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Live A Full Life: Make Sure Your Stomach Is Full

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1 month ago

If you want to make a friend, give someone food and eat with him.

That first line was derived from an original quote by Cesar Chavez. No, he is not a chef. He was an American labor leader and civil rights activist.

Before I go further for today’s topic which is the Writing Prompt #20 let me first give you a bit of information about him.

 According to Wikipedia, Cesar Chavez organized strikes among farm workers. His tactics was nonviolent that farm owners would grant the strikers’ demand. The success of Dulano grape strike which involves Filipino and Mexican farm workers has become one of Chavez’s great contributions to laborers in the US. Since then he became famous for organizing strikes with no harm and became an icon for organized labor and leftist group in the United States.

Bread versus Stone

Pandesal sa kanto

The quote by Cesar Chavez is not far from the old Bible saying, “If someone throws a stone at you, throw a piece of bread.”

It’s not literally meant to throw stones and bread. It means that if someone treats us badly, do not do the same to them. Show them kindness in return. The two quotes I have mentioned have the same connotation, to make friends by means of food or act of kindness.

 See related post: Acts Of Kindness

One scratch one peck

 Anyhow, let’s get down to our main topic for today's post before I get lost with my thoughts and ideas about food.

Firstly, I was born penniless, which I always reiterate in some of my previous posts so the foods that we ate were far from those of rich people in the neighborhood. As a kid, my mindset about rich people around us does not eat foods like my parents served on our table.

I can consume 3 cups of rice with this

Our menu circulates only with fish, vegetables in coconut milk and dried fish. When my father had extra budget he would sometimes buy us chicken or pork. Then I can only taste this type of dish during occasions like feast, weddings and or birthdays.

 I finally found the one

One reason that I decided to marry my ex-girlfriend (now my wife) aside from her being chinita was because of food. One day when I visited her she asked me to stay and eat dinner together with her parents. Then after dinner I just found out that she was the one who cooked the dish. And I said to myself this is the girl I am looking for.

Plane pork steak by my wife

After our marriage I brought her to the province where I grew up in Bicol and I told mother to let my wife do the cooking for our lunch. She then cooked Beef Kaldereta. My mother was impressed by her and my brother in-laws just can’t believe my wife’s talent about cooking. Of course I was proud of her being her husband.

Small storage

I am a person who easily gets full even if the food is so delicious and mouthwatering. My stomach is kind of sensitive too that is why I don’t get to eat saucy foods. So I don’t gain much weight because I am not really into eating or snacking.

Trying out dish from different culture

Somewhere in KSA

 When I worked in the Middle East, Riyadh to be more specific, I had a chance to taste and eat some dishes served in local restaurants there. There is lot of overseas workers in there from different countries but mostly our Muslim brothers. Some of them have established businesses like restaurants. Biryani was a common dish by Indian restaurants. So if we are lazy enough to cook for our lunch or dinner we just order food from the nearest restaurant.

I used to prepare this for my dinner back in Riyadh (Posted in my IG)

The Arabic Pita Bread Kuboos ­was instant rice for me. You can pair it with any canned dish and your starvation is saved.

I have tried eating other dishes from countries like Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh but unfortunately I no longer remember the dish names.

Exotic Food

I also eat exotic foods and one common and popular here in the Philippines is the Balut. Some people find it challenging to eat this type of food but when they have tasted it for the first time. They can prove that it is enjoyable to eat.

Beatle Bum

Another exotic food I have tried eating is python snake (Sawa). I only have a chance to eat it once. It was a long time ago and I already forgot what it tastes like.

I haven’t tried eating other exotic food but one of the best for me is the lizard (Bayawak). Just like Ms Jonica said she was enjoying eating lizard meat served with rice.

The reason why I love to eat Bayawak is that maybe because it lives in the wilderness. Lizards eat fish, green leaves, rice rats, birds, chicken and other species in the wild that they are able to capture as food. So, most likely their meat is tasty and clean.

It is amazing that food can bring peace and turn enemies into friends. Just to quote from Ms Jonica’s post, It is really hard to be angry at other cultures but then we are enjoying their delicious food.

Food is sacred and therefore we should respect it. It is that binds us. No wonder that people who always eat together are always there for each other.

I remember when we were just kids. Our family always eats together at one table. We are not allowed to talk or make unnecessary conversation while eating. That is how strict my mother was back then.

Anyway I guess I have talked too much in this post again. I was trying to make it shorter but I just can’t stop until it’s done.

 Thanks for reading. Ciao!

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Written by   165
1 month ago
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I remember eating with my grandparents, no noise allowed, children should be seen and not heard! I like snake and am all for tasting new foods whatever the country I am in!

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1 month ago

things are really different back in time, sometimes i tend be like my parents when my kids make noises while we are having dinner or lunch.

but today is no longer like the past but kids should still learn table manners.

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1 month ago

Yes so true. Hehe

$ 0.00
1 month ago

Truly, a man's heart will always be on a woman who knows how to cook different meals for her husband. I was smiling while reading your article and something inspired me from your post which I would love to build an article from it if you don't mind? 😉

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1 month ago

thank you dear. Yes of course feel free. 😉😊

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1 month ago

Thank you 👍

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1 month ago