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Im Encouraging my Friends to join this platform? How will they react?

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1 month ago

I already know this platform for a long time and decided to make my first account last year exactly May 2021, but since Im a novice and don't know how to use this platform I am discouraged to continue. I decided to sign up in and learn the things that I need to know. Through the help of old users I understand and fully know how the platform works. I then decided to go back here in last year also and decided to published some articles but my articles didn't work out and for that I assess and know the things that I need to improved or changed in my style of writing.

I joined this platform last May 2, 2022 and Im still new here and follow the lead of this platform, whatever they suggest I immediately follow it. Its for my own good I know the admin of guides every user here to make this platform better.

Im encouraging some of my friends to join this platform? How will they react? Let see. I decided to invite my closest friend and talk to her personally. (This is our convo I'll translate it in english since we talked in tagalog )

Me: Do you about

Friend: No, what's that?

Me: Its a platform were you can earn, by publishing articles?

Friend: Im not a writer,

Me: Me too, Im not a writer too, but you can I know you can do it, just try it.

Friend: Maybe?

Me: Oh come on, I will guide you, promise I will teach the things that you need to know.

Friend: Sure?

I explained to her the few things that a novice should know and this is how I explained the things that she needs to know.

Explanation 😊

As you sign up here in we will be provided by our own seed phrase for our wallet and of course you need to save it. After you successfully made your account a notification in your account will pop up. Its a welcome message from itself. If you click the notification that you received you will find out that it is a guide on the basic things that you need to do in

You can click the link above if you want to be guided. So what is the content of that article? It explains the different things about like how Bitcoin Cash works here.

  • It also explains the different important icons in the platform. And the admin clear that is not a type of work that you can take. Its a platform where we enjoy and share our expertise and experience with the rewards of Bitcoin Cash

  • We do not need to write long articles or use highfalutin words to make an article you just to be sincere in every word that you write. Short articles is enough as long as it is from you and you do not copy it in other websites.

  • You can use any language that you want, tagalog, spanish, and etc. You just need to specify the language that you use in your article before you published it.

  • We can choose any topic that we want, its not required to write about crypto, but if you want to try it its a plus for you.

  • You can have multiple accounts as long as the accounts that you have featured different topics.

  • Its not advisable to join in any groups in Facebook and Telegram that's why it you joined this group you should immediately leave because its kind of cheating.

  • And for how you will engage and make an engagement, if you want to leave a comment on a certain article you need to be reasonable avoid useless comments.

  • And the most encouraging thing here you will be paid in the form of Bitcoin Cash. The most efficient wallet which I will recommend is the wallet and if you want to learn more about Bitcoin Cash you can read this.

As of now Im still waiting if she sign up, but seems that she still deciding. I don't want to force her if she don't want, its her choice. Another friend or let say coworker, I talked to him about this platform (This is our convo I'll translate it in english since we talked in tagalog )

Me: Hey, what are you doing?

Friend: As usual, mobile legends?

Me: Can I have your time for a moment?

Friend: Yeah, sure.

Me: Do you know about cryptocurrency?

Friend: Yeah, of course I have an account in Axie, why?

Me: I know some platforms that pays free Bitcoin Cash.

Friend: Sounds good, what's that?

Me: Its and, a website in all you need to do is to published some articles and in its like a Twitter and you will be paid in the form of Bitcoin Cash.

Friend: Nah, its like Lyka?

Me: Maybe, but why not try to join in I know your pretty good in English.

Friend: No, its not my forte to make an articles. Pass

Seems that most of my friends and the people I invite to joined always declined my offer. And one thing I noticed, one of the problem that they are facing is that they are afraid to try maybe they want but they are hesitant because they think that they cannot construct or its hard to make an articles. Did you feel the first time you joined this platform? Afraid that we will just create a not so good articles but I think there is always room for improvement.

Then going back I just want share my experience in my previous account, why my articles did not click or made an impact. The best observation and best advice that I need you to remember.

When you are writing, write an article based on your heart or be sincere. Do not force yourself to write an article or topic which is not your forte and highly encourage everyone to write the things that you want, if you see an article about crypto and you see that the reward gets by the writer is high, don't force yourself to write an article which in the first place you know that you cannot create a good one. Its better to make it in a slow manner.

"Write on your hearts content that's the most genuine and the best thing that you should do as a good writer."

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Written by   39
1 month ago
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People just need fast money so persistency bores them.

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1 month ago

I've invited many but none has stayed till now because they want to earn big once and that didn't become, AND also it was difficult for the to keep writting everyday

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1 month ago

Yeah, most of them are discouraged to write maybe the language barriers hinders them to express their selves, but this platform encourage everyone to write an article in the form that they want, you just need to specify the language that you use.

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1 month ago

Yes, exactly, any Language is acceptable. Even the most used (English), it's not a must that one must be a grammarian, just simple English is okay

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1 month ago

The problem is that most will join but not all will keep up with writing article each day and they might eventually give up easily

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1 month ago

That's the common cases that I observed, some users will post one articles and if it not work out they will quit instantly.

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1 month ago