Marc DeMesel's comments on his view of and Bitcoin Cash

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1 year ago

[EDIT]I decided to edit this article as the beginning of the article could be discouraging readers from reading it. I basically cut the first three paragraphs.

Somber about the future of readcash

This is motivated by the response I got from Mr. Marc DeMesel during a live stream he had recently.

In that stream, I kind of unintentionally spammed questions about not realizing there was a delay between us typing in the chat and the message appearing on his side. Marc answered the first question I had entered. Have look at what I asked and what he replied:

(in the non-readcash world I am known as deuZige)

(from 44:04 onwards if the link doesn't take you there right away.)

It isn't until 1:09:05 in the video (which was a live stream at the time) that Marc gets the question I asked. He reads it out before replying to it.

Okay okay...

So you could kind of skip to 1:09:05 I guess. But you'll have missed my hilarious attempts at getting Marc's attention unaware he hadn't gotten the first one yet..

But what did Marc say?

He starts by stumbling over my nickname's pronunciation which is hilarious to me because he should be able to pronounce it perfectly. It's a Dutch, or rather Brabant's word meaning crazy one.

But that's not the point here...

He then begins the on-topic reply by mentioning the developer is still active, with periods...

He then explains that read and noise cash have not yielded the results they expected.

He explains that Readcash is too small, which was discouraging.

then he goes on saying that they then had noisecash but that they don't see real growth there. He also laments the platform is plagued by lots of abuse and exploitation.

The Paying for content idea did not achieve the desired result which was getting many people familiar with and active in bitcoin cash.

He hopes people continue to try to make Bitcoin Cash a success, mentioning he is also still invested but has taken a big step back in his engagement in the project.

He has focussed on other investments to make sure he is a successful investor, that being his goal and not making bitcoin cash a success. He goes on to say he invests in the stock market and lists more things he's busy with.

He states that he would like to put more energy into actually studying different (crypto) projects and that it is his interest for the future."

It is at this point it seemed he seemed to struggle with words and seemed unsure of what he wanted to say.

So, from this point I'll quote his words literally as he said them:

"i think bch…

actually it's we have to be carefull because i believe like...

yeah i cut my exposure in half but likely…

I will feel pain…

because there is pain in loosing money

and there's even more pain in selling off and then later seeing it go up a lot"

"Uh and and and i think actually it's quite a big a big risk here for bitcoin cash uh.......

What what what's really in need still…

i'm still bullish on bitcoin cash it's just my personal engagement has gone down a lot...

but i am still invested a lot and i will likely yeah…

i will see what i do in the future but i still believe that bitcoin cash is great fundamentals heh.

uh. its a tier one project

uh truly decentralized cryptocurrency that's managed to bow (?)

and that you can built things on top

and that that has also been happening.

but um yeah right now it's out of favor by the market uuuuhm

and i really hope that that turns around but it's not that's not in my hands."

Then a silence drops before he goes on in a somewhat dejected tone.

"And i've certainly like tried to make it happen

i've also put in lots of energy

as so many people have done and we'll see how the future goes."

And then he moves on to another comment and other topics.

At 1:14:03 I give my last reply to Marc: Clear and logical, thanks for the reply.

This was on May 13th and I've had a while to think about it and rewatch this bit. And if I'm honest I think he sounded like someone who didn't want to let someone down, didn't want to be the one to destroy another one's dreams and hopes.

Coincidentally the statement that the developer is still active got confirmed today. The top tippers on the stats page have been updated. So the dev is still out there, watching us!

But one fix does not a development make!

There's that at least.

So what do we take away from these words?

The most important thing though concerning readcash in all that Marc said was that he reduced his exposure in bch by half and that, disappointed in the results, he has moved on to other things. He has disengaged with readcash and noisecash and bitcoin cash.

Which fits in with his earlier mentioning that he hopes other people continue to try to make bitcoin cash a success.

Now there are probably as many different opinions as there are individuals that have an opinion. But the conclusion I'm drawing from this for the future of this site are these:

  • * readcash, while not abandoned, is not actively being developed. It is being maintained with some small fixes being made like to the top tippers list in the stats (and the removal of the daily tips given by the randomrewarder aka Rusty. Could that be to hide an upcoming reduction in the daily tipping budget for Rusty?)

  • * The fund that has been the source for the tips Randy gives us is unlikely to be refilled let alone expanded. This likely means that when the fund runs out, so does Randy. I doubt the site will be able to run on the tips of the community. Way too many see Randy as a side hustle, or even their main source of income.

  • * If nothing is done, either by the community, the developer, or anyone, readcash is doomed, and eventually slowly dies.

  • * Easily said but what can there be done? What is possible and what is needed to make things possible?

Ever since that Livestream,

I've been banging my mind on what Marc said and the things we've been witnessing on both read/noisecash and also bitcoin cash and I think that we need something like a community brainstorming session. Something like a place where everyone that has something that might help can add it to the #REIGNITEBCH resource pool, things like information, stats, ideas, skills, influence, and so on together in one place might spark the idea in someone that they'd not had if they'd not had the resources in one place.

So…any thoughts on that?

THE END!!!! Of the article.

I am going to end this article by pointing out to those wondering if my anti-writer's block method is any good that I've managed to crank out 1400 words or so after starting with absolutely 0 words of inspiration for an article.

That's not bad in my book!!

Thanks for reading this.

Stay safe and stay happy!

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You got his style of speaking and type it down livier here! The sponsorship renewal is still pending, still has some bugs on it.

I wonder if Marc was the biggest BCG contributor before he cut it in half?

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1 year ago

Oh no doubt Marc is/was the biggest contributer to readcash no matter how you look at it or measure it. Besides the donations out of which the fund consists (Randy among other things) he also rewarded individuals with often very generous rewards. I myself once received 10k+ in tips for an article, so that's no myth.

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1 year ago

The important information from this article is, Marc is disappointed with Readcash, Noisecash and BCH, and Marc reduces interaction with them, because Marc is now more busy doing other things, rather than having to be busy with Readcash, Noiscash and playing BCH, because Marc is quite disappointed with payment delays from that platform.

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1 year ago

Almost completely right. Except for the last sentence. He's not disappointed in the workings of BCH or the fundamentals of it. He even sais he still believes the BCH fundamentals are solid, and better than most. Other than that you've got it!

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1 year ago

I think that to ensure that there are greater daily rewards from users, there should be a change in the structure of the page, for example, dividing the earnings into don wallets, a percentage would go to a wallet from which it cannot be withdrawn and that is intended only to reward other users, and the other percentage would go to the usual wallets, so we ensure that a percentage of the rewards is always inside the page.

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1 year ago

That's not going to work i'm afraid. Look at the numbers. The fund that Marc donated was well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bitcoin Cash (at the market prices back then). He also tops the tippertop 10 with a lead on the number 2, Ellie, of about 153 thousand dollars.

Tipper Tipped MarcDeMesel $ 160,143.63 Ellie $ 7,094.12 RogerVer $ 5,976.00 molecular $ 4,841.93

Taking the tips into general wallet and then hold a percentage before distributing the remainder through Randy is not going to help much I'm afraid. I hope I am wrong about that though, and any financial math wizards that can explain to me ELI5 why I'm wrong would get Legendary status in my book!!

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1 year ago

I know how discouraging it is to embark on a fruitless project but most times, they turned out well. Bitcoin cash was exchanged for pizza in the early days, but who dares try such now.

Bitcoin cash will be great , trust me

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1 year ago

@marcdemesel should be part of the originator of Bitcoin cash including read cash and noise as well

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1 year ago