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Hey! Welcome To The Juungle And Collect Your Own Favorite Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs)

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  • Juungle is marketplace for Collectibles/Non-Fungible Tokens on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain. Buy, Sell, Auction, Collect ot Create digital assets instantly for a very low cost.

  • NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is a special cryptographically-generated token that uses blockchain technology to link with a unique digital asset that cannot be replicated.

  • Juungle was designed to have more projects, more than just Waifu NFTs. Now there's over 80 project that listed and unlisted at Juungle.

Short video for the NFTs listed at Juungle.

I'm really proud to this man, even though he didn't earn from his work, he still give free to those who can't afford NFTs at Juungle marketplace. But only once.

"I don't hold any of them. This should be traded by users, not by the people who create them, I shouldn't sale them. I can make it easily and throw it into the market, but that wouldn't be fair and I think, that the most of the creators are holding their NFTs or reproduce them in a later stage, when the price rose and I would destroy the price on the market."

How to get free ASHWICK NFTs? Just click the image below and you will direct to the website of ASHWICK. And join to the ASHWICK community. Once you have already join in the group, just ping me and I will guide you there. (。♡‿♡。)

Sneak preview to the ASHWICK website (coming soon) (✿ ♡‿♡)

Waifu NFTs!

Waifu is a term for a 2d girl, usually in anime or related art style, that someone has immense, and sometimes overwhelming, affection for.

Waifu is unique that generated by AI.

These are NFT tokens which depict a fictional character, one-of-a-kind, generated by artificial intelligence. They have profile photos, names, character traits and a loving owner - you! (✿ ♡‿♡)


"Hello everyone, introduce my name is April, I'm an Indie NFTs Amateur. I don't have a site to showcase my work, I only show it on this Telegram Channel. Now I have NFTs (Making it manually does not use AI 😅) from on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain that use the Simple Ledger Protocol."

And new series of April NFTs will release soon. (✿ ♡‿♡)

Claim a rat every 24 hours!

Current faucet queue: 27. The faucet pays out roughly every 5-10 minutes.

More information

$RAT is an art project by Shadowkite, creating a fun collectible based on the BCH blockchain and the Simpleledger protocol. All rat images are generated based on the token ID. They are all unique and will have their own name! Some will have rare qualities.

In total only 10,000 rats will be minted.

 Join also here, the official Telegram group of community.


🌴Comment your Juungle SLP address(for new user only) 😆

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🌴 I earned .557 BCH within 1 week just buy and sell NFTs at Juungle marketplace

🌴 Welcome to the Juungle (buy and sell)

Join the Juungle Competition (1BCH prize)

Juungle Sticker Competition

Regarding to the "Juungle Sticker Competition", the Juungle team announced, to extend the event.

"We are delaying announcement of the sticker pack announcement until the 19th of 2021. Submissions still welcome, and we are changing it so artists submit their own sticker pack to @stickers bot with /new pack , so artists retain ownership of their sticker packs. Old application procedures (submit stickers to google form).

We have some good submissions, but we just need more time to decide, and open to more submissions in the mean time. Thank you for understanding. "- Juungle Team

NFTs Trading Competition

The marketplace where you can purchase NFTs:

How to mint NFTs?

Fungal Spore Exploder

How to create an SLP NFT that displays artwork properly on both SLP Explorer and!

Wallet that supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH) NFTs:

Pokket. cash

Telegram channel:

Please follow the Twitter account of Juungle for more updates.


If you have a question regarding the article please post it in the comment section or you can dm me at Telegram: Constant1995

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7 months ago
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Im really furious right now i already joined on the telegram but why i cant login i already registered and im having trouble in confirming my account😥😥

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Oh that's sad. Its happen also to me. Try to uninstall and install it again. I forgot what I did to connect in Telegram..

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Huhu im connected with telegram already i saw the post of bella on noise cash but sad to say i cant really register huhu unstall aging hina oa man din ng net ko😥😥

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S done S back

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Dami na nfts di n ko makasabay haha 😅😆😆🤣

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Hahahahaha busy ka naman din palage eh.

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