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Bankstercoin (BTC) RUINED Crypto: Bitcoin (BCH) Just Saved It!

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4 months ago

Bankstercoin, which lost the right to call itself Bitcoin when it started betraying everything the digital currency's whitepaper, purpose, and principles stood for, has been ruining crypto for a long time.

Bitcoin BCH, on the other hand, has been going through thick and thin, having to prove itself once and again and making a hard trek towards mainstream notoriety - which seems closer than ever now - and that's because it is the currency with the potential to save what the crypto revolution started out to be (and still is if you consider the good tokens and discard sold out coins like BTC)

Throughout this article, we're going to go over how BTC became what it aimed to fight, while BCH fights the good fight.

We'll approach how BTC is coercive when BCH is voluntary and democratic.

We'll take a look at how BTC joined the Agents of FIAT while BCH remained a disruptive force to be reckoned with, a performance-based crypto peer-to-peer electronic cash people prefer and choose out of their own free will.

Finally, we'll top it all off with how BTC calls upon governments to regulate it by giving voice to loud minority demands for central banking regulation through CBDC and other mechanisms, while BCH stays loyal to the masses and doesn't need governments in the first place, being a tool to circumvent their oppression and being FREE.

FREE like Capitalism and Market Proving demand it to be!

BTC Became What It Aimed to Fight:

BCH Didn't Need to Die as a Hero, but BTC Lived To Become the Thing It Wanted to Fight

I've written thousands of words on how BTC adopted more and more FIAT practices, on how the Core Team applies cult tactics and dictatorial maneuvers to wash the fact that it is selling the community and the project out to the highest bidder.

The fact still stands that BTC is not only selling out but being absorbed, merged, and integrated into the rotten system of coercive and restricted governance our parents got used to living in.

...but it is way worse than that.

You see, it's not only this collusion, absorption, and desertion of ideals that BTC stands for - it is also embracing corruption and skipping the protocols and processes that rendered it good in the first place.

Want a blunt example of this?

It all started with SegWit.

Segregating witnesses was the first signal and is still, to this day, one of the most glaring refurbishings of the processes in order to accommodate corruption. Segregating witnesses makes them redundant, to say the least, but we've seen a lot of other measures throughout the years that show us BTC is no longer credible.

Then, there are two words you can post on any search engine to see how bad BTC is now.... one is:


...the other word is:


A sad turn of events to BTC, but the valuable minds are turning to the real Bitcoin as we speak - so BTC is building upon its house of cards, climbing very high only to fall.

BTC is Coercive: Dictatorial Measures, Cult-Like Tactics

BTC is coercive, and you can easily see how.

First of all, you have to look at the recent events - well, there's now all of that talk on taxing highly on people who aren't using it or forcing people to have the wallet and use the token in El Salvador.

...however, if we are honest, this started way before.

The BTC guys have always (since things went south) applied cult fighting techniques to blind the sheep and ensure they couldn't see what was happening to the beautiful and groundbreaking project that was Bitcoin all in front of their eyes.

They have censored, they have outcasted, they have exiled, ungratefully banishing great minds and crapping on the biggest evangelists of the project.

They have thrown tons worth of sand into its adopters' eyes, they've forged arguments, discussions, they printed BCH toilet paper, they found arguments to justify the unjustifiable like "more security", "more commodity", they have painted the fact they abdicate from their principles as victories rather than sell out moves... you name it.

They also force the people to be as exclusive as they can get you to be, and they FORCE you to hold your tokens by controlling exchanges, stopping you from selling on sketchy periods, manipulating the market with Tether, silencing opposition... and so on.

BTC has gone so far that BTC Maxis now look detached from reality, they seem they are living in 2007, they call every crypto an alt, they fail to see they are on a downward spiral, and they yell FUD at full power to block the sound of the inevitable collapse of the Bankster coin, falling upon its own weight.

The Blockstream, Core, AOF management of the token does this so well, that I think the Maxis will remain much after BTC has fallen.

BTC Joined the AOF (Agents of FIAT):

There's no secret that the mainstream monetary and banking systems have no love for crypto.

After all, why would they love a project that started out wanting to disrupt their market and to take away their sovereignty and oppression?

Well, have you noticed how the mainstream monetary and banking systems are slowly adopting BTC and becoming in love with it?

Do you really think this is the fruit of "progress"?

Do you think the mainstream is adopting the Bitcoin Whitepaper paradigm and the blockchain world we defend?

Or do you think that it is simply proof that BTC sold out and is more of the same?

Well, if you read every argument in this article or just about half of them, and still think that it's proof of adoption rather than cherry-picking an easily controlled blockchain, then I pity you.

BTC has long been in bed with the mainstream paradigm now, and it isn't disrupting anything other than the beliefs of those who started out loving it in the first place.

BTC Calls Upon Governments: Markets Demand Central Bank CBDC Regulation

Have you seen the news?

I'll share one or two pieces in case you didn't:

Do you see how BTC, the "poster boy" of crypto, losing its "plot" as Joel says, is making a HUGE Disservice to the whole crypto community?

As @btcfork says, and well, it is also helping to set a precedent for CBDC's proliferation (CBDC = Central Bank Digital Currencies).

Not only that, people are getting the impression BTC represents what Bitcoin is for, mistakenly thinking that BTC is Bitcoin rather than Bankstercoin, as most people still don't know the real Bitcoin forked off to make BCH.

Also, do you see how the benefactors of humanity, the irony here, are championing to suppress people's demands by giving them the holy grail, double irony, that is the Digital Euro, Dollar, and so forth?

Aren't you happy that governments throughout the world are thinking about your needs so much and selflessly giving you what you need and want?

Yeah, right!

BTC made it so statism can piss in your glass and call it whisky, and you BTC suckers just love all the "progress" you're doing.

BCH Fights the Good Fight:

Unlike BTC, Bitcoin is fighting the good fight to this day under the handle of BCH.

Bitcoin is still true to its principles, giving the unbanked a chance to take the reigns of their finances, changing the world for the better, loosening the reigns of statism oppression, and allowing people to trade with each other without the need to let Uncle Sam or its counterparts sniff around their wallets.

Not only that, BCH is true to Bitcoin's whitepaper and principles, showing everyone that no matter how price looks like, there's no excuse to sell-off.

I mean, BCH has been through a lot as far as price is concerned, but it never flinched because the community knows what they are defending and the principles in it are as solid as when the whitepaper first saw the light of day.

BCH is Democratic:

BTC can hold the monopoly for all of the cult tactics and dictatorial moves because Bitcoin won't have any of it.

BCH is truly democratic!

People use it because they can, they want to and they need to.

People can buy stuff with it, no matter how cheap. Witnesses aren't segregated, we take pride in making everything run in a "due process" way.

We take credibility, freedom, liberty, justice, and privacy seriously and we also top it all off by knowing how to scale, how to not exclude key parts of the process, how to make Bitcoin perform as the peer-to-peer digital cash it aimed to be.

People like it, use it, and defend it because they want to, not because they're brainwashed to do it.

BCH is Disruptive, Performance Based Currency People Prefer:

No, we are not "progressing" with banks and governments, they still kind of hate us, and with good reason.

What we are progressing with, though, is with our efforts towards being used because it is either cheaper, easier, faster, or more secure.

You see, no matter how people hate you, they'll still go to you if you're useful for them.

This holds true in every way, even for currencies and processes.

If something is the cheaper alternative, faster, more secure, reliable and so forth... do you really care much about how you hate it?

Are you willing to lose money, time and gain stress just because you dislike something?

Everyone with a brain answers with a "no", and it is only a yes if alternatives are everywhere - which isn't the case for such a disruptive technology.

Not only that, we aren't trafficking influences or paying people to get adopted, we are performance-based.

BCH gets adopted because people prefer it and it just works.

No bribes or shady dealings or partnerships are required, and that's just how I like it.

BCH Doesn't Need Governments: Markets Are FREE! As Capitalism and Market Proving Demand

Capitalism is the best system, and I pity you if you think otherwise.

Also, markets vote with their wallets, and market proving is direly needed to assess the viability of something.

My Bitworkerss! project must have not been that great if people aren't adopting it. I trust the market to evaluate it! For now, it was a failed investment on my part and I accept the losses gracefully.

BCH doesn't need governments in the slightest... it has been proving its value in the capitalist's way and proving its demand via market proving.

Bitcoin proves that markets are free to choose as it gets more and more attention, even recently Andrei Jikh publishing about it.

I initiated conversations with him to bring him aboard this platform, which I think he would enjoy, and to check some of the work we're doing here in BCH.


Because I'm proud of it and I KNOW it is solid, and performance and fundamentals are on our side.

I know he won't find vaporware like on BTC, which regardless of having the biggest GitHub community produces nothing of worth.


As simple as that!

I hope you took value from this article. I sure loved to write and research it.

I was missing writing one of these big juicy pieces of argument, and BTC surely gives me the material daily.


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Written by   752
4 months ago
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I've had some discussion recently with another member of Read cash, thinking that the banks do not care about Bitcoin and it is a conspiracy to think that there was any kind of involvement in the blocksize debate. I've explained all the signs are positive about this. There is just too much to bear and since Blockstream has already been funded twice by the banking establishment, I find it unreasonable to completely exclude something that seems to be the most rational approach.

Cryptocurrencies are information in a digital form. It is naive to think that a government would ever allow completely free exchange of information.

We've seen what happened with the P2P torrent networks and what happened with Wikileaks. It is clear that Blockstream was used to stall innovation and help the banks catch up to a technology that could easily destroy them, within just a few years, if Bitcoin was allowed to scale.

$ 0.05
4 months ago

As usual I find myself agreeing with you on this. Governments have no interest in full freedom or exchange of information. Governments and banks are there to protect each other to keep the system they both rely on intact.

$ 0.01
4 months ago

Cryptos is really a big thing. In my country only few understand how crypto works. Very limited knowledge thats why some foregnier take advantage of thats theres a lot of scam in crypto world

$ 0.00
4 months ago

Creo q a los bancos le interesa o los aterroriza mucho entrar al mundo de las cripto. De echo muchos ya la han implementado en sus sistemas. Cuba por ejemplo esta en proseso de sus uso.

$ 0.00
4 months ago

I think the coercion commanded by bitcoin over other cryptos could be narrowed down to the fact that it has made a huge name for itself and as such does not care what interest the others commands. Maybe that should be the case cos I'm only speaking my mind. Come to even think of it, bitcoin's bad attitude can also be seen in the ways they've not also allowed other tokens to run freely on their block chain like the etherum block chain that allows others to run on their erc-20 block chain and the binance smart chain that allows other tokens to use their bep-20 block chain in order to help increase their presence and the competitiveness of the crypto market being a decentralized finance(defi).

$ 0.00
4 months ago