A Thief Who Steals Human Humanity

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Human freedom is not about doing the right thing. It is equal opportunity for right and wrong. This equal openness of man to right and wrong is the basis of the moral responsibility of man in the secular sense and the test of man in the religious sense.

Since people who are condemned to the truth are not free, they do not remain different from animals or angels and are not tested.

Well, why shouldn't humanity accrue when everything he does is wrong from the beginning or right from the beginning? Because uncertainty and

Those who cannot step into the unknowable will not manifest their will, their humanity will not be realized. In the realm, uncertainty and unknowability are sprinkled into determinacy and knowability. And man is placed in those regions of uncertainty and unknowability.


No person is for another. (There are different expressions for this. For example: Someone else's faith will not save you.

No one's rights are sacrificed for another.)

Here, due to the inclusion of unknown information into existence and the ever-expanding of information, the unknown in the realm.

We are talking about uncertainty and obscurity, which is the subject of will, not drying out.

The subject of science is knowledge. The subject of the will is itself. The knowledge of science, even when it is not yet known, is the subject of nature, that is, God's will. It is an anonymous enterprise, subject to law.

It is general, like the law, and it does not matter who finds it. The knowledge of the will, on the other hand, is the knowledge or act of the invention as well as the beginnings, and it is always peculiar to its subject and is not independent of its owner.

Will is human discretion. your responsibility

is the basis.

There is no free will.

Independence (human independence) only

possible at will.

Finally Words

In order to be independent, it is necessary to have willpower, that is, to be "unclear what to do". Sovereigns only respect those who are independent.

The unity of the sovereigns is also a kind of independence. The faith, brotherhood or friendship of sovereign and free people is the continuation, extension, and realization of their freedom.

Neither the friendship nor the brotherhood of the sovereign and the unfree is the guarantee of his freedom.

The one who is not free also needs faith

is not. God wanted the heart to open up to Him, not from the hands and feet. That states should not put dust on their sovereignty

that's why. Sovereignty must be unconditional and unconditional. The majesty and value of man's faith is that man is not obliged to believe. Those who surrender sovereignty when it comes to the state or nation and cling to religious or secular tyranny when it comes to human sovereignty are hypocritical despots. The source of sovereignty attributed to states

human domination. The state is a thief who steals humanity's humanity when it does not remain as a device to restore this sovereignty that it has taken or usurped from people. It must be disciplined and disciplined.

In the form of rights, we call sovereignty as the sum of human rights that are not separated into parts. People who do not have sovereignty are not free. We call right the waves of presence and self that the sovereign human spreads around him.

If man were alone, sovereignty would not be broken up in the name of rights.

Such sovereignty is reserved for the only being in the universe.

Therefore, the sovereignty of Allah is not a right. It is the result of Allah's one and only oneness. But human freedom is

It is a right, because by creating man, God has given man a sovereignty and also transformed his sovereignty into a right in the form of juhuullah. In order for the property to belong to Allah as property, some of it must be temporarily transferred to someone else. if

If there were no human beings, Allah would not be Malikul Mulk. We call the filtered beams of Allah's absolute sovereignty, refracted from the human window, as Esma-i Husna.


Photo and text are mine.

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