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Smoking cessation plan and program

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6 months ago

If you decide to quit smoking, you can find some useful tips here


Plan and program

cigarettes in a bottleNo matter how convincing the facts that speak against smoking are, what a smoker needs is not just facts and statistics, but above all, a plan and program that will help him quit smoking.

As long as there is a desire to quit smoking, it still means something, however, many people make the mistake of not separating the desire from the strength of will. In addition to the desire to quit smoking, in order for a smoker to succeed in that, he needs to mobilize his willpower into positive action.

If a smoker wants to quit smoking, he should do it all at once, he should not try to do it gradually. The reason is that it is better to survive a few difficult days, than to drag such a situation for weeks and months. No long torture is easy. It is better to solve this dilemma at once, and that is usually easier to do than you think. when we say this we want to help the smoker resist the craving as soon as possible - in fact within five days.

After quitting smoking, the first three days are the hardest, but at the end of the fifth day, most smokers feel that the craving for a cigarette is much less or that it has disappeared. if the smoker stays for ten days, success is achieved. The smoker should tell himself "I decided not to smoke". The smoker should constantly repeat his decision, from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning until late in the evening until he closes them again. While the smoker repeats this, you have to believe in it. This is the right moment for the smoker to fully convince himself with the power of will and reason that tobacco harms his organism. We should not forget for a moment the connection between the mind and the body, because it can benefit the smoker when breaking this harmful habit. Every day, the smoker should repeat his intention "I decided not to smoke" with increasing engagement of the will and should not forget that this strong positive decision has a direct impact on reducing the physical need of his body to smoke, to the extent that many smokers there is a noticeable weakening of cravings.

By making full use of his will, the smoker will not only weaken his craving, but will also eventually manage to bring his bad habits under the control of his mind. In moments of strong desire to smoke, the smoker should look at his watch. To observe the secondary while going around the dial. Regardless of the strong desire, it is certain that a smoker can endure without a cigarette for one minute. If it already lasts one minute, then it can last another. That is more than certain, but he should pay attention to something else. When three minutes have passed, the intensity of the desire to smoke at his disposal, but the next hour and each new day will increase his decision and the strength of will he needs to quit smoking. there are certain rules that smokers should strictly adhere to. These rules will help them overcome the most difficult crises they will encounter on this journey to a new life.


cigar lungsThis is really a time to enjoy. The smoker should bathe in warm water two to three times a day for 15-20 minutes. The smoker should relax. If the smoker feels that he can no longer endure without smoking, the smoker should go to the bathtub or shower again, and it is certainly impossible to smoke in the shower.

In addition, the smoker should try another way of relaxation - he should rub himself with a bathing glove. This procedure is known in the field of medical rehabilitation as vascular gymnastics, it will calm the nerves, increase circulation and the smoker will feel extraordinary pleasure. Here is what this procedure consists of. First, the smoker should get up in the morning a few minutes earlier than usual. Secondly, in a warm bath, the sink should be filled with lukewarm or cold water. do not blush.

Rubbing should be continued until a satisfactory pink color appears, which is an expression of increased peripheral blood circulation. Some people will conclude that it takes quite a long time to rub to make the skin pink, and that actually means that the peripheral or superficial blood vessels expand quite slowly. However, if the same procedure occurs the next morning, it will usually cause faster expansion of peripheral blood vessels. If the smoker gradually uses colder water every morning to achieve a better effect. However, one should not try to cover the whole body on the first morning. The second morning should include the other arm. On the third morning, the order should be as follows: left hand, right hand and chest, so that the whole body includes rubbing with a cold bathing glove. Some Spartan souls are finally starting to throw ice cubes into the water for morning rubbing. Cold, fast and strong rubbing with a bathing glove will wake up the smoker well and stimulate him for work, and he will not feel the desire to smoke.


smoking a gun You should drink 6-8 glasses of water between meals. Data on this should be recorded if necessary. The more fluid you drink, the more nicotine will be excreted from the body. You should not drink alcoholic beverages, the importance of fluid intake that we mention does not include beer or wine.

People who do not know medicine, usually do not understand the importance of a sufficient amount of fluid for the normal functioning of all organs of the human body. Brain tissues, for example, contain 75% water. The nervous system cannot function without a sufficient amount of fluid. Water is necessary not only for the release of nicotine from the human body, but also for the good functioning of the nervous system.

Here we will give smokers suggestions on how and in what quantity they should use the timely action of the liquid, over the next few days: as soon as the smoker gets up in the morning, he should try to drink one or two glasses of warm water. At first, he may be forced to start making a habit of drinking water immediately after getting up in the morning. Later, the smoker should drink two glasses of water between breakfast and lunch, plus two more glasses during the afternoon. All this is 6 glasses a day.

These 6 glasses of water, along with fresh fruit juices that the smoker will probably want to drink during the day, will have a timely effect on the smoker's kidneys. In fact, this increased amount of fluid will make them (kidneys) work very intensively, but the result will be a significant reduction in the desire to take nicotine into the body during the first 24 hours after smoking cessation. After 24 hours, the writer can reduce the amount of water, but he should continue to take in as much fruit juice as possible.

We should never forget the decision that the smoker has already made, and that is "I decided not to smoke".


cigarettes are cut with scissors. The smoker should rest enough for the first five days, take normal daily meals at a certain time and go on a night's rest at a certain time (8 hours will not hurt him). During these five days, the smoker should not go out to cafes and restaurants in the evening. The smoker should do everything possible to keep the peace of his nervous system and that is why he should plan to go to bed a little earlier than his usual time. You should give your nerves the best possible rest, because fatigue, in all its forms, is a great enemy of willpower. Precisely because they are used to working or getting up late at night, many people deprive their nervous system of the necessary rest and that is why they get up in the morning sometimes more tired than when they went to bed, and their eyes are cloudy and inflamed. With such exhausted nerves who, under the influence of an old habit, crave a cigarette again, how is it possible for a chronically exhausted person to start a fierce campaign against anything, especially cigarettes.

Whether the smoker’s exhaustion stems from a lack of adequate rest or simply from overwork, in any case the smoker should provide himself with enough sleep during these five days.


After smoking, the smoker should go out of the house, walk and take a deep breath for at least 15-20 minutes. The smoker should not sit down after eating, because at that time, he will want a cigarette more than anything. To make it easier for himself, the smoker should go out of the house.

Before this, the smoker used to eat well and after that he would sit down in his favorite armchair and, raising his legs comfortably, he would read the newspaper with a cigarette and watch TV. At this moment, his favorite comfortable armchair has become a double trap - it all still exudes the aroma of thousands of cigarettes smoked earlier in it, and at the same time part of his established habit.

If he sits in the armchair again, the smoker will be surrounded by the aroma of a cigarette coming out of the sofa, carpet and curtains, so it will be no wonder that the strength of his craving for smoking will be equal to real torture. With this in mind, walking after every meal should become the rule for smokers, who must unconditionally follow this period.

Immediately after lunch, the smoker should start doing his favorite hobby or go for a walk. A smoker can even go so far as to help his wife wash the dishes, for example. In fact, it is important that he does anything, but we must not allow ourselves to sit down.

Here is another reason that speaks in favor of the above. It is estimated that brain cells need about five times more oxygen than cells that are part of other parts of the body. From this follows the conclusion that by reducing the amount of oxygen the brain needs, we can significantly impair our mental functions.

Couldn't we make a logical assumption from this that the reduction of mental functions due to the lack of oxygen will also reduce the strength of our will, which is also vital at this moment in resisting the desire to smoke.

In addition, medical research points to the fact that the frontal surfaces of the brain are most sensitive to insufficient oxygen, and these are precisely the parts of the brain that direct the function of willpower and common sense. Therefore, during the next few days, when the role of strong will and calm nerves is so important, especially after lunch, the smoker should find time for walks that will provide the brain with sufficient oxygen.

Finally, it is important for the smoker to keep in mind the natural law according to which "the force is created from patience and time". In order for a smoker to be stronger than that irresistible desire that will occasionally haunt him, just when it seems to him that he can no longer stand it, he should say to himself "I have decided not to smoke". To drink a glass of water after that and start breathing deeply.

Within a few minutes, the smoker will feel that the craving begins to subside and that he emerged victorious from the moment of the crisis. These periods of craving for cigarettes will gradually become less frequent and weaker, and eventually the smoker will succeed in his effort to get rid of cigarettes.

These rules should be followed on a daily basis.



from the ashes a manSmoker should not drink alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, Coca-Cola. A smoker should avoid sedatives and any stimulants in order to strengthen his nervous system as quickly as possible. The only drinks that a smoker can consume should be milk and buttermilk. As a hot drink, he can use a drink made from cereal porridge.

Many smokers, in an attempt to get rid of cigarettes, double the daily amount of coffee used until then, not realizing that coffee can lead to the culmination of the craving for tobacco, which they try to quit. In addition to the previously established habit of a smoker smoking with a cup of coffee, the caffeine found in coffee stimulates the nerves and this is exactly what he should avoid now. It is very important that the smoker keeps calm now.

Another great enemy of willpower is alcohol. In any form, alcohol acts directly on the vital brain centers of reason, willpower and the ability to reason properly. For this reason, the smoker should consider alcohol the number one personal enemy for the next few days.

In almost every group of people who in any way try to quit smoking, we come across a significant number of those who are making extraordinary progress in this regard, but until that fatal afternoon when they suddenly find themselves at a cocktail party or reception. Many of them go to a cocktail party determined to sip a glass of beer throughout the afternoon and usually succeed, but only until an old friend approaches them and invites them to drink just a drop for the good old days. After this comes half a hell of a cigarette, because the drop has defeated the willpower.


mustikla cigarFood that is extremely pleasing to the passionate smoker is well-spiced food. A passionate smoker also eats larger amounts of meat, sauces and is extremely fond of fried and heavy meals, which largely make it impossible for him to quit smoking.

Passionate smokers like very spicy food, precisely because tobacco numbs the sense of taste. They usually feel the need for large amounts of strong spices in order for these to finally penetrate through the established nodules of the sense of taste. When a smoker suddenly stops smoking, his sense of taste begins to awaken from years of numbness, which leads him to start eating larger amounts of his favorite food, and this moment again requires another effort of willpower that should read at this point: I have decided to I do not teach. Therefore, it is necessary for the smoker to avoid all strong spices such as: mustard, pepper, paprika and horseradish in all possible ways during these days. The smoker should remember that it is better not to eat all those foods that sting the tongue even when eating cold.

During these five days, the smoker should remove from the menu all the rich steaks and foods fried in fat and oil. The smoker should give his body an ideal chance to strengthen himself by using fresh food prepared in the simplest possible way. Some people feel that a well-seasoned fine steak is enough in itself to be a source of a strong craving for smoking. the percentage of ammonia can stimulate the central nervous system. The richer the steak, the greater the amount of ammonia produced.

If a smoker tries to replace meat with fish, this will also have a beneficial effect on lowering blood cholesterol.

Just as all types of heavy foods should be avoided, so all sweets should be avoided during this period.

White refined sugar does not contain calcium, phosphorus, iron, or vitamin B. On the contrary, if a smoker uses food with a lot of sugar, his body will need a larger amount of vitamin B1 to burn blood sugar. therefore, whenever a smoker eats an increased amount of sugar, his reserves of vitamin B1, which should strengthen his nervous system during this period, will be used to burn the increased amount of sugar that the smoker has taken into the body. If the smoker does not listen to this advice, it will not be a miracle if his nerves are overly upset.

Having in mind the above, the smoker should give up during these five days all types of sweets that contain large amounts of sugar. This will surely help his nerves to calm the storm that is otherwise threatening them.


smoker should eat fruits, vegetables, hazelnuts, almonds and nuts as much as he wants. A smoker who is quitting cigarettes should eat plenty of fresh fruit during this period - this is really an opportunity for a smoker to eat it well. It is best to eat fruits and vegetables with lunch, not between meals. A smoker can have fun with chewing gum, but not sweetened, if he wants it so irresistibly.

As a reason against quitting smoking, smokers state that they will gain weight and look like a ball. They often ask: "What's worse? Being overweight or at risk of the harmful effects of smoking." The smoker should not suffer from the weight problem for the first five days. Since they drink extra fluids during this time, they may gain a little weight, but they should not forget that this fluid is important to help them eliminate excess nicotine from the body.

However, the problem of being overweight is really important, but smokers will fight it much easier during these five days than they probably assume. The strength of their will increased significantly and it saved them from food and drink that could be harmful. this willpower will now become a valuable weapon in their fight against overweight. Most people find it easier to control their weight than the urge to smoke. Therefore, smokers need to be brave.


cigarette lungs In order for smokers to take in an increased amount of vitamins, especially vitamin B complex, which will help the smoker's nerves when deprived of nicotine, he should take one to two tablespoons of wheat germ with each meal. As a substitute for wheat germ, you can take one to two tablespoons of brewer's yeast daily, which is a good source of vitamin complexes as well as excellent protein.

One of the ways to take brewer's yeast is the following: you need to stir a spoonful of dry yeast into a glass of tomato juice, close your nose and drink the mixture. This is a way that is suitable especially for those who are considered to be primary, because you should drink only this, and not some medicine with unpleasant tastes. Others who also want to take additional amounts of vitamin B1 in the body, can ask for the same from any doctor who will surely approve them for this occasion, in capsules or tablets.


smoking during pregnancySpecial tablets or other means may help smokers to quit smoking. Some of them claim that the pills helped them, while others did not benefit from them at all. Every smoker may want to try some of these pills. If the smoker's nerves become overly excited during this whole process, he is free to contact his doctor, who will recommend the use of a mild sedative for a few days. You should not take any medication at your discretion, but you should consult a doctor for each medication.

Special tablets, patches or other aids may help smokers to quit smoking, but do not take them without first consulting a doctor.

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To quit smoking. Every now and then someone recommends quitting smoking, we know we smokers but what to do. We drink 2 liters of water a day, we walk in the woods, and so on ... When we get tired of walking, I sit on a rock and light a fire :D

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I have been a smoker for many years and there is no way I can get rid of that ugly habit!

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Twenty years of smoking experience brought me health problems. Only with strong will and perseverance did success come. Now I breathe with full lungs.

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