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Hello wonderful people of readcash, I hope we all had a wonderful night rest, I'm still your new baby on this platform so accept me the way I'm. Thank you so much.

As of today I would like to talk about this or that, I saw this prompt writing on a user page and I felt, why not do something like this. This will be based on relationship taste.


If you ask me I will go for a tall guy, this is because it is known that short people are kind of wicked, sorry for the stereotyping, and they believe people will cheat on them but the tall guys, I love tall guys because I'm average in height and I always love to look up when talking to them.


For me I love talkative people, when you're with them you laugh, get some information, I enjoy their company, I'm kind of quiet and for me to talk or interact with people I need someone who talkative, they bring out the talking spirit within me, I love a talking and lively partner.


Yes, long hair it is, this is something I wish to have, If I have long hair, I don't need to attach anything, it would just be my natural hair, all I need is to style it, I believe some ladies will understand what I'm saying, and besides most guys like ladies with long hair.


I would rather go for personality, I wouldn't want a handsome partner that will end up beating me, though I love handsome guys, but I would never go for the look. As long his soul and personality is handsome, he is handsome to me. I doubt any Lady would go for looks over personality but I don't know for the guys


Calling is what I enjoy the most, although am a bad caller, but I enjoy talking on the phone for long hours, for text, I don't reply people text messages that fast, but I'm always ready for call.


Smile, while I don't really know what to go for either, is it kiss or hug, I think its hug for me, I don't really like kissing, you know we have different types of kiss, we kiss on the forehead, kiss on cheek, kiss on the lips, and we have the real kiss, I'm always shy when it time for kissing, anyways I'm a big hugger


For me, I love someone who is romantic, who will understand body language, someone who will pamper me as for someone who is cold, it will always look boring, I would want to play with him or tickle him and he would give me a cold shoulder, nah, I don't want a guy like that.

Well, this would be all my entry for THIS or THAT, I hope you all can get to know me a bit through this article, there is more to me than this, I would like you all to still welcome me as a newbie, pardon all my mistake, I would try to be consistent too.. Thanks for reading and having me.

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I preferred taller man than a short one hehe and A talkative because I am also talkative and I want the man who can talk with me as long as I can..

welcome and nice to meet you..

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1 year ago

We are on this same page I like dat Thank you

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