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Sweet Revenge 3

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5 months ago

Title for this Chapter

/Who is Anastacia?/

Like a beautiful lady with a good heart, Anastacia Sanchez never failed to make John Kendrix Sanchez deeply fall in love with her.

It may sound exaggerated, but that was John's exact answer when I tried to ask him about Anastacia.

I asked him about his age, and I was so shocked when he said that he is now 36 years old. He still looks young and handsome at his age. If you do not know him, you will probably think that he is just in his early 20's.

I tried to interrogate him more, and I am thankful because he did not refuse it.

The moment I found out his real age, it comes to my mind that Anastacia is now 36 years old also if she is still alive. I tried to ask about her death date, and it seems that destiny really planned it all.

I was speechless for the next few seconds upon hearing his answer. She died on October 4, 2000, and that date was the day of my birth. I do not know if it is just a coincidence, but I was really shocked.

Then, I just realized that her name can be deciphered as "resurrection." I felt goosebumps upon learning it all.

Is it possible that she was reincarnated? It is hard to believe it because I have different religious views. But, to think of it, there is indeed a chance. Could it be me?

With all of this information, I suddenly feel a pain in my head. John called the nurse, and right before the nurse came in, I again lost my consciousness.

I heard someone singing a song with sweet melodies. Her soft voice is condemning. I can't help but go nearer to her.

When I finally reached where she is singing, my eyes were focused on her face. It is just like I am looking in front of a mirror. Her face looks the same as mine. I do not know if it was the correct term, but it seems like I am her carbon copy.

From head to toe, you cannot see any distinction. It also happened that song entitled "One Day," which she was singing was my favorite song.

I sat beside her and started to talk. At first, I thought she did not hear my question. That is why I asked her again only to face the same experience.

I tried to touch her shoulder, but I feel terrified when my hand just passed through her shoulders. Then, a familiar boy walking in the distance stops when he heard this girl's voice. I haven't seen her face yet because I don't want to interrupt her. But, since she cannot notice me, I stand up and go in front of her. I almost lost my balance while seeing her face.

The next moments were so fast that I can't almost understand each situation already. Then, I thought it was a flashback. These were the scenes from the life of Anastacia before. Now I know why the boy awhile ago was so familiar because it was John. But, I still cannot understand why he also looks like Max in his younger look. If it was reincarnation too, why John is still here?

Then, the flashbacks of scenes stop at how they started falling for each other. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I watch these scenes. They were so sweet to each other, and the way they look to each other's eyes was so meaningful, full of love.

But, after those sweet memories, it changes to darker ones. Another man came to the scene. His face is not clear. I come closer to him, but I can't really see his face. It's like a shallow. From a distance, I saw a woman with thick lipstick and makeup on her face. Like him, I can't recognize her face. Only the makeup and lipstick were clear, and the rest were shallow.

I heard the woman said something to the guy. She confessed her feelings, but the guys said sorry. The woman was hurt so much, and it can be seen from her eyes. Her tears stream down her cheeks, and she can't help but burst out her anger. She said a familiar phrase that keeps resonating in my mind.

"Sorry, but I have to do this for myself."

I already that phrase, but I can't remember who said that. I was busy thinking about it when the scene was changed again. This time, I was in a dark forest. It was so terrifying because of the different sounds you can hear. I tried to escape, but I stopped when I witnessed a scene. I saw three people. The two were standing, and one of them was holding something. The other one was lying on the ground while asking for some help.

I shouted so loud when I saw the woman on the ground. She was Anastacia. I look up to the face of the murderers, but only the guy's face was clear. Tears suddenly come out from my eyes when I see his face. This cannot be. I turned my gaze to the woman next to him with, I throw words, but it is just like I am wasting my energy because she will never hear nor see since I was only in a dream.

Once again, the woman who is holding a shovel, I think, hit multiple times the body of Anastacia. It only stops when a guy came closer to them. The guy is also the guy with a shallow face. His anger burst out when he saw Anastacia on the ground with a lifeless look. He runs to trail the two killers. When he chased them, he punches so hard the face of the guy. The shallow guy was so shocked when he found out that the other guy has a gun. The other guy used it. It created a sound. I am waiting to see the shallow guy fall to the ground, but I can't believe when the woman was the one who fell to the ground.

She faced the bullet with saving the other guy. It makes sense because the woman loves the other guy so much even if she did not get what she wanted from him. The other guy holding a gun once again used it, and this time, he used the weapon to kill the other guy.

The shallow guy tried to get the gun, but the other guy was bigger and stronger. At the end, he was also killed.

Then, I came back to reality with tears flowing down my cheeks. John is asking me, but I was so speechless because of the things I found out. It was just a dream, but it seems real, and that is something I want to uncover.

To be continued...

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Written by   358
5 months ago
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