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We're Throwing a Crypto Party: The System is NOT Invited!

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1 month ago

The most epic party ever is starting and we're all drinking Crypto-Economics and dancing to the tune of financial freedom - and the best thing is that the rotten system was not invited.

However, lots of things happen when you host a popular party, things like:

  • People Wanting to Shut the Party Down;

  • People Wanting a Slice of the Cake;

  • People Wanting to Go to the Party, yet they were not invited;

  • Other people who weren't invited host their own parties in competition...

...and so on.

Metaphors apart, there's a reason why I grabbed this topic, and that is because the comparison is spot on if you think about how these agents act against us and our interests, yet in truth, they're just jealous they're being left out!

The Governments Want to Shut the Party Down:

The first thing people do when they hate a party is to see if they can shut it down.

Governments worldwide did their best, and some are still doing, to shut crypto down and to make all of us coiners get back home to their mommas.

Here are some of the things they tried this month:

  • In South Korea, Regulators Called for ALL Exchanges to be Closed Down;

  • Public Channels advertised Turkish Exchanges rug-pulling in several countries;

  • China Ordered All Inner Mongolia Mining Operations to Stop;

  • Nigeria Shut Down All Crypto Accounts...

...and more!

And we're just on the 10th day of the Month - that's one-third!

Governments everywhere are seeing that a censorship-resistant medium and a technology that democratizes finance is a huge threat.

But, as SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce said: Shutting down Crypto is like Shutting down the Internet, we'd be foolish to try.

Oh, if only his colleagues thought about it this way we could skip having to show governments everywhere their attempts are futile!

The States Want a Slice of the Cake:

States are trying their best to craft new ways to get a slice of the cake while not attending the party.

They seek to tax us to the ground and to financially and anally destroy the companies that give us shelter.

However, they are clearly having problems doing that.

Not only that, they are making a lot of enemies that grow stronger every day as Crypto is the future.

You don't really want to tax the future, or the future may move away to countries that see the value of its ways.

The Banks Want to Go to the Party:

The Banks are disguising themselves as CBDC - Central Bank Digital Currency - and posing as Crypto to see if they can get in the party.

After all, there's so much action and prosperity there it should be illegal they are left out - or so they think.

You see, these agents are so used to regulate what everyone can and cannot have that this party really grinds their gears.

Of course, even if they can make it to the party, nobody will talk to them or sell them drinks - after all, they're the old fashioned dweebs who think they are slick and hip, but their grey hairs are showing, their fat bellies being easily seen, and their attempts to monopolize the chocolate fountain don't help either.

Banks may try to use CBDC tokens to get in the party, but even if they issue them, decentralized crypto is what the party is for, so they'll have a bad time.

States Are Preparing Their Own Parties: UK and Switzerland

The UK and Switzerland are allegedly preparing their state Crypto, after China already started pumping Digital Yuan.

These two countries are probably going to be the first two in Europe to issue a state cryptocurrency.

So, these two are preparing their own parties and hope the world follows - they hope that if more parties like these are made throughout the globe, the decentralized crypto party will flop as people will want to join the newest freshest party.

They fail to see that in the decentralized party, people are eating and drinking whatever they want, and each of them listens to different music.

On the statism-backed party, guests only eat and drink what the hosts serve, and everyone is forced to hear the same song - the song picked by the government officials, which is specially designed to keep everyone in a trance, preventing them to think and making their own choices.

Our Party is the Best: The System is NOT Invited

These reasons I presented above justify why our party is the best.

Of course that even if the party is great, it is even greater for the fact the system is not invited and we're finally able to break free and enjoy our lives in ways we never could.

This is the employees' party where the employer isn't invited.

This is the students' party where the teachers aren't invited.

This is your first joint away from your mom....'s the scream of a community that was always oppressed but never subdued.

It's time to break free!


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Written by   572
1 month ago
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It's hilarious how they actually think they can put us down. They are who they are because of us. Crypto is a power way too great to be exterminated like this and people have invested millions, billions of dollars in it so you really think they can get away so easily? Hah. Everything is slowly becoming virtual and there's nothing you can do about it. This sounds like they're scared, reminds me of the times when people would pump different stocks and whales would dump them to screw everything up.

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1 month ago

Loved the way you wrote it. It is so interesting that you can't leave not finishing the whole article.

$ 0.01
1 month ago

That's the problem with the system. Whenever they think there will be good things about to come they will make sure it would be of their advantage and if not they would make sure they will shut it down or befallen.

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1 month ago

Very good comparison you did here. I think it would be nice to write about the reasons the SYSTEM is doing all it can to shut the party down...hmmm

$ 0.05
1 month ago

Being a student I am also in the right of a crypto party in which system is not invited.It is in favor of users also.System implement pile of Tax and main aim of crypto freedom of money is lost.And one thing more I liked to a little extent states are preparing their own parties but it should be confirmed here also there should be no censorship role.The other are frightened and fearful,mere we can talked about them can't be implemented.

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1 month ago