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Trapped In The Clutches Of Love

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6 months ago
Topics: Relationship, Novel

It's not been up to 6months., Agnes has already started regretting getting married to Ken. Why?

This is because, Ken would always come back home late at night, and leave so early in the morning. He doesn't have time for her again. Each she complains about his behaviors, he would attribute it to work. And ask her "isn't it the luxury, comfort, and money you've always wanted? that's what I am hustling for "

This very statement always got her pissed off.

Where was her loving and romantic husband she had met 1 year ago before agreeing to settle down with him after 6months of knowing each other?

That same work Ken complained about being too tight on him, was the same work he has always been doing, in fact, they both worked there when Agnes was doing her IT defense, and it was then Ken approached her.

This same work, allowed him to have all the fun with her while dating her., He never complained of things so tight in him.

Now he had finally gotten her trapped in a marriage with him, he suddenly changed overnight. He doesn't call or text her anymore. When she calls sometimes no response, sometimes it's declined. And when she complains., "It's work" as he would always say.

So many times, Agnes had forced herself to stay awake till ken comes back, and she would notice some feminine perfumes on his T-shirt, sometimes red female lip gloss.

Was Ken cheating on her?

Well, she wasn't shocked. The rumors she had heard about Ken were getting too much. How he flirted with almost every lady that came his way, going to nightclubs and making a fool out of himself. Now, innocent Agnes would feel the brunt of it all in this very cage she calls a marriage.


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One evening, Ken decided to hang out with Agnes on a Sunday, in one of the Chinese restaurants close by. On getting there, she had placed her order, and Ken had gone to the counter to see to if their food items were delivered correctly, as the sweet man he was always playing to be.

While Agnes sat Alone to the comfort of her phone., A lady came up to her and asked.

"You must be Agnes.,Ken's new catch?"

She didn't like the way she was termed " new catch", but she just went on ahead to answer politely.

"Yes I am, and who are you".

Well, who I am doesn't really matter. But what I can tell you is that I am one of the many girls Ken has played. And I am here to warn you, sweetheart., Leave Ken alone. He is never serious about marrying you. Even if he is, he is a cheat. He can never get his sexual desires from one woman. You would grow up to discover you are more in an Entanglement where you can't do anything in a relationship.

Leave him now you can., Don't get married to him. Soon you would understand what I'm saying today, soon you would remember my words, but I hope it won't be too late to say NO".

Just then, Ken came in.

Angel!! Haven't I asked you to stop pestering my life? I said I don't want you again, can't you see in already into this beautiful angel., He said squeezing Agnes' hands lightly.

"Ken, what was the meaning of all she said," Agnes asked a bit alarmed.

"Forget about that girl called Angel., She is a loser. She's doing all of this to get back to me, but I love you to the moon and back, so it's just you I want and no one else. "

On hearing this, Agnes felt more relaxed. She has come to love Ken with all her heart, and she was really convinced he was the one.

Along with one of their numerous outings, she had encountered a strange guy, whose stare always made her uncomfortable from day1 she had seen him in one of the business meetings she had gone with Ken as his secretary. That was their first outing together. Everything was too English and official since she wasn't in the banking world. And then she sighted Femi Davis.. so charming and alluring, she could feel her heart moving out to him at first, a fire in her ignited as he turned and gave her a wink, that left her blushing real had. With that, she momentarily forgot about the boredom of which she was at the center of.

Unfortunately, he had entered an office, his office probably., And she didn't get to see him till they left. Since then, she always wished to see him again and be friends with him at least. She just took a liking to his personality.

They had met again at the same restaurant, weeks after that encounter, but they didn't get to talk. She was just given the benefit of admiring the handsomely built man from a distance. She loved it anyways.

As a lady of 25, that just convocated from the University, she had discussed with Ken to complete her master's before they get married, but he insisted they get married, and then she's free to pursue her education. And they agreed on no babies till she's done with her school. Pretty cool. she thought since Ken typically agreed to her proposal.


Now, Agnes is emotionally down. Left in a luxurious mansion all by herself. No friends, no family..she can't think of going to her mom's place just within 6months, their marriage was still young and she didn't want her parents to think there was something wrong between her and Ken.

She had discussed picking a master's form to apply but Ken was against it. The same person that agreed before there for married., Now she was married to him, her hands are tied.

When she reported him to his parents, and her parents, to his parents, they called a meeting to hear from both parties. And Ken bluntly stated that it's because of her refusals to giving him babies that's making him distant.

Agnes would not hear of it. To her, if her husband failed in the responsibilities of giving her time and attention now it was just both of them, he would never do so when she gets pregnant. And she didn't want so much stress when pregnant. So she had to forget about having babies for now till her marriage is fixed up.

She had strolled down to the restaurant she had first gone to with Ken, to reminisce over been marital problems. And then the waiter gave her a card. On it www boldly written., "Can I come to sit, I think something is wrong, maybe I can be of Help".

When she asked the waiter who that was, she had pointed at a dashing young man, and behold it was bee longtime admirer, FEMI DAVIES.

They got along pretty well from then, and she confided in him about a lot which he helped her with. Soon, Ken got them arrested. Femi especially, reason: for hanging out with a married woman.

How wack!

His mom bailed him the next day, as the police made sure he slept in his cell that night. Agnes too slept in the cell since she couldn't leave Femi behind like that. After the bail, Femi's mom warned him seriously to stay away from her. That there are other fine and better Ladies., Why does it have to be another man's wife.

They stopped getting in touch again, and it hurt Agnes. She had lost someone more like her elder brother and best friend. Well, life has to go on.

She filed a divorce with alimony of 30 million, which Ken ended up paying 15million.

She started life again, forgetting about relationships since she was just 27., And more Intentional about growing her finances and business. Femi's mom became a very good customer after she had helped her with emergency supplies. When she got to know it was the same Agnes she has asked her son not to see again, she felt sorry.

Well, ladies, be very careful of whom you marry. Not everyone would be able to follow up for a divorce. Ken tried refuting the charges, stating he still loves his wife and wanted he back. That would have been disastrous for Agnes as she couldn't spend one more day under his roof. Good thing her dad was a lawyer, so he uses his attorney for her.

Ken ended up marrying one of the spoilt rich girls he has impregnated, who refused to abort it for him

Serves him right.

And Agnes got hooked up with Femi again, indeed this was actually how it was meant to be from the start.

He was so supportive of her and her business, and they got married in 6month's time.

Living happily ever after.

Marriage decisions should be carefully taken.

Thanks for reading, I will see you tomorrow and I will be expecting your gifts too

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Written by   102
6 months ago
Topics: Relationship, Novel
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I've never been married but had several boyfriends and at 47 I haven't found THE ONE hahaha I just don't want to be tied up with the wrong one and I don't want RESPONSIBILITIES. Marriage means more responsibilities. 😅

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6 months ago

i can be your lover from today if you allow me

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6 months ago

Ohhh thank you. Someone said "To refuse is an insult." So I accept everyone hahaha kidding. 😁

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6 months ago