2 Months on Read.Cash: CryptoMax Evolution

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2 years ago

Time for that monthly weigh-in and goal setting.

Today I'm 2 months old and I'm going to review what I achieved this month, what I did, how I evolved, and analyze my progress and how it fits my goals.

I'm also going to go over what I expect from my third month and how my personal branding is evolving.

If you want to be a part of the CryptoMax Journey, then read below.

New Branch Created: CryptoMax on Noise.Cash

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So, I adopted Noise Cash this month and I've been using it mainly to promote my content or mirror my tweets (and vice-versa).

Noise distributes a whole lot more money than Read, but the userbase is also bigger and the attention span of people is lightning low - people don't curate good content, they simply "dump" their hearts anywhere, or so it seems.

Here are the stats, obviously since it is new the "last month" stats are zero.

Subscribers: 108 Subs (0 last month) ☝️

Tips: $21.01 (0 last month) ☝️

Top Post: $0.41 - It was the Infographic Below:

New Branch Created: CryptoMax on Minds

(Follow Me on Minds)

I've also created a Minds.

There is a lot of Crypto chatter on Minds and a lot of people who are probably permeable to BCH and my ideas, so I thought it would be a good fit for me to create a profile here.

I'm using it to promote both my written and video content which I publish on video platforms and ReadCash - the content you've been following me for, promoting crypto in general and with a special focus on BCH

Here are the stats:

Views: 1100 (0 last month) ☝️

Posts: 9 Posts (0 last month) ☝️

Subscribers: 1 (0 last month) ☝️

Earnings: $0.48 ($0 last month) ☝️

New Branch Created: CryptoMax on Medium

(Follow Me on Medium)

Medium is a mainstream content platform in which my content from ReadCash can be reposted with a link towards the original posting.

This way, ReadCash gains traffic and the backlinks which give the platform SEO advantages.

Not only that, I can promote BCH and the platform, so BCH gains adoption and I gain fresh referrals.

Here are the stats:

Posts: 5 (0 last month) ☝️

Subscribers: 2 (0 last month) ☝️

Reads: 9 (0 last month) ☝️

New Branch Created: CryptoMax on Reddit

(Subscribe to Me on Reddit)

Reddit is a great place to promote content and to get referrals.

I've created an account there and I am actively promoting myself on r/btc and r/bitcoincash

Will take advice on where else to be.

Already earned a referral from there, which is nice.

Here are the stats:

Karma: 13 (0 last month) Good indicator to follow to find out if people love my content or think I'm spamming. Positive is good, negative is a sign the content doesn't deliver value. ☝️

Subscribers: 1 (0 last month) ↔️

New Branch Created: CryptoMax on BitChute

(Subscribe on BitChute)

BitChute is the censorship-resistant video platform where I can also accept tips in Crypto, although I still didn't install that part since it's not worth it yet... I'm a baby with very low numbers.

I've been uploading my video content there as well as on YouTube.

Here are the stats:

Videos: 3 (0 last month) ☝️

Views: 59 (0 last month) ☝️

Subscribers: 1 (0 last month) ☝️

New Branch Created: CryptoMax on Patreon

(Support Me on Patreon)

Patreon is a way to fund all of my hard work.

In the future, I hope to attract a handful of patrons who deem my work worth it to support.

Hopefully, this could be a great help for me to keep on having the time to dedicate myself further to the CryptoMax "brand" and to improve the quality of my work.

Here are the stats:

Patrons: 0 (0 last month) ↔️

€ per Month: 0€ (0€ last month) ↔️

New Branch Created: CryptoMax on YouTube

(Subscribe to my channel on YouTube)

The video platform that I'm having the most success in, unsurprisingly.

I'm still far from where I want to be, but this will do for now.

Got some subs, racked some views, and I think I got a referral too... not bad.

Here are the stats:

Videos: 7 (0 last month) ☝️

Views: 338 (0 last month) ☝️

Subscribers: 24 (0 last month) ☝️

New Branch Created: CryptoMax on Twitter

(Follow Me on Twitter)

Twitter is Twitter, there's not much to say.

But I didn't have it and now I do. I use it not only to promote my stuff but also to make my opinion heard (or read in most cases).

Here are the stats:

Followers: 36 (0 last month) ☝️

Tweet Impressions: 9,724 (0 last month) ☝️

Branch Update: CryptoMax on Read.Cash

Here is my core so far... this is where I first started 2 months ago and where I decided my home was going to be.

I've been doing a lot of work here in these last two months, and the highlight this month definitely has to be my Top Tipper badge.

That's right, I now am in the Top 10 Tippers - not only that, but I grabbed 3rd place, surpassing @RogerVer and being surpassed only by the behemoths - @MarcDeMesel and @Ellie.

Not only that, but I also was able to do the refunding of BCHub to curate all of the content from the community - but I'm not tipping from the community today as I'm going to finish this article late, I promise I'll work double tomorrow and make sure the best posts get properly tipped.

Here are the stats for my second month in ReadCash:

Affiliates: 16 (12 last month) ☝️

Sponsors: $7.75 ($2.97 last month) ☝️

Subscribers: 412 (296 last month) ☝️

Tips: $3930.77 ($6130 last month) 🔻

The Goals Section: One Goal Completed + One Goal Added

  • Become the 2nd Top Tipper under the BitcoinCashHub Account; 

  • Become the 3rd Top Tipper under the CryptoMax Account; 

  • Reach $500 per Month through Sponsorship; 

  • Be Seen as an Authority in Read.Cash; 

  • Get my first Patreon Supporter.

And that's it!

Thank you for your continued support and for being with me along for the ride.

It's always a pleasure to stop and try to look at what I achieved since I can register my progress and adapt accordingly.

I'll see you tomorrow, on my daily post right here on this platform.


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2 years ago


You have earned $3k plus last month on read cash by write different article which is awesome.. Your article little bit inspired me but my point is i wanna read out your all the crypto related topic as well share what i know.. Have a nice day CryptoMax😉

$ 5.05
2 years ago

Awesome style of writing. I want to achieve what you've become someday as I am new in here 💗

$ 0.01
2 years ago

You are my hero. If not for you, I wouldn't have earned what I earned. One of the first stickers I read was yours.

$ 0.05
2 years ago

Congrats bro, you are an example to everyone. Wish you great profit. Your content is always great and you have been helping everyone with tips and advice coming from your experience.

$ 0.05
2 years ago

What do you mean be seen as an authority?

$ 0.05
2 years ago

Be known as the top writer, the most read, the most subbed, etc.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Okay. I thought itvwas a literal authority

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Wow, you have a lot if things to manage. Anyway, Congrats in your 2 months stay here. More earnings and achievement to come and more months to come too. Congratulations once again.

$ 0.05
2 years ago

The only person in this platform who got rocked in just 2 months and your achievements and skills are never seen before keep going like this you'll rock in noise cash as well!

$ 0.05
2 years ago

Dear you would be number one tipper here.As I predict your doing dual job.You post good content and new updates on one side and the other side appreciate the one who deserved. On Reddit I am Although 2 month old here.But I am true I not enjoyed all as I enjoy on other site.It could be little learning but I am improving. For noise cash: Luckily I found you here.You are my super Hero.Very well done after writing a detailed article about it.You made a better version of it on YouTube❤ I am still using these sites sooner I shall excell the sites to get more knowledge from you my dear💌

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2 years ago

Every success need some time. And patience is top of that. We're really made to stay determined and work with endurance and then wait for results. This is full of motivation written by you that you put your precious time and definitely then nature rewarded you

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2 years ago

Well Crypto max, though I have been here long enough, I still can't stop myself from admiring you. Your style of writing is quite different from all that I have seen here. I am forced to go back to school again, and you know who is the teacher of that school @cryptomax. I am learning to dig deeper in writing from you and the other guy called Pantera. You are a great guy.

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2 years ago

Wow! What a milestone you have achieve in your early months here in Read.cash. You have established a name here and you are doing great at it :)

$ 0.05
2 years ago

You sure are a super active guy on social media..Do you pursue blogging and content creation full time? Your read.cash earnings are impressive man and thanks for donating nicely..

$ 0.05
User's avatar DM
2 years ago

Yes, I'm a full time blogger :)

$ 0.05
2 years ago

really nice man...keep going...i wish to get there too someday: 0

$ 0.00
User's avatar DM
2 years ago

Nice Article😎😍😍😍

$ 0.00
2 years ago

You deserve that success ❤️

$ 0.05
2 years ago