How egotistical are you?

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Hello lovely readers, friends and sponsors of @Read.Cash. How are you all this beautiful day. It a new week,and another day to fulfil if not all but part of your day's plan.

A special thanks to my awesome sponsors, I know you've all mised me😜, I have to say... Well I missed you all too😁. Check them out guys.

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On my article which I wrote yesterday, I explained how tired I was and things that had kept me off @Read.Cash , I also talked on how a friend came over to take me to our friend's wedding which was held on Saturday. I required help with the matter because I was too tired to go, but unfortunately,I had to go nonetheless.

A special thanks to all that took their time to read and comment. Also to those that tipped me. I love you all for the help you sent my way.

Though @TheRandomRewarder as failed to visit my articles for weeks, am still hoping and writing more.

Today's article on ego was a discussion my friends and I had during the wedding reception.

We've probably heard the statement, "You are proud" been said to us or to others we are familiar and not familiar with. Infact many of us fall into this group who criticize people on how proud they are. You'd find more on Critics here.

Just like my article on Critics says, we are all criticizers, we just have our level of criticizing people, while some say theirs out, other keep theirs in.

What do you understand by Ego?

We all have ways we view the word ego.

In my own terms though it is just a four letter words which is 'SELF '.

We all are filled with ego, though I know some may not agree with me.

There's nothing wrong in being egoistic, we are humans which screams one thing Imperfections. We can't be perfect, it impossible, that's like playing God.

We can though, keep our Ego in check by making sure it not too much as we all know too much of everything is plainly bad. 🤮

On this article we are going to see which group we might fall into.

What Ego do you have?

  • Ego boo: This is like a feeling you have when you see your name in a print. Many of us fall into this, imagine the smiles and all when you see your name in a book, or printed out for thousands to read and digest. The feeling is ecastic and there's nothing wrong with it but the moment it gets much that you only want to see yourself and yourself alone in those prints is a selfish act. We should learn the act of giving other people's names an appearance too.

  • Ego trip: In this, there's a character or behavior of oneself to increase either one's own power or draw attention to one's own importance. There's absolutely nothing wrong in trying to get attention of everyone on you, remember, we ain't perfect. There's no wrong in letting people see how far you've come in life and your achievements. But the time we do this in such a way that makes those people look like they're not enough isn't good at all. We've all seen different sort of movies where the antagonist and protagonist fight because the antagonist wants more power and importance and we all know how it ends right.. eeeessshh yeah.

  • Ego- self: This is an act of being self aware i.e talking about yourself and believing you are better than others. In this context, we sometimes get carried away when talking to a long time friend that we just want to talk and say a lot about just ourselves thereby leaving the other person to just listen attentively not breaking a eye. This should be checked and controlled to give the other something to say thereby changing the role and being the listener.

  • Ego cast: This is creating and transmission of an individual personality through network. We all have people who are paid to do these. We'll see how many politicians would go ahead to places they never would just because they want people to see the personality they are willing to show for their own good. They would go to small villages they'd never visit again or fix things there but at that instance they'll be there with the camera rolling ready to capture their great personalities.

  • Ego fag: This is an attention seeking person. We all in most cases want to be truly seen for how we are. While many want to be seen for their dashing beauty, some wants to be seen for how their heart is, while others wants to be seen for their brains and it goes on. We want attention in some ways. But when we misuse this ego, it isn't healthy because it'll affect us in ways that can't be explained, mostly mentally.

We do have other Ego, there's a ego of absolute privacy and I do admit I have that Ego. The act of secrecy, going out and coming in with no one knowing unless I told them. The act of just me alone in my universe and having no one to disturb me I love it. This may be funny though regarding how I can disturb others and create fine loving trouble to spike the day😋.

If you've read the novel Error 404 you'd know why I chose this image for trouble.. Image gotten from Unsplash.

I have come to love Independence so much and I have gotten so used to it.

Have heard words like, she's so proud here and there because I refuse to let people pry into my life.

I'm just learning to ask for help from people because I grew up helping myself, I learnt how to do things myself without seeking for help no matter how the work load might require to break me apart.

It not just something I chose but I had to grow up with it. I have to say I do have tons of friends, because I love meeting and interacting with people but still I love my peace. My friends who have been with me for years still complain how they knew nothing about me. They'd say am complicated and weird. Though have tried speaking out about myself but still I most times find it hard and go AWOL for some time when I see people wanting to get to know me.

I'm trying hard to balance it. Though I was accused of not being in a relationship because the guy would want to know things about me and invade my privacy which I don't take lightly.

I did agree with them and they said they'll be giving me the end of this year to find a man or they'll find me one.. hahaha. It funny though and have told them to give it a trial and they all made a sad face which made me laugh.

I would have posted the pics I took at the wedding but I haven't gotten it yet.

Enough about my private life!.. so what about you, how egoistic are you? Or do you believe you have no Ego?

To we that know we have ego, what measures should we take to have our ego balanced?.

Drop in your comments and I'd have them replied as always. Much love from me to you all.

To my sponsors I send you a jar filled chocolate hearts, appreciations and kisses your way, please do receive them and do take care of yourselves like you've always done.

To my readers, viewers, commenters and passers I do send you all a big heart full of kisses and warm hugs.

Thanks for the usual tips, comments and love.

Disclaimer: This article is by no chance written to mock or ridicule anyone and it mainly for educational, informational purposes and also to get ourselves entertained.

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Photo source: Unsplash

Writer: Balikis

Date:21 March 2022.

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1 year ago
Topics: Human, Myself, Ego, Blogging, 2022, ...


"The ego cast" aspect of this article made me remember during campaigns for elections, how some politicians in my country "9ja" went eating with primary school pupils, eating maize at the market square with the Poor, with cameras covering them, all for show off, on normal days they don't do these, they would stay in their offices.

For us all, keeping privacy and trying to make no one enter into our affairs doesn't make much sense, and shouldn't last long. We just have to know that we will marry one day, and the husband will be the closest. So, if you're living a private life, how will the marriage be successful? We all just have keep of ego and less private life, we need to be humble and simple.

We will be awaiting the wedding pictures.

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1 year ago

That's is true dear friend, everything you said is well said.. I'll try my best to get the pictures though am not promising yet😊

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1 year ago