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From children to intelligent and decisive adults?

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4 months ago

Did you know? Giving children responsibilities makes them become adults a little more intelligent and decisive.

There are people who depend on others to do things, and others who dare to do them for themselves, as we grow we must learn to do things for ourselves, to take care of yourself you will have to make decisions, and those decisions are those that will mark our destiny throughout life.

Giving children small responsibilities from an early age helps improve their decision-making and IQ. You can strengthen these skills by asking your children to take care of putting away their toys, picking up their clothes, throwing dirty clothes in the laundry basket, encouraging free play and asking them to help you with housework depending on their age. . In addition to the material order of things and responsibilities, children must learn that there is a temporal and spatial order, the sequence of things, the order of ideas and society. You should start by teaching the material order (Each Thing must have its place) and the sequential order (with very clear routines), to be more effective. Children must learn that everyone has a role and that we do not all do the same. We must respect each other's role.

We can fulfill the assignments that are made to us, we all have obligations and we should respond to them, let us remember that being responsible is complying with everything that is expected of us. You, like everyone, are part of a group. At home, at work, at school, in society. Have you thought about your role and responsibility in each of them?

It is sad but the truth is that the psychological mechanism works like this, generally in a group everyone has a function, and this makes everyone live in an organized and responsible way, children will be responsible if and only if we as parents accustom them to fulfill their obligations. We must be totally consistent, and reward them when it deserves it, we must not give up so easily, the rights and duties of each of us must be clear and precise, each of them has results and benefits for us, first of all, great satisfaction and increasing trust between all.

Sometimes it is difficult to tell the truth, but we must dare, we must be responsible, be authentic, be more noble and more practical.

Do not worry about the opinions and criticisms of others, they will always judge the way you educate your children, whatever you do whatever you say we are always going to hear criticism from people who have no idea about your stories or your motivations. The criticisms are always there, although they usually only reflect the frustrations and dissatisfaction of the person who puts them on the table. The reality is that when we educate we do not educate to satisfy any external person if not for our own reasons, to build a family that we will be proud of, to see our children grow or for the simple pleasure of building something beautiful.

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Written by   38
4 months ago
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good read :) keep on writing articles. hope you also find my article about health enticing.

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4 months ago