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Floki Inu, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu will have to move - this coin

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DOGE, SHIB and Floki have surprisingly been the best performers during the last market cycle and have not fallen as many expected in a bear market. Now investors are looking for the next meme project that can explode and deliver 8,000% returns.

Could Tamadoge replace FLOKI?

FLOKI's notoriety has grown largely because it was created as a joke after Ilon Musk's tweet. In the last cycle, that was enough to make token prices skyrocket accordingly.
Tamadoge also has the potential to ride this wave in the next bull market, as it not only has the aesthetics of the popular Doge meme, but is about to create its own Metaverse project with NFT and more.
TAMA has a lot more utility.
Unlike FLOKI and SHIB, the vast majority of whose value is only due to the name and the meme, the Tamadoge team is focused on innovating games where you can make money from cryptocurrency.

TAMA will operate not only as a meme token, but also as a Tamaverse game, which is a specially designed meta universe designed for the gaming community.
The Tamadoge store will be the main economic playground in the Tamadoge world - it will be extremely useful for the circular economy of the ecosystem, as 5% of all revenue generated by the store will be used to redeem and burn TAMA.
The Tamadoge presale is nearing completion
The Tamadoge presale has been extremely successful and so far has raised nearly $17 million. The total amount raised will be $19 million.
This means that there is very little time left for interested investors to buy Tamadoge at presale prices.
Once the TAMA presale is complete, the token will begin to be listed on exchanges. The first exchange to list Tamadoge will be Uniswap, but placement on the centralized cryptocurrency exchange LBANK has already been confirmed. Tamadoge will continue to gain momentum and more and more people will learn about the project.
Those who want to take part in Tamadoge might want to consider taking part before the price rises at listing to be eligible to win $100,000 at TAMA. If the team can maintain the same high degree of consistency over the coming months, the price will skyrocket

Tamadoge (TAMA) - New Promising Cryptocurrency

Beta Sale Ends in September 2022 -
Deflation, Low Supply - 2 Billion
Move to Earn, Metaverse integration in Roadmap
NFT with Pets - High Potential for Market Demand
-Play to Earn - Get Reward Tokens!

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Written by   27
1 week ago
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Tamadoge reminds me of Tamagochi. I feel old lol!

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6 days ago

Oh, another dog coin. I actually have some Doge and Shiba. I bought Doge before it pumped up before because of Elon, haha.

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6 days ago