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Stop Saying Decentralized Systems Are Controlled By the Masses! Masses Are STUPID!

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3 months ago

It pains me to hear people explain what decentralization is to other people and how they all come to the same yadda-yadda of explaining that, in decentralized systems, it's the masses who control whatever...

Stop saying decentralized projects, platforms, tokens, whatever, are controlled by the masses.

The Masses Are STUPID!

...And let me be blunt, they are in a way most of the people reading this won't even understand.

Don't EVER underestimate the stupidity of the masses - you can be surprised... unfortunately.

What Is Decentralization: Debunking The Masses Argument

So what is decentralization?

It is exactly how people start explaining it - the decisions are fragmented and decentralized, not being reliant on the boss's goodwill, the chairman's desires or the company's whims.

It can also be applied politically, and decentralization here means we aren't going to be experiencing autocracies anytime soon as the system prevents it.


Decentralization doesn't mean the power is given to the masses - no! That would be catastrophic!

The power is distributed, decentralized, to several authorities instead of just one or two interest groups.

This means that the power is given to interest group representatives from the most different and representative interest groups and in the most representative and diverse way... HOWEVER, power will fall with people that are either way more capable, have way more resources (depending on governance system, POS, POW, POB, etc), or are way more invested into the community or ready to govern than "the masses".

Saying decentralization is giving power to the masses and that each and everyone will govern makes decentralization look stupid.

Such a system would be utopic, and impossible - it would be way worse than we have today.

Einstein Said:

"Only 2 things are infinite in this world - Human Stupidity and Dogecoin Supply!"

Decentralization Means Diverse Representation: Diversity of Interests and Thought

Decentralization means that people won't be hostage to one or a couple of interest groups.

It means that people aren't held hostage against a small but incredibly powerful minority.

It means, for example, people won't lose their personal freedom and liberty because most interest groups don't want to lose personal freedom and liberty.

In centralized systems, the state has some interest in limiting your freedom and liberty and it can do that because the other interest groups aren't represented - decentralization solves this.

However, do you think it would be wise to be represented by the random clubgoer from Jersey Shore?

I don't think so.

If the governance system works, it adds only the most resourceful or most competent interest group representatives - ensuring everyone is represented by competent or resourceful people who are invested in bringing the most value to the community they are acting as governing pieces for.

It's a complex topic... but that's why most people don't grasp the concept...

...after all, the masses are stupid.


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Written by   740
3 months ago
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Decentralization is simply the opposite of centralization! In this respect everyone should know what that means! But despite everything the "decentralization" cannot prevent that there are always factors which can manipulate the whole. If you write that the masses are stupid, you are right only limitedly since in this context the meaning consists only in the fact that the masses do not know something, or understand wrongly. Your explanation is therefore very helpful for all who have not yet understood the context. That individual interest groups could not manipulate the whole therefore, is wrong. If one speaks of freedom, one should also always say that freedom is only a soap bubble, a dream, an invention around humans to manipulate to be able. There is no freedom! I would be pleased if you can tell me where there should be freedom! Love and have a nice day.

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3 months ago

Decentralisation has many shades and colours. The illusion that 'nobody' can exert undue influence in a decentralised system is the prevailing idea that most people have about the system. So often times these category of people like I once was are somewhat taken by surprise when one of the many interest groups within the system start to flex their muscles or pursue interests that are in their favour

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User's avatar M3i
3 months ago

A decentralized network like Bitcoin is governed by consensus. There are constituencies as Antonopoulos usually explains (users, devs, wallets & services, exchanges, node operators, etc.). There is no voting but overwhelming support. Governance is complex but one of the above can influence others. The core is the devs that have a complete understanding of the code, while users have very little knowledge.

Some constituencies could be centralized, such as the development of BTC is centralized under Blockstream. This is solved partially in Bitcoin Cash having various teams of developers. This reduces the ability of one team of devs to hijack the network as proven with the case of Amauri Sechet and BCHABC.

You will hear in dev discussions things like: "what will the miners think of this change if we apply it". And of course they always think and discuss changes with other factions like wallet providers, exchanges. Also, always in the mind of devs is the final user. Every development should be in the advantage of the end user.

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3 months ago

However decentralization is the future.

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3 months ago

I think the best possible ways of doing or solving the world problems currently is decentralizing virtually all aspects of life so that the middle or perhaps the bad actors are given the right to influence or control the system. Being centralized neutralizes all forms of idiosyncracies in the system

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3 months ago

This was an incredibly succint explanation of a complex system. I've honestly never heard of read of decentralization meaning governed or controlled by the masses.

That would be frightening!

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3 months ago