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I've built my first Paython app on BCH network

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6 months ago

Today I've finished my first Python app and it's using Bitcoin Cash network. I didn't think I'll be able to learn programming. I've always thought that you need to be a young man under 30 with excellent math skills but here I'm programming something useful for the first time.


I've been interested in merchant adoption and I've been voluntarily providing support to a merchant in my city and there were some issue and I wrote an article trying to highlight some issues. @winter

Python is one of the most common easy to learn programming language, I picked it hoping it will help me in the crypto world. I found some time in the lock-down period and learned a little bit Python, it was going smoothly but didn't feel like you are doing something that could be used by me or by people.

The idea of a merchant app was an issue solver so I started to gather the parts required. Contacted @merc1er to get help while learning Bitcash (BCH python library). Got help from @blockparty-sh regarding the awesome's Bitsocket and Bitdb API. Also @OPReturnCode helped me a little bit with advices and suggestions.

I ended up paying too much fees for testing as there no Bitdb test net version, but made this available.

My affection with Bitsocket

I couldn't leave this out. The instant payment received notification in wallet and some other tools have always amazed me. In one article I think I've inspired @Satoshiwall to create the payment button which uses similar teach.


I've used some awesome tools to build this application.

  1. Python

  2. Tkinter GUI

  3. Bitcash python Lib

  4. Fountainhead Bitsocket API for instant notifications

  5. QR-Code-Generator by Sagnik Chattopadhyaya

Known bugs

  • Some results from the API aren't handled very well causing some harmless noise

  • Bitcoin Cash address should be configured manually in 3 places

  • Probably a lot more, since this is my first app

Wish list

  • BIP70 support

  • Onscreen Keypad

  • SLP tokens support

  • Multiple currencies

  • Using multiple APIs

  • Provide binary packages for major OSes

  • Building for Mobile phones

  • Add window to setup configurations

  • Add xpub support

Source code

I'm releasing this under an open source license, check the code here:

$ 7.92
$ 5.00 from @OPReturnCode
$ 2.00 from @blockparty-sh
$ 0.50 from @im_uname
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Written by   22
6 months ago
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How long did it take you?

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6 months ago

Building the app and learning it's libraries almost a week, not working full time on it. Learning python basics I guess it took few months like 3 as I have other stuff doing.

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6 months ago

Good job. Have you tried - P-O-S for BCH and SLP?

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6 months ago

is that your project?

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6 months ago

It’s not mine. I just use it sometimes

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6 months ago

I've just tested the demo. It looks really n ice and smart.

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6 months ago