Loki Feels Stupid! Underpowered.

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Finally we are getting a whole new series on LOKI. Amazingly this will not be a prequel but a sequel to its events. We have seen LOKI in his true potential in Avengers (2012) and after that is he just an under utilized character. After showing his true potential in Avengers (2012) now he just do some fight, die again and again and do a little bit of magic. The funny thing is that in Marvel's official page it is written that

Loki studied magical arts earning the "God Of Mischief" title.

I mean really? 😏 What he has done in the name of magic? remembers any magic of him? So today we are going to discuss that why MCU showed us an underpowered LOKI. Why he is this weak in MCU.

Loki is the son of Laufey a Frost Giant King. So Loki itself is a Frost Giant. Which means he has some types of frost giant power. He is an asgardian too and it is mentioned in MCU that he has the power of asgardian royal family. Additionally, his mother was the most respected and wise witch of asgard. She shared her knowledge with him and taught him how to talk.


The list of his powers is not a short one.

  • He can make you recall your memories to haunt you.

  • His refluxes are super quick. Remembers the scene where he caught Hawkeye's arrow?

  • He can disappear anytime anywhere.

  • He can make anyone disappear.

  • He can create illusions.

  • He has telekinesis like powers.

  • He is master in influencing others.

  • Although he is not strong as Thor but he can give a tough time to Thor.


Despite having all the powers I have mentioned above, why he looks weak in MCU? LOKI is a strong character but in terms of writing and acting. If we look back at the history of LOKI in MCU he was mostly dependent on some type of powers and objects ( Tesseract) which is interesting, we like to see that. But LOKI is The God Of Mischief and what we have seen in the name of his superpowers? Shape shifting... that's it.

Thor got his Thunder in Ragnarok but what LOKI got ? When he will be in his true potential? In his coming series he will show his extraordinary powers but on a basic level. He is God... God Of Mischief but it seems that 377 years old Agatha Harkness is more powerful than 1000 years old LOKI. Even Doctor Strange is way more powerful than LOKI. What type of God LOKI is? πŸ˜‚

Anyways, in the trailer we have seen some more powers of LOKI. By the way, don't ever think that I don't like LOKI, I have written an entire article on his fandom. Check it out here:

The LOKI Obsession and why He is Better Than any other MCU Character.

Not only me but entire cine mates like this character because he is the best written character ever. Loki is a gender-fluid character which is liked by everyone whether it is an old man or a kid. Everyone like him. But for now its condition is more like Zemo. Greatest Villains Turned Greatest Anti-Hero. Although we like it but we want more. What he can't do ? He was always a powerful character but MCU showed him as a underpowered character after Avengers (2012).

In the beginning I was unable to understand why Marvel showing his TOP Tier characters tone downed. But now I know this is us who always accept powerful characters.

Sometimes we take it disappointing like infront of Dr Strange, Loki looked joker. Anyways, as Thor got his true powers in Ragnarok, I hope Loki will also get his true powers in his series. It will be more suitable if he gets his true potential because he is an asgardian, a frost giant and God Of Mischief. Loki is MCU's first magician and will be staring in Dr. Strange! Multiverse Of Madness.

What do you think about LOKI? Any idea how he will get his true powers? Like wanda by understanding his true potential? Please leave a like with comments so that my article could be in suggested articles. Thanks ☺️

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