This is the BEST Investment! (Guaranteed Return)

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When you hear about the word "investment", perhaps the things that came into your mind immediately are stocks, real estates, cryptocurrencies, forex, mutual funds, UITFs, and other investment vehicles.

Among those, what do you think is the BEST investment? πŸ€‘

Well, in my own perspective, the BEST INVESTMENT is... not cryptocurrencies, not real estate, not stocks, not mutual funds, and the likes. None of the above.

The best investment is yourself. Ourselves.

But you might wonder, if ourselves are the best investment, how can we invest on that? Here are some of them...

Ways on How to Invest in Ourselves

In no particular order, let's start with...

1. Knowledge

As cliche as it may sound but really, "knowledge is power". We can have knowledge through going to school, getting that college degree, reading good books, learning educational contents on the internet, attending webinars or seminars, and so much more.

Here's a reminder, especially to my fellow students, that I would also like to share related to knowledge:

"Don't study because you need to. Study because knowledge is power. Study because they can never take it away from you."

One of the ways to invest in yourself is through studying. Whether it's studying in school or studying by yourself through the help of internet, books, and other resources. Remember that when you are studying, you are also growing.

If you are a student right now, or you already graduated, you have the resources to learn, then congratulations! You are so privileged of having knowledge. Let's continue to learn more because I believe that learning should never stop.

2. Social Circle

"You are the 5 people you mostly hang out with."

This quote has been on my mind since I heard it. And it is the fact. If you hang out with people who go out every night to party and drink, you will most of the time be a party-goer as well. If you hang out with people who are interested in cryptocurrencies, you will definitely be into it as well. Actually, it is what's happening to me. Since I discovered this BCH community, I got to be curious more on crypto.

So, be careful who you interact with most of the time because it will reflect a part of you.

3. Eat good food

Food is the fuel for our body. They said that "you are what you eat". That means, what you eat is a reflection of your physical body. If you indulge too much on sweet foods, your body might be diabetic. If you eat too much salty foods, you might be diagnosed with UTI or urinary tract infection. Meanwhile, if you eat green and healthy foods, you are most likely to be a healthy person.

Older people said that we might not see the results of what we eat most of the time while we are still young. But surely in the near future, the foods we put in our body will reflect on our health.

4. Move your body

This is still related to our physical health, same with number 3. Doing exercises or workouts has so many benefits to our body such as; it can make us feel happier because exercise can increase our endorphins which are known to help produce positive feelings, it can help in weight loss, it is good for our muscles and bones, it can increase our energy levels, it can reduce risk of chronic disease because it improves our heart health and body composition, it can help skin health, it can help brain health and memory, and it can also help in relaxation and brain quality.

To combine the number 3 and 4, eating good food and moving our body, if that two will be part of our regular activity, I swear that it will be one of our best investment to ourselves. Why? Because we will lessen the chance that we will be diagnosed with some illnesses at the hospital, and we will lessen the chance of paying hospital bills. Because let's admit it, hospital bills can be so expensive! Especially to those people who doesn't have health insurance or the likes. This is the harsh reality, but what happens then is they become a financial burden to their family. In Tagalog, pabigat sa pamilya. It's the reality. If we are not healthy enough or if we got sick or illnesses, our other family members need to buy medicines or pay hospital bills, they need to look after us for most of the time. That's why if you healthy as of the moment, you are so lucky because not everyone has that. You must value your healthy body by giving it a proper care, as simple as dedicating at least 10 minutes of exercise along with a healthy diet.

5. Skills

Skills is the ability to do something and perform it well. Having skills is one of the great asset that we can have. Skills such as baking cakes, painting landscapes, hosting events, writing blogposts, editing photos and videos, singing reggae songs, crocheting different things, playing a guitar or other musical instruments, and so on and so forth.

So why do we need to have at least one skill to invest in ourselves? Well, learning a skill or having it can give us a sense of accomplishment and it can develop our self-growth. It can also help you financially. For example, you have a skill in baking so you can sell cupcakes, you have a skill in teaching so you can be an online teacher, you have a skill in doing yoga so you can be a yoga trainer, you have a skill in communicating so you can be a host.

By working on our skills on a regular basis, we can consider it as a hobby. And therefore, it can increase our learning speed. Our drive to keep on progressing and our interest to keep on learning other skills as well increases. For example, you are good in baking cupcakes so you now want to learn how to bake cakes, you are a yellow belter in taekwondo so you now want to keep improving to be a black belter one day, you are good in sketching but now you want to venture into painting.

In conclusion, having skills can give us so many benefits and developing it consistently will definitely improve ourselves. We put in hard work in building our skills. And remember this famous quotes, "hard work will never betray you", "hard work pays off".

Those are the 5 ways on how we can invest in ourselves, make ourselves the best investment, and make ourselves the most valuable asset.

There is definitely more ways such as doing skin care, dressing good, do a proper hygiene, and so on. Bu these 5 things I gave are what I think are some of the best ways.

Closing Thoughts

The BEST INVESTMENT is not cryptocurrencies, not real estate, not stocks, not mutual funds, and the likes. The best investment is yourself. Build a good and strong foundation of yourself, make yourself valuable, make yourself worthy, make yourself an asset that never decreases its value. Invest in yourself by reading good books, surrounding with good people, eating nutritious foods, working out, doing hobbies, learning things, and so on. Keep on trying to be healthy in all aspect: emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually. Once you build a good and strong foundation of yourself, you will be unbreakable. πŸŒΏπŸŒŸγ€½οΈ

Thanks for reading and until the next blog. ❀️

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Date Published: November 7, 2021

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Good article, keep up the good work.

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Thank you! I appreciate your support :)

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