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Publishing my first NFT in Space

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4 months ago

Yesterday I found out the new NFT marketplace called Space and I jumped right in. You can read the first part of my adventure here.

By the end of the day and after talking with the team in their telegram group I knew a couple of things more.

When we mint an NFT, it goes right into the IPFS and a contract is created for it with the full info of the ledger. Meaning, it's in the system. I saw the IPFS address as result of my minting, but couldn't do much with it as I couldn't see my image. Later on the developer told me it was encrypted, ok, now those weird symbols made sense, sort of.

My Metamask is a browser version and I can't see NFTs, also I had no idea how to find the contract, so I asked. Again the guys told me and with that contract I tried to see my NFT in OASIS, that didn't go too well either. It picked it up but they expected different parameters, so I couldn't see it. And today it was deleted from my NFTs list, what makes sense as Oasis works with approved projects only. I was not trying to sell my NFT, just see it.

So, fast forward today, my NFT was approved and I could see it in Space. I could also put it for sale. I looked around the NFTs they already had and they ranged between 1000 Space to 3000 Space. So to be able to buy an NFT there, we need to get the token first. Of course this lead me into a tangent to know more about the token.

The token

SPACE is the token used to trade in the marketplace. It's a deflationary token.

The marketplace works both in BSC and sBCH so you are going to find mixed up info. It's still in alpha so much of what is today, might change tomorrow as the ideas and methods settle in terms of esthetics.

To get Space, there is a liquidity pool in MistSwap. It's most efficient to go through the site to add the token.

It opens MistSwap in a frame. Of course, I wouldn't spend too much from a frame. The developer told me (again in Telegram) that SPACE smart contract automatically takes 4.5% with every transaction, for reflection and burn, so to make it work it needs 5% slippage. I bought 250 Space to test and arrived 238.

They also added some kind of staking and farming system, maybe for now or for the future. Here is the link:

The Marketplace

Putting the NFT for sale was very simple, just setup the price and pretty much it.

I'm very thankful the team actually put the NFT as featured.

So all in all, this is a very promising project. Still has some way to go, but it's functional. You can test it by bidding on my NFT. :D

$ 2.71
$ 2.60 from @TheRandomRewarder
$ 0.10 from @anli
$ 0.01 from @AsifShahariar
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Written by   35
4 months ago
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