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10 Sci-Fi Technologies That Already Exist:

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10 months ago

Everybody knows that Sci-fi movies are the preview of future technologies and that what once was Sci-fi isn't so Sci-fi anymore.

Indeed, science is catching up on fiction while fiction expands our horizons even further by coming up with even more exotic technologies, but did you know that some of these technologies exist already?

In areas so diverse as Health, Military, Convenience, and Entertainment, there are some sciences that keep on unadvertised just because they aren't still perfect.

Throughout this article, you will be presented with some amazing technologies that blew my mind!

10 - Human Tissue Printer

It's true, there is already a printer capable of printing human tissue. It doesn't work with paper, mind you, it is actually a very sophisticated and experimental 3D Bio-printer that is already capable of "printing" arteries.

That's right, the 3D Bio-printer can create arteries.

More than that, scientists say that teeth, bones, and hearts may be achievable by 2022 - so, will your next heart be printed? One can never tell.

One thing is for sure, bio-medicine is getting more developed by the day and we will have some pretty huge feats accomplished soon.

This is going to be huge for us... and for black-market dealers alike, but let's focus on the positives. This is going to be reducing the waiting list for organ transplants and make sure nobody gets back to those days of dying because there wasn't a compatible donor on the list.

Developments in the branch of healthcare and medicine are always a good thing.

9 - Advanced Robots

Robots always amaze us by the fact they are machines and yet seem to possess sentient minds - at least in Sci-fi movies.

Well, we may not be as advanced in creating robots as our science fiction counterparts, but we sure make some amazing robots.

Take Ecci for instance, one of the most advanced robots in the world. Ecci is built like us, with a structure that mimics our bones and even our joints. Not only is its body amazing - having strong resemblances with C3PO - but his mind is even better.

You see, Ecci has a trait that was previously only seen on Humans - the ability to learn from its mistakes.

If Ecci, for instance, is walking around and stumbles on something... he will learn and not trip on things like that again.

Tesla and Stephen Hawking already warned people about the dangers of rogue AI, and movies like Terminator and Matrix showed that future first hand. For now, everything is under control.

8 - Thought Controlled Prosthetics

Tests are being made by the DARMA, Pentagon, to control robotic limbs with your mind.

These prosthetics are controlled by your brainwaves making you move them with your thought. This is already possible by implanting a microchip in the brain.

So, you have to implant a chip in the brain, but remember it is still being tested. Chances are we can also build something to detect brainwave patterns without having it to place it inside your head.

Even so, the ability to control your prosthetic with your mind is extremely useful for those in need.

Prosthetic limbs that move by the way you think just like flesh and blood ones. This can pave the way to android-like limbs and perhaps a combination of this technology and the tissue printing technology we mentioned above.

7 - Wireless Electricity

This seems like something really far-fetched, I know, but it is actually one of the oldest technologies on this list.

You see, the initial prototypes were showcased in 2008... that's a lot of time in the technology niche.

Granted that Nicholas Tesla already had the plans to make it possible with some huge towers - but hey, that wasn't even plausible enough to test.

Now, we have the means and technology to propagate wireless power.

Here's the catch: We don't have the resources yet.

6 - Retinal Implants

Tuebingen University, in Germany, successfully researched and tested retinal implants that allow blind people to see colors and shape!

It's not perfect vision, no, but for a blind person... it can mean a lot.

I have a high degree of Myopia, and I know it's hard to have eye-sight problems because I can't see without my lenses - so I know progresses in this sector mean a lot.

Sight is one of the most vital senses, so keep on pushing it.

Retinal Implants that make blind people see... sci-fi? No more!

5 - Hologram TVs

This is a technology that is so complex it requires a large amount of time to make progress on, but we finally nailed something.

Let's start with the first prototypes being released in 2006... they were weak, but they were the start we needed.

Nowadays, Japanese Broadcaster NHK says the progress is so groundbreaking that there is the possibility of people having household hologram televisions as early as 2023.

Do you know how the hologram research started? What was it that started it all?

Well, does the phrase "Help me Obi-wan Kenobi..." tell you something?

Yes, that Princess Leia Hologram was the first use of the technology in sci-fi ever, and started all of the research.

4 - Cloaking Devices

We all know about the star-ships that use cloaking devices to lurk our neighborhood skies in plan daylight right?

Well, we are starting to get some results on that.

Turns out that in a complicated and intricate process using several different types of crystals and some very rare meta-material, scientists in the United Kingdom were successfully able to make a paperclip invisible.

Paper clips aren't weapons of mass destruction, but give technology a few more years and you won't see tanks firing.

3 - Hover Cars

The Israeli company Urban Aeronautics is currently testing its Hover Cars.

The hovercar is made for.... war. And it's a way to quickly pick up, evacuate, resupply, and do courier missions faster and by the safest way possible.

You see, this Hover Car is unmanned, it doesn't require a pilot, so it doesn't put lives at stake.

There are lots of times in war that troops are left behind because extraction is too dangerous... well there's no excuse now because Hover Cars are just around the corner.

2 - Exoskeletons

The first Exoskeletons are on their final testing phase, and that means that they are fully operational by now. The exoskeletons are built to enhance human capacities.

There are exoskeletons to make you faster, jump higher, carry heavier loads, run faster and therefore end human body's limitations.

They are currently being tested for building and.... you guessed it... war!

It's funny how every new technology is tested for war before making it to other areas. Says a lot about our human condition.

1 - Force Fields (Shields)

The United Kingdom Military has successfully tested Shields, or Force Fields.

These Force Fields are essentially electromagnetic pulses (EMPs) that effectively protect military vehicles. As you probably know, the effect of the EMPs is to shut down every electronic device and even destroy it.

By know they only can restrict a small area around the vehicle, but imagine when these Force Fields get perfected... maybe we can surround the whole planet on a force field to protect us from asteroids and alien invasions.

Interesting indeed.

However, we all know what comes next, and that will be a weapon capable of rendering this shield obsolete, and thus humans keep on evolving the same way they've done throughout the years... through war.


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Written by   780
10 months ago
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Some of these technological advances are more than incredible and necessary. But sometimes it is striking how to focus on new technologies for wars but not for medicine, such as cures for diseases that have been harming thousands and thousands of people for years and still do not have the same, of course there are many conspiracy theories about it but it creates a big doubt.
They say that our planet will end because of ourselves and our ambition, I hope that all these new advances do not affect humanity as such and allow civilization to advance in its development.

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10 months ago

I remember how Nikola Tesla proposed an idea of wireless Electricity and thay called him mad.

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10 months ago

Every advancement in Science and Technology brings new and many innovations . 3D image is best for doctors and many others. Yeah!robotic legs,eyes Control center are all parts of these innovation. I introduced a new recent innovation. Technology is going to introduce you a memory chip where you field your tasks and just implant into brain all task are installed after performing you can Del from the chip.

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10 months ago

It such a great thing that we , " humans " can think and make something like this ones , but hopefully and praying that this inventions of advance tech will not cause a devastating scenario in the future because if there will be, no one will suffer from it none other than us "humans".

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Wow in the sci-fi are already existing, those acted them as movies are prophetic they have predicted rightful... I once watched a movies back warning about global warming and it came to pass. Kudos to all Sci. Fi researcher and movie actors and actresses.

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10 months ago

It is surprising the technological advances, if a retrospective of the evolution is made from its beginnings, it took a great leap, it was more, it was fast, there is already a robot exploring the red planet in u. future open colonial space it would be great to continue seeing how far we are capable of going

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10 months ago

Technologies improving each and everytime. I wonder what would be the world look alike is each of them doesn't exist haha

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10 months ago