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Heads you live! Tails you die! - The final part.

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5 months ago

The grief in my heart made me so weak that I couldn't even attend the funeral of my mother. It was in my heart and penetrated my soul. The mystery of the hat and the death of my mother just kept creating chaotic commotion in my heart. It made me weak, it made me dead inside.

I vowed to myself that if the hat had anything to do with my mother's death, that I'd kill the Angel of Death. Doesn't that sound crazy to you dear reader? I was quite sure that it had everything to do with it, only that I don't know how it affected it.

Then came the hat...

Right into my bedroom, it came and rested it's brim on my lap and I just sat in my room all teary-eyed, looking at it with an expression I could imagine as irritating.

I immediately fell asleep..

It must have been induced by the hat but I fell asleep immediately, then I had a troubling dream that cleared the air but also made me more certain of my theories. The Angel of Death stood before me this time with a green robe. Surprisingly I found out that I was holding the hat in my dream. I also felt like I carried the heaviness I was having in reality into the dream. I knelt before him and, he in a thundering voice said.

"This hat you're holding is not only a gift to you but to all humanity..."

What? Did I just here this dude or angel or whatever he think he is call something that killed my mother a gift?.... like seriously???? He continued ".... Mankind are very ungrateful and reckless creatures, people behave and do evil things neglecting the fact that they will someday return to their Lord, God the most high, so you've been chosen to remind people of their death as a gift from God. You shall see the hat on those whose souls have been marked for the journey of the hereafter, so that you serve as a messenger to then before their end is near ".

It all made sense now..

".. But you had to start with my mother?" I asked suddenly infuriated, I felt cheated." you had to start with the mother of someone who is supposed to be a so-called messenger? ".

" It was an order from God, He did so so that you might feel all the pain you have to feel now, so that you might not feel any pain in the future and avoid all distractions in carrying out your work," He said.

This infuriated me the more, at that point I didn't care if he was an angel, I reached out to him with the whole length of my body, hunching forward to grab and kill him..I ended up landing on the floor of my bed and I woke up.!

The hat was still in front of me!

A wave of irritation suddenly swept over me and I flung the hat to the far end of my room. Under it was a note upon which was inscribed:

"Your mother is in heaven, greive not and carry out the will of thy Lord".

Somehow it made me remember the story of prophet Jonah, the runaway prophet. It made me remember how prophet Jonah disobeyed God's will by refusing to go to the people he was sent to in the first place. If that was what God wants, I might as well do my duty without fail. I wiped away my tears, prayed to God for direction and set out to the streets to get some air. I was thinking deeply about what the Angel told me about the mess humans are in, I found out he was right and I thought humans really need something like this, turned out I was influenced by sorrow and grief when I did all that in the dream. God is surely a merciful God and He doesn't want anybody to go to hell. I was feeling refreshed and suddenly felt very hungry, I turned to the food store, which wasn't very far away from me at that time, looking up, just as was about to buy food, I saw the black hat on the food vendor's head.....

The end.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed this story 😂. I actually fought with myself to finish it today and I guess I succeeded..

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Yours Layly,


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Written by   173
5 months ago
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How could I missed the entire story!

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5 months ago


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4 months ago

This is the kind of work I will refuse to accept, imagine knowing who will die in the next minute 🥶 someone hasn't died but you have already started crying, please no

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5 months ago

Well, you also get to remind them sp that they'll settle scores with people. Haha.

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4 months ago