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Its Beyond the 'CLICKS'.

I love forex, yet I'll say, "Forex is not a game for boys!"

As I love saying, "Do not build your castle on the wind".

Forex is like the wind. You can be making and keeping on consistent gain, then just at a season an event that can stupefy all your ideologies and consume all your available increase in a week can just arise; it may even be a despise, an avoidable psychological error on your part (common among the 'too goods'), in the which you will just decide to take a smart chance against your common sense and against which you constantly caution your investment disciples, forgetting that it is the smart mouse the trap catches, but then you discover too late that you have made a despise, a risk, an error, too many. This is not strange amidst those who have known the go-to of this game: Here is their error, the-no-error!


Forex is like the wind: once in a while some unexpected may happen that defies the smartness of the wise. Check it out, Dust your feathers and Fly again...

Now to everyone: Forex is risky, a fact you cannot overlook! The market is so volatile, the reason for the swift loss for some and also the quick gain for some other.

Look well before you dive...

When investing into FOREX, invest only an amount you can afford to lose. And as you begin to gain, make your first aim to withdraw your initial investment. By this you can keep trading with a good confidence and a clear mind, knowing you are now trading on gain. This then goes in line with another wise statement, "Do not trade with your money", your hard-earned MONEY!

Two, standing on the belief that you have got the necessary technical knowledge, do not be greedy of gain. You don't own all the money in that market, so just take some reasonable share and make your bow.

'Anybody' can trade FOREX if the 'Anybody' will learn to be smart and temperate with the right knowledge.

Those Green Candles Going Up In Trend Does Not Always Mean Buy! It may mean REFLECT!...

Now, when the coast is clear and you can confidently place your trade, remember to put in consideration the stretch limits of your available investment {Balance}.

Learn this truth: Sometimes in life, your forecast, analysis and inference are perfect, but circumstances and events may first play against it a short way until reversal. This happens several times, not just in life, but also in trading. Analyzing the prevailing trend, candle pattern, past path, news events, all shows you there will be a reversal at that height but the trend seems keeping onward, there comes the need for patience.

When investing, you need to realize that there is a time spacing between sowing and its reaping. Sometimes it may be shorter than expected, sometimes it may be exact as expected, while sometimes it may be longer than expected, but your work is based on right analysis and knowledge, and you were not greedy while placing the trade but placed it with best allowance for events before and after reversal, what you'll need to add-on is patience. Many a time, traders alt an ongoing trade that was still going to pay them out of fear and ended up closing on a loss. That's why you need to look well before you dive and once you've dived, stay calm to avoid some broken bones... #Keepsmiling

Its Beyond the 'CLICKS'...

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There article is very Nice

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Thank you

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There is a lot to learn from the world on this side, crypto, trading, investing, forex. You are right playing it must be synonymous with life but the technicalities is just hard. Thanks for these tips though.

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Right @LykeLyca. Thank you so much

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