Throwback Saturday (mini-challenge)

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3 months ago
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You ever got into reading your old works and realize you've grown a bit?

Last night, instead of going through my review notes, I was tempted to re-visit my old works, starting only from year 2022, and I once again got to remember the precious moments I already forgot. You see, that's the magic of writing down, or journaling. We get to re-live memories as if they're happening again.

One thing I suddenly thought about, as I read my pieces one, is, why not get some of my favorite excerpts and compile them into one article like this? Maybe, one would spare some time to check them out, another chance for my old writings to be brought back to life again.

In this one, I'll start as early as first work of 2022, up to latest one I could find. Since it was already late, I could only show a few. However, I figured these would be enough. In the last part of this mini-throwback article, I'll also share the one I felt the closest to.

Clue, it's something I never thought I'd be able to write. I almost became emotional when I read it again. Heck, I even had to open my recorded app and read it aloud, so I can remind myself of it.

Without much nonsense rambling, I present to you, some parts of my 2022 articles.


"There is really some magic when we sometimes just close our eyes, and Just Do it! You know, like just being scared of riding a roller coaster, due to fear of the risks, yet just making a decision to just freaking ride and see what happens, and later realizing that "Wow, dude, so that's how it feels!"  That very feeling.

"...It's okay to sometimes just let it all loose and not pressure yourself too much. As long as you can promise that you'll be back stronger and better, then do just that."

Goals Need Action 01.03.22

(Okay, so this is something I had to be reminded of, because honestly, I've been a bit distracted of my goals right now. Come on, wake up, Elle! 2023 is not ending without you achieving your major goals!)


"Oh, those must be oceans—they shimmer everytime light kisses their surface. How does it feel to be walking on lakes again, on waters, or brushing my hands against the raging river?"

Alice Feels Lost 01.04.22

I kind of liked this one a bit, maybe because of that freewrite feels? I missed just writing what comes to mind and being able to create random stories from a single idea. This one's a spin off I got to imagine while just thinking about Alice sitting on the moon.


"There are really days I go like this. I just want to shut myself off from the world. But I know it should not stay like that forever. Therefore, with a hesitant step, I am walking into the light again, trying to open up, even I still don't feel like it. Wish me luck.

"I can really go lots of days not talking to anyone, actually. I think others may find that a bad thing. That translates to comfort, at least, to me."

Dear Diary, Hello! 01.17.22

This one, I just could not ignore. Maybe this could be something someone may relate to. I still feel this way every once in a while, and spending time alone, is, indeed, my way to recharge and prepare me to what the outside world has in store for me.


"I hope that whatever's bothering you right now, will be settled soon. I pray that whatever's making you sad will not be a reason to be sad anymore. I hope that God will relieve you of anxiety and help you spend your day/night peacefully. You deserve to breathe i this world that can sometimes be suffocating.

"Let's not allow negative things to eat us us right now. Time to drive them all away and show them who rules. Yes, warrior, that's you! You've done it many times. Of course, you can do it again.

"You'll surely overcome."

Keep Going. 01.18.22

No more additional words here. Someone needs to hear this, too. Aside from me, of course. Feel free to take a screenshot and come see it everytime you feel the worse. Keep fighting!

That's all for the month of January. I only wrote less than ten works for this whole month. And personally, the ones I included above are the best parts I could find. You can also read them and tell me in the comment section your own favorite excerpts.

Anyway, this is also a silly invitation to do your own version of "Throwback Saturday". Maybe, find some time, too, to re-read your old works and get your fave parts to compile them, as well, like I did. Of course, only if you want. :)

For now, this is all I could share. Until next time! Thanks for coming by. Visit my previous recent pieces, too! Let's be friends.

Oh, and before I forget, here's the article I was talking about in the first part of this one.

Go, Take the Victor Seat.

You may read it and let me know what your thoughts are about this piece.

-Elle 🌹

To God be the Glory.

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3 months ago
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