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We and Our Depressions

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2 years ago

Multiply from one to one hundred. Not slow, not fast, at medium speed. How long did it take? It should take about forty seconds. In just such a short time, someone has committed suicide somewhere in the world. As such, an average of about 6 million people commit suicide every year! Think!

In that forty seconds you and I may not have blinked, in that time a man has finished himself with a slow, healthy, cold head. Research shows that most people commit suicide to avoid depression.

Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds !

Marilyn Monroe is considered to be the most beautiful and appealing actress of all time in the world. He committed suicide in 1982 at the age of 36. Today, his wealth is 26 million US dollars! As of last year, his acting movie has grossed 2 billion so far! Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

If we talk about form, fame, glory, then there is no one who can stand near him. This man always had a worldly smile on his face. There was nothing lacking in the life of this ever-smiling actress except the happiness of the mind. Depression had been eating away at him for a long time, a search that no one had ever known or wanted until after his death.

The man whose laughter shook the whole world, whose flame would burn the hearts of millions of young people in an instant, whose pride was constantly dusted in front of the stardom of any Daputa heroine, was an extremely unhappy man. Behind all the smiles in his eyes was hidden intense pain, melancholy. No one outside has ever been able to capture this aspect of his mind. To everyone, Marilyn Monroe was full of life, a tangible symbol of beauty and nobility!

He has all the wonderful quotes about life, survival, you can find it on the internet. It will be great to read. I think, who is happier than this man! When your eyes and heart are stuck in his inspirational words, you will want to believe, thinking that there is no sorrow or sadness in his mind. Ah, how sad I am, and how happy he is!

But the reality was the opposite. People knew that reality after his death. This is how it is.

Those who have seen Sushant Singh Rajput's latest movie 'Chhichore' know that the main message of this movie was to survive! Now let's see what Sushant is saying in this movie!

'Our lives end when we think about winning, losing, success, failure! We are so drowned in all this that we forget to live! But the most important thing in this life is life itself! '

I was a little wrong to say! Sushant is not actually saying the above, he is the character of that movie. No matter what the message of the movie was, it didn't matter to Sushant Singh Rajput. He is an artist, a filmmaker, he did it the way he wanted. Nothing more than that! If that were the case, the movie would have spoken in favor of suicide, but Sushant would have presented himself that way in the movie. This is what every artist does.

In a movie or in a public appearance, where and when a superstar Sushant says what, and how the person Sushant really is, are two completely different things. He who is sad, he is sad, he is sad even if he smiles, sad even if he cries! Most people do not understand this simple thing. Keep in mind, since he is a celebrity, he knew very well how people want to see him, exactly what they want to hear from his mouth. And that's exactly how he presented himself. Every celebrity does that. It would be foolish to try to get an idea of ​​his personal life.

This man, who is very talented, handsome, gifted and cheerful in appearance, has committed suicide by hanging himself in his own house today. Presumably, he chose the path of suicide as he could no longer bear to suffer from extreme depression. He had been suffering from severe depression for about six months and was undergoing treatment. No, none of us looked for that depression until the man left when he was only 34 years old. At the end of the day, he is also a human being, the pain he suffers, the pain in his heart that puts an end to him in every moment, all this never comes to any of our minds or it comes too late. In fact, how many of us have learned to look at celebrities from a human point of view? How many of us have that much mental maturity?

Depression is just like any other illness which just needs full support. And terrible diseases. I used to do anti-suicide counseling at one point. By spending incredible amounts of physical and mental labor in this life, by constantly trying day after day, without pay or profit, I have brought back at least 84 people directly from the hands of suicide at that time. (I don't do that much anymore. Personally, I don't want to give time to anyone anymore. Man is an unimaginably ungrateful and ungrateful creature. ) My experience is that most of the time, the person who is suffering from this disease, we can't understand by looking at him, his death is very close. He spends time laughing and playing with everyone, or he does it alone in our eyes in a 'good and healthy' body. Who has no eyes to see his mind,He will never realize that the man is running out.

Why is depression created? Or why it is increasing day by day?

There may be many reasons behind this. Here are a few:

Maybe there is not a single person in the world who understands his pain.

Maybe he can't find someone to share his sorrows with.

Maybe the only man of love to store his wounded emotions is not by his side today.

Maybe she can't find anyone to trust her in her time of loneliness.

Perhaps the pain in his chest was heavier than the mountains.

Maybe there is no one in this world who can understand or accept him as he is.

Maybe the person closest to him has done something that he can't accept even after hundreds of attempts.

Maybe he doesn't have anyone with whom he can lighten himself by expressing all his mental tensions, hardships and grievances.

Maybe there is not a single person in his life who hugs and cries and cries profusely. And, many more like this!

And then? To get rid of such an unbearable situation, he chose the path of suicide!

Do you know what happens next? Everyone is busy to find the cause of his death!

After the man has left, why are we anxious to find a reason for his departure? Where were we when he was dying in agony? To cry for someone is to cry before he dies, not after he dies. Santosh Sengupta's song line is coming to mind in life, you are not a garland, why give flowers to death? Whose face never wanted to return, why are tears in her eyes?

All our ego, ethics, stubbornness, anger, resentment, legitimacy, purity, education, degree, position are very trivial compared to human death. Survival is the greatest truth in this world. To this we have all our arguments, all our arguments, all our thoughts, all our knowledge, all our philosophy, all our feelings, all our religions, all our beliefs, all our experiences, all our honesty, all our egos, all our successes, all our failures, all our successes, all our victories, All true - false false false! If I persuade or push someone to death by my position or actions or thoughts or behaviour, no matter how pure, perfect, perfect I may be, even if I am innocent in the eyes of the whole world, I am in fact a heinous heinous murderer. There is no point in regretting or regretting when a person is truly arrogant, it is a kind of hypocrisy!

Find the person closest to you. Or a friend or relative nearby. Maybe there's someone around you who is smiling, who can't find anyone to talk to. No one wants to understand him, no one wants to hear him. He may have thought that tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or on a moonlit night at his convenience, or at dawn, or on a fiery evening, he too, following in the footsteps of his predecessors, would set foot on the path to eternal liberation with great zeal. Then don't say again, he has committed suicide, therefore he is a sinner! No one kills himself as a hobby. If it is a sin not to be able to save oneself anymore, then the one or the other because of whom or due to negligence man can no longer save himself, he or she is the only sinner of that sin! When the time comes, it will testify, it will judge!

Someone is laughing, his laughter is like the murmur of a distant spring water, he is full of fame, prestige, prestige, etc. --- it means he is a happy man, at least I am more than you, it may not be like that. Happiness is always a relative matter like sorrow. Depression is a disorder that is affecting more and more people. Accept these. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. And I don't believe because I know or I forget to believe. Take care of yourself before it's too late, keep yourself well at all costs. It is a thousand times more important than what someone said or thought, at least to survive, like yourself. In this world, there is no greater success or prosperity than survival.

At the same time listen to your loved one who is suffering from depression. Listen quietly. Do not impose any opinion on him. He may not protest, he may go away in silence. Even if you cry that day - or what will happen? Will you get the man back? Give the man a chance to speak today. Listen to her pain, with mind, with time. Otherwise, even if you want a hundred one day, you will not be able to listen to him. Do not forget to make any argument on it! Life does not go by logic. Life goes on in faith, emotion, and humanity. Get rid of all your ego, faith, consciousness, intellect and give him time as per his mind. Maybe this little sympathy from you will help him to overcome his depression and save himself. 

What could be happier than to have a soul alive on this earth just because of you!

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Written by   213
2 years ago
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At present depression is a silent killer. And the consequence of depression is suicide. And the one who falls at the situation knows how hard it is to get out of it:( Thanks for writing an article about depression

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2 years ago

Now-a-days, depression is the part and parcel of our daily life.😥

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2 years ago

Exactly. We try alot to come out but the pandemic won't let us to do that. The pandemic is the main reason of depression now a days.

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2 years ago