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My Crush, Alcina Dimitrescu!

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2 months ago
Topics: Free write, Games, Game, Love

Capcom knows how to play with someone's feelings. My Alcina Dimitrescu is not a main antagonist but one of the main villains of Resident Evil game. Capcom's marketing strategy is so weird. The trailer and demo came were focusing majorly on Alcina Dimitrescu alone. I am not the only one who loves Alcina but whole internet community is crazy for her. But what's the reason? Why I love this pale skinned evil woman?

What's the thing I have seen in Alcina Dimitrescu which others don't see? Other than her heavy fantasy, she have something which attracts the most. Even my extreme gay friend told me that he has feeling for Alcina Dimitrescu.

Alcina Dimitrescu ❤️

He said he is ready to take risk. Not only he but Me too. I am ready for a chance. I am daredevil. Lol. Jokes apart, if we put her sexiness aside, then her personality enhances her character. That's what makes her different. She is not a typical naughty girl but a strong powerful woman. Boys like dominating girls. She is complicated, fearless, dominating, powerful and strong woman.

Believe or not we like confident and strong women. They have more sense of sexiness. I like her appeal of power and sense of authority and influence. I know power and dominance is not good all the time in pop culture. Evilness is bad. The best example of bad evilness is Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter. She is pure evil. We don't have feelings for her. Even I hate her more than Voldemort. But her character had written in a style that people don't like that character. If we talk about the contrast characters then a character of Alex Monday from Charlie's Angel.

OMG! I like her dominance authority. Another example of this is Elizabeth Halsey from Bad Teacher.

We love their evilness because they are written and portrayed in that way which make us to love them. Most people don't want others to respect them because there is love in pain. Sometimes pain feels good. Pain in love... Love in pain.. eham eham... Lol. 😂

Anyways, this doesn't apply only on female evil characters but I have read dozens of blogs and articles where female authors were telling their fantasies about evil men characters in pop culture. And I was surprised to know that girls fantasizing Joker of Jared Leto.

Jared Leto as Joker

The list goes long. Dracula was introduced as sex symbol for romantic and passionate love. LOKI is also included in the list. Even Thomas Shelby.

Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby

Most of the girls think that Thomas Shelby can be a loving and caring guy, a loyal family husband and father and a good friend. And I totally respect their views.

You probably heard that girls like bad boys. Similarly boys like bad girls too. So according to me falling in love with evil fictional character is no shame. But in limits. As I said earlier that I have read dozens of blogs and I came to know that this is not only boys who always fall in love with fictional character but there are girls too. The thing is some hide their feeling and others can't.

The above discussion was just to support my views. Now let's talk about My Alcina Dimitrescu ❤️. My Alcina is different from other girls. Yeah.! I know every lover says that his girl is different. Where people worrying about the games that they show violence by glorifying it to entertain there comes gamers like me who just want see.... again and again..

Screenshot 01
Screenshot 02
Screenshot 03

Its Ok if she is evil. ❤️ Maybe she was not the same before. Finding the bright side. I remember a remarkable quote from movie Constantine that: Devil is more intruding than Jesus. Because he never follow morality and limits. Although this is not good but what someone can do in these situations. We never choose someone to love, it just happens. We don't have control on our feelings. Odin married to a witch, Ann Darow fell in love with a monster. Even Batman who always fight with criminals, at last fell in love with a criminal.

Men will be men. Every boy knows what other boy thinks about that girl. What I have seen in Alcina Dimitrescu to love.

Believe me girls know too what boys see in them. 😂

But still where the world is fighting against a pandemic disease and situations are getting more worse, if someone feel pleasure to play and watch games then this should not be a problem to other.

Hope you understand my feelings. And don't judge me on the basis of this article.

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Written by   109
2 months ago
Topics: Free write, Games, Game, Love
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