The Person OF The Holy Spirit

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Now, the holy spirit is the closest person to us. He is here with us, but we don't notice his presence because we are too occupied doing irrelevant things.

How do you know he is with us?

Listen attentively. The Bible says God speaks to us via his spirit. He comes with a still voice. That's to say that, if we aren't so attentive, we wouldn't hear him speak. That's why we always and always tend to do the wrong things because we paid more attention to the devil due to his subtility and forceful hold on us.

When the holy spirit speaks to us, he doesn't drag, he doesn't do that forcefully, he doesn't give you so many reasons why you should obey him.

He just tells you slowly and gently. ' My son/ daughter, don't go out today"

This very statement has saved a lot of people from dying or meeting so many problems on their way out, going somewhere. because they listened and obeyed him.

But the devil will always come to counter whatever the spirit of God tells us. He would give us a thousand and one reasons why we should not miss going out today. He would remind us of the pleasure and fun we were meant to have.

Just so we could pay attention to him and disobey the holy spirit and then, whatever we are the consequences, we would face it alone.

See, it would interest you to know that the devil has to good intentions for us. Whereas God does. He said in his word in Jeremiah that the thought he has for us is of good and not of evil, to bring us to an expected end.

With this scripture alone in mind, we should always know that whatever the holy spirit tells us to do is genuine, and is for our own benefit.

When he speaks, how do you know he is the one?

Pay so much attention. Whatever he tells you to do, is genuine, good, and in line with God's word. He doesn't pressurize us, but he always speaks to us calmly as usual.

Now the question is ., Are you willing to listen to him. Would you pay attention and do everything he tells you to do, or would you just ignore and do the one the devil tells us?

This is a very important question, which disobedience to the voice of the holy spirit often leads to death. Because sometimes, he may come to warn us about something, and when we disobey, the end result could be death. That is why we should always be quiet. He isn't heard by noisy people., Because they wouldn't hear him when he speaks.

__Cherish and have your alone time with God.

__Pray without ceasing., Pray always. When you have a problem., Pray!

When you are thankful., Pray!

__The more you commune with God through praying consciously and studying the Bible., The more closer and intimate we get to him. According to @Scotty17 in his article here, a day or week or a month going to church or praying is not enough you need a continuous fellowship (is a lifestyle)

Nothing beats when we have an intimate relationship with God. Because we are saved from a lot of things., We have a greater advantage than a mere Christian.

Things the holy spirit helps us do.

When Jesus was about to leave earth., He told his disciples he would bring the comforter to help them. Here are some benefits enjoyed by those who have the holy spirit, and are conscious about him.

__ The holy spirit, tells us what to do when we are confused. We just have to pay attention and listen.

__ He advocates for us.

__ He helps us to pray when in the spirit realm, when strong and in distress., (Tongues)

✓ Speaking in tongues is the sign of you having the holy spirit in you.

Do you speak in tongues?

Do you want to learn?

Funny enough., So many of you who haven't spoken in tongues yet would definitely want to learn.

But the truth is.,

Tongues can't be learned. It is given to us by the spirit of God.

Once we have the holy spirit in us, our tongue-speaking ability is spiritually enabled.

Let me clear your doubts A bit.

What are tongues?

Tongues are unknown Langues Christian's who a baptized by the holy spirit is enabled to speak in.

According to Romans., The Bible said tongues edify the spirit. For each time e consciously pray to God in tongues or our own languages. We keep divinely connecting ourselves to God.

The Bible said, when we speak in tongues, we speak in strange languages that the devil will be unable to understand. This communication is just for the understanding of God alone. The devil can't stand or understand the prayers when made in tongues.

That is why it's good our spirit man is quickened by the holy spirit.

__Hw helps us overcome the fleshy desires of man.

__ He enables us to do the will of God more easily than before. No man can perfectly obey all God's commandments on his own accord, except with the help of the holy spirit. That's why he is very important.

__He helps us enable our blessings once we are able to be thankful for the little God has done. By so doing, God is willing to open the treasure base of heaven to keep blessing us.

We all see how important the holy spirit is to us believers and Christians.

It is an amazing thing if you have the holy spirit in you.

But if you haven't.,

What is holding you?

Is it environment, or false doctrines that the holy spirit does not exist?

How about you just have an alone time., Pray to God and seek an encounter with him. I bet, God would divinely change your perspectives for you. And you will see reasons why we all need the holy spirit.

Meanwhile, Happy Sunday.

I hope you were blessed by this?

God bless us as we go deeper with him.

7 Oct 2021 @Ebizz Publishments.

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2 years ago


God bless you dear :)

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2 years ago

I always pray, every morning or before I need and before I sleep. I always give thanks to God by giving me another day and anothee food to eat. As Christian, it's been my hobbies everytime just to feel the holy spirit.

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2 years ago

As christians, we need the Holy spirit in us, with him in us we are born again and whole

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2 years ago

Very true.

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2 years ago