"To me, from me"

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9 months ago


We are the biggest players in the world. If we do not give up to courage, hope, patience, prayer and hard working, we can do anything in this world. Life is not a straight line. There are U turns everywhere. That is why we must be alert all the times. Not every U-turn will bring grief into our lives. Sometimes there are U-turn in life that we don't expect and they become the cause of our happiness.

Because of sadness, I want to say something to myself.

To me,

I know you are not doing well yet. The good old days are not over yet, but one thing you must remember is that only successful people in the world are those who do not give up.

What if you tempted for some time?

Don't worry, let the tester do his work. And give yourself your hundred percent.

I know you sometimes think of giving up of everything. But never hurt those life that is connected to you for no reason.

Ease after every difficulty, have you not heard that?

You know these are the days when everyone is talking about heat. Everything we touched was burning. Everyone was hoping for rain. Is it not Allah who brings cold days in such Extreme heat? Yes He is only Allah(God) who can bring such cold weather even in such intense heat. So why do you despair for him? Just believe in Allah.

You have seen the rain, every drop of it, was a source of joy for the plants. The same rain of adored will fall on you. Just wait a bit.

Oh yeah, you're solemn and melancholy with rusty absence too. No matter, it will be fine soon. Just pay attention to your words and keep writing. Good luck.

From me,

Closing thoughts:

Sometimes we need words like that and encouragement like this. If we don't have a speaker like that, then we are here for ourselves. We can motivate by our own self. Believe me, no one else can understand us as well as we can.

If we look at the problems of others, we will find our problems too small. So we have to deal with these small problems. Such ups and downs keep coming in life. Face bravely and think positive.

One thing to remember is that we will feel happiness only after sorrow.

It's all about for today guys. I hope you like it. Thank you so much for your precious time guys. I hope you spend your day with full of happiness and prosperity. Don't forget to help others because this small act makes your day very peaceful. Thank you so much my dear readers and sponsors. You encourage me to stay here and write articles.

Stay safe, stay happy and stay healthy. Have a blessed day guys.

Peace ....

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9 months ago


True! a words of encouragement is a big thing

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8 months ago

Right now I can't wait for that sorrow to leave. All I'm waiting for is happiness to come through.

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9 months ago