

Are you eating on time?

Why am I still caring about you and not myself that was badly hurt by you,

There are a million reasons to leave you,

I could leave you for making me an option

I should be leaving you because all I do is cry when I think of you

But it never crossed my mind to abandon you,

Rather, I give more importance to every time that we will spend together,

I thought, perhaps we could still work this out

Hoping you will wake up unconfuse about the future

Wishing that you will keep me close as you had always been to me

You told me what others feel is more important to you and nothing else than us

How I wished I could just be so numb so that you will not get a hard time choosing which should you keep,

I thought it was us against the world?

Why are you giving up on me, when you said we will fight together?

You are leaving me in the middle of this battlefield

I am more than willing to fight but I cannot make it on my own

I need you to fight our love with me

Anyway, if you really love me, you don't have to include me in your choices

You are supposed to choose me over them,

The sad thing is, you haven't chosen yet,

But I already knew your choice

I should have not let you drag myself into this relationship,

Because in the end, I already know that it will never be me but them

But, always remember I will choose you every day.

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10 months ago


This is just a sweet confession for someone, she's so lucky. Hoping for the best for you.

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10 months ago

Oh, that's deep and sad. We always leave a part of ourselves in others.

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10 months ago

And we will be always the one who suffers. The ones who love the most are the ones that will get hurt the most.

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10 months ago

I never believed that there are no goodbye even you loved that person. There will come to point where even you promised you won't but ended that story was so much fragile it could turns all the promises to regrets. Well I personality felt that lol. Hehe

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10 months ago

Yeah right, how could they tell us they love us when they will leave us in the future very soon? Is it really love or do they just love the idea of having someone?

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10 months ago