Shocked Beyond Marrows 2

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Stella had blanked out for hours and was put in a separate ward where she was given a drip.

She tried to reach Dave severally, but no way.

Dave never came back the following weekend as he had promised. Stella stayed and watched Kelvin, nursed him back to health without Dave calling or even texting.

She had called Franca and told her of the happenings in her marital life, and together they decided to investigate the case.

They both knew Dave was in town and not in Lagos., So they found a way to discover the hotel he was staying., And it wasn't difficult as Franca's younger sister was a manager there.

The 3rd week, Dave got back home, and kept apologizing that he was unable to call her., Her line was always unreachable and he got his phone stolen on the first week too, and he just got a replacement and didn't have her contact. At first, Stella wanted to believe him., But the fact that he didn't travel to Lagos made her not to. She didn't ask him Further.

It didn't take them (Stella and Franca) to find out that Dave had 2 children with patience, which was his ex, he denied having anything to do with her anymore. Stella couldn't hold her show of disappointment and amazement too. How could Dave go to that extent?

Just then., She put a call through their family doctor., Dr. Martin's.

"Does he know already., Did he try to find out"

That was all Franca could hear from Stella's end as she couldn't fathom what the doctor said from his end.

Then Stella smiled and cut the call.

What was all that about, Franca asked? I will tell you soon., But first, we have one more thing to take care of.

And with that, they headed to Dr. Martin's office, demanding for a DNA test to be run on patience kids since he had access to them as their family doctor too.

When they got home, Stella told Franca all she felt she needed to know.

The next day, she went to retrieve the results.

Two days after, France received a call from her younger sister, stating that Dave had lodged with a certain lady minutes ago. She sent the photos to her and just as expected, it was no one other than patience. She quickly contacted Stella and together they went to the hotel.

On getting there, Franca's sister gave them the spare keys to the room and Stella went to the room, opened it. she couldn't believe her eyes.

There was her David, cheating before her very own eyes with his ex he claimed nothing was between them anymore.

David quickly got up feeling embarrassed and ashamed. He begged Stella but she just stormed out of the room. And together with Franca, left towards home.

They were right. And they had caught him red-handed.

The next morning, being a Saturday. Stella couldn't hold it back anymore. It pained her to know David didn't just lie about his trip to Lagos weeks back but was cheating on her., Not just that, with his ex. To crown it all, had 2 kids she never knew existed.

Stella had confronted him., And he spilled the beans of Kelvin not being his son. He tried playing the victim and saying Stella had the guts to cheat on him and have another man's child live and eat under his roof.

And that he had rather stick with his real family and blood which was patience. And just then, Stella brought out the DNA test for his 2kids with patience, and to his greatest surprise., They weren't his either.

Stella had lied about the pregnancy. She got her stomach pumped when she saw dave refused to give her attention., Just so she could win him back.

But he kept on cheating.

Patience too, who was his side chick had lied to him. The 2kids she had for Dave weren't his. But she enjoyed the luxury and money Dave showered her, so she had her own secret to keep.

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Dave knew Kelvin wasn't his son from the secret DNA test he had done when Kelvin was one-year Plus. So when patience had told him of her being pregnant, he decided to concentrate more on building a family with her instead, while pretending to be there for Stella.

As Stella got pregnant, he just wanted to find a way to keep his two families without either of them knowing.

But he couldn't stand the fact that Kelvin wasn't his blood. He hated Stella for cheating.

He was just waiting for the right time to break up with her if after she gave birth, and the child wasn't still his., Then he will be done with her. It will just be him, patience, and his 2 sons' patience bore for him.

After reading the result of the DNA Stella gave him., Confused Dave stood bewildered., And just then, their family doctor came in.

And Stella spoke.

8years back. , You went to JADEN'S HOSPITAL intl.

Where you donated your sperm to be paid in return.

The hospital paid you for the services, and never called you back.

And you never asked why?

It was because of the low sperm count they noticed you had as a result of the kidney failure which resulted in your kidney transplant in 2013.

Luckily, I worked there as a biologist during my IT defense.

I was ordered to discard the sperm gotten from you because of its impotence. But then, I had to speak with my senior colleague, doctor Martin's here. And together we worked on your sperm. And when it was healthy enough, I was advised to get my eggs fertilized by it. Just so I can bore you a child.

That was how I got inseminated, and we had Kelvin.

I had asked him to give you fake DNA because I knew you had a hint about Kelvin not being yours. Because you and your mom taught I was cheating behind you But I was actually saving you a lot but you never knew.

I and doctor Martin had been investigating you ever since I noticed you were cheating with patience, your ex.

He happens to be their family doctor too, so getting DNA for you and your so-called kids wasn't quite a job. And just as expected, it turned out negative.

Dave, I never cheated. I accepted to marry you after seeing the predicaments you had and I wanted to salvage it. And that's exactly what I did just so we could have our first child "Kelvin". But you thought it right to backstab me.

You are impotent as a result of the kidney transplant you did. I wanted to save you and your family from shame when I found out you were an only son.

And just then, doctor Martin's handed him an antidote.

Here is an antidote that will help your low sperm-count return back to normal.

Dave was dumbfounded.

He couldn't help but cry after getting to know all the good things Stella had planned and did for him from the onset...

"But why didn't you tell me earlier," he asked.

I wanted to know if you were man enough to love me notwithstanding.

I'm so sorry Stella., You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

They got things mapped out again, and Dave was the ever-loving husband to Stella and his son Kelvin.

He soon got treated, and a year and a half later were blessed with triplets. 2 boys and a girl.

Glory be to God, as we leave it all in the hands of the Almighty

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Topics: Marriage, Love


Omo Reading this took a while and it got me speechless, it's just as complicated as @YDKleke said but it was also a good ending too... But brooo, you're a good writer and you're going places IJN

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2 years ago

thanks so much and i m glad you love it

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2 years ago

This is a really complicated story. Why can't any of them be faithful? This is a nice story bro

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2 years ago

thanks so much, i am glad you like it

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2 years ago

What a nice story this is. I am looking forward to read more stories from you!

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2 years ago

thanks so much, i will not fail on that

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