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The Birth Of A Blog

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We all know that writing an article is one way of earning passive income. Social media platforms these days are more like blogging platforms.

Let’s discuss “Blogging”. How did the word “Blog” exist? 

Blogging started to be popular since it started 20 years ago. The first blog being recognized was that existed in 1994. It was created by Justin Hall.

During that time it was not yet called a blog. It was just his personal homepage. As you can see in the screenshot or try to visit the page which still exists today, the homepage is very basic and more nostalgic to me. Plain and simple. No themes or blog layout. Its content is more of Justin’s personal life. More of a timeline of his life actually. 

During those times when you browsed over the internet you are “logging the web”. That process of surfing the internet by logging the web has been coined as “weblog”. The etymology of the word has been attributed to Jorn Barger. He was known for the influential blog Robot Wisdom in 1997. 

Two years later “weblog” was shortened to just “blog” by a programmer Peter Merholz. Only in 2004 that the word “blog” was declared by Merriam-Webster as their word of the year.

Since then blogs have been continuously growing. Numerous types of blogs exist like political blog, news blog, pop culture and of course the personal blogs.

Blogging became popular in the early 2000. Blogger started in 1999 and WordPress in 2003. Then AdSense came, an advertising platform that can monetize a blog.

These days blogging has become mainstream. Social media platforms that exist are more like a blogging platform. Probably because it will be more user friendly. Not all people can write a full blog article. These social media are more convenient and easy to post a blog with short content like the most famous Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr.

When the new age of the internet began, the Blockchain, a lot of blockchain-based social media blogging platforms existed.

Entering the Blockchain

Steemit and Hive were the early platforms that used blockchain. I also have accounts on those platforms but i wasn't able to evolve in the site for some reason, so most of my free time was devoted to writing for

There was also a micro blog that existed 2 years ago. I happened to join and start posting and writing. The site was legit and the earnings were high. I admit that I do post nonsense content on that platform just for the sake of earning fast but I did not succeed in doing so.

But then I learned my lesson. Why would I waste time and effort writing things that I am not going to benefit.

Then eventually I found, a blockchain based platform. As I was digging into the site I found out that this is a real one nice platform. So I try to make my articles as good as possible.

Nothing To Write About?

I always mentioned in my previous post that I need extra cash and I think this is really it. I have saved a lot of drafts that are unpublished and started re-reading it to make it better before posting.

The one’s I posted with Blogger before are still on my drive and I’m going to start posting them here on little by little.

Some newcomers on this platform perhaps struggle on what to write next. I bet you ran out of topics to write. In my previous post, Be a Voracious Reader, I have mentioned where I get my stories to write. You can check it and jot down some ideas and might start from there.

I also love to capture things and stuff, you know I wanted to learn about photography too. So sometimes I do get my stories in things or places I captured. I am yet to organize my stock photos and share it here one of these days. 

So I hope you have learned some information about how the word blog exists. If only I took the blog I started 10 years ago seriously, perhaps I am a full time blogger by now. But you know things happen for a reason and everything will fall into the right places at the right time. We never know when.

Thanks for reading. Ciao!


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Brief History Of Blogging

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Written by   74
1 week ago
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Yes, it is good to have drafts saved because it could save you when you have nothing to write about. is something I want to take seriously, so I make sure I make every articles count. I have learned a lot from your article, "Be a Voracious Reader" and this one, too. Thank you so much. :)

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1 week ago

Wow. good for you. It's great feeling that we can inspire and some people learn from each others ideas. It's beneficial. Keep up the good work.

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1 week ago

Wooh.. the etymology of blog ☺️ great. Learnt something new ❤️

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1 week ago