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A Pragmatist or A Theorist

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2 weeks ago

The last time I checked life has always been more practical than theoretical but we still see ourselves believing and living a life written in a book and not in the reality of things. Good morning to all of you my wonderful friends on this platform, I believe we are all doing great. As we enter into the last week of September, I pray for speedy achievements of all our goals and aspirations. I welcome you all into this new week.

Looking at the title of this post, one will not find it hard to grasp what it will be talking about and I believe that we must have read something of this sort on the internet or from a book. I am not here to bore you with a lengthy post or to repeat that which I believe you have already known. I am here to remind you of the need for us to see life from its practical point of view at all times. This is because of the gradual shift from what life should be and what social media has made it to be.


You may have had an opportunity to witness situations where people are meant to believe what is not through what they see on the internet. This has caused a lot of damage to our value system as humans especially in the area of success and hard work.  A lot of us have allowed ourselves to be drowned by the numerous untested theories that have been pushed into our system through the use of social media and the internet. This is not a way to say that the internet or social media does not have its advantages rather people have become more aware of the fake theoretical lifestyle which does not align with the pragmatic life we ought to live as humans. From the creation story which is seen in the Bible, one can understand that even God was a pragmatist when he made the statement “come let us make man in our image and likeness”. As a Christian, I believe that God has the utmost power to do all things and if that is the case, God could have just decided not to border all the other heavenly Hosts whom He referred to when he said come let us make man in our image and likeness.


He (God) could have just made use of spoken words just as he did as he created other things but he chose to gather the other entire heavenly host for them to put heads together and make a man. He not only called together, but he also used his hands to mould dust from the earth and after which he breathed the breath of life in man. He did not stop at that, he pains taken repeated the same process by making the man sleep and taken one of his ribs to create the woman. When you look at this creation story, you will understand that we humans are not meant to be just talkers but doers. We should be more pragmatic than theoretical in our lifestyle because the creator made it so. The big question is; are we Pragmatic as humans?


This is a personal question we should all answer in other to understand what we are doing on earth. The bad governance we are facing in our various countries is because we allowed our politicians to deceive us with theories of what they intend to do for us without us looking at those theories pragmatically. I have come to understand that in making any plans in life one should not just forget to look at the pragmatic point of view. When you have been able to come up with ideas in your head, you should not be quick to carry them out without checking their workability. Being a theorist is not a bad thing but what makes it worse is when we forget to look at those theories from a realistic point of view. This is exactly our woes in our countries today. When a politician promises to build an airport in the rural area, everybody will begin to clap and rejoice but they forget that there is no good road or a clear path one can follow to go into that rural area. How then can an airport be constructed?


Life cannot be seen or lived from what we see over the internet or social media otherwise, we will run the risk of making mistakes that might cost us our peace of mind. When we see people showcasing the latest car or other flashy assets they have acquired, we should not allow ourselves to be pushed into making hasty decisions in other to fast forward our success story even when we understand that it might cost us our life. A lot of people have gone into armed robbery, kidnapping and even money rituals as a result of what they saw over social media. Before you rush your life, you must make an effort to know the source of income of the person who is influencing you and also, you must evaluate the process to see if it is suitable and healthy for you to follow. That is what being pragmatic in life entails. It may be very tempting for you to ignore these things but never forget that once a mistake is made, your life may not remain the same. Be more pragmatic than theoretical life

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Written by   153
2 weeks ago
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History repeats itself in all countries, they always come with offers and never deliver, we live deceived. I never commit to do something if I am not really sure I will deliver.

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2 weeks ago

They are more like theorists and not pragmatists... It is terrible.

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2 weeks ago

I'm a pragmatist. 😁 I always look at the realistic side. I don't like believing in theory.

The election is coming in the Philippines and here come the politicians with their extravagant campaigns and promises just to entice people to vote for them. Always like that just campaigns, agenda, promises and mostly they never worked the entire time they're in position. Just fill up their own pockets.

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2 weeks ago

This is the same thing we face in Nigeria... They will promise to give us heaven and earth if elected but the moment they step into the office, we become stories to them.

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2 weeks ago