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Davido And Wizkid Settles Enemity

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3 months ago

Hello guys, how have you been...

Firstly, I want to thank you guys especially my subscribers. I finally hit 100 subscribers.

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Okay today we are going to talk about Davido and Wizkid. Previously I've talked about Davido and Wizkid so for those that don't know who they are, use the link below.


This is not the first article I wrote about him but it said alot about him.


This article talked more about Wizkid so for those that don't know him you can check it out.

Since the dawn of time, davido and Wizkid fans have been like cats and rats. There are always beefing, arguing and behaving badly on the internet in reaction to any matter concerning Davido or Wizkid. They either hate on the others performance or support another. This issue has been going on for some years now. Normally Davido and Wizkid are not actually enemies the way fans see it but in most cases they don't really seem to see eye-to-eye. This led to fans comparison and selection of who is the best artiste. A few days back, Davido and Wizkid met in a club and hugged it out because they seem to have a little pending disputes. This is not actually the first time that they've hugged. Due to the resolving of this enemity, fans seems to be angry and just want this enemity and comparison to carry on for many years to come.

Below you can see a video of how it all went down.

A Nigerian musician CDQ Olowo, expressed his happiness on social media after Wizkid and Davido reconciled.

Wizkid and Davido sparked massive reactions on social media after meeting up for an unexpected reunion. CDQ urged the singers to work on a song together, expressing relief over their reconciliation.

Well a few reacted to this reconciliation and not everyone was happy about it.

You all remember Burna boy right. I've also written about him before.

If you don't know him you can use the link below.

Anyway regarding the fight, we haven't heard any other news about it so when I do I'll drop it.

As for Burna boy, he had an issue with Davido before but they've settled it now.

Seems for some reasons not know to us they had an issue for some time.

Anyway, Burna Boy on his Instagram story said Davido was “trying” him but they’ve figured things out.

The self-acclaimed African giant went further to declare love for everyone, insisting that everyone must love each other by force in 2022.

His post read: “For your information I have no issue with Davido. We good now.

“Davido was trying me but we figured it out. 2022 all of us must love ourselves by force. If not make we just kill ourselves

“No middle again, forward ever backward never. This is my last post of the year. God bless you all.”

He posted this just before 2022 began.

From my previous article you can see that Burna boy has no chill but thankfully he let this one slide without louding the story.

Nigerian Music legend, Tuface Idibia also reacted to the reconciliation of Nigeria stars, Wizkid and Davido.

He posted on Instagram saying this has placed a smile on my face but please you guys should allow my song and video trend a bit.

you can see some twitter reactions below.

In the pictures below, you can see that Olamide was very mature about the issue and he didn't really stress about the matter.

In the end everyone seems to be settling their dispute, life is too short to be keeping enemies. Try to forgive those that have offended you today and ask for forgiveness if you offended anyone in the past. That will be all for today, feel free to like and subscribe. Don't forget to drop a comment below if you have anything to share, thanks for reading.

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Written by   106
3 months ago
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This great thing to hear, first p square come together to become one again ,and even timaya and patoranking, settled now wizkid and davido.....I'm happy for them all

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3 months ago

Yeah, let's observe and see how everything progresses

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3 months ago