Don't read this. It's just me babbling about stuff.

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1 year ago

No i think you'd be better off reading something from my sponsors.

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Depressed as f*ck!

No one probably noticed, which hurts more than I thought it would and certainly more than it should, but I haven't posted an article in almost a week now. I am cruelly reminded of the fact that if I died tomorrow, it would probably take 7 days, and maybe much longer before anyone would notice.

And those who'd notice would be the homecare agency's girl because I wouldn't open the door for the weekly two hours of help in keeping my house clean and livable. (my back prevents me from being able to do that myself).

I have some hope that maybe, just maybe my son would be the one to raise the alarm about my absence and the strange smell at my front door, but on the other hand he might just ring the bell, app msg me, call me two-three times, and then turn around get back in the car and drive off angry i wasn't there.

Things like that, thoughts like that, can really get to me when I give them the opportunity. Which I won't, or wouldn't if I didn't have a keyboard sucking it all out of the tips of my fingers but what the hell,

Who wants to live forever right?


I am soooo not done with life yet. Even though it sucks ass right now, mentally and physically deteriorating differently than anticipated, I wouldn't want to miss a thing by being inconveniently dead or something. So.... Shoo shoo death, ain't nobody got time for that! Piss off!

Just read breaking news about Salman Rushdy, being stabbed before a lecture he was about to give. Damn son, that whole thing with the Satanic Verses??? That was back in the frikking 80's man! He has lived in hiding, with full police protection, for over ten years because of that Fatwa old kuhmeiny slapped him with. Then he came up again, spent 30 years living working, and giving lectures, and then out of nowhere a Muslim Idiot runs up to him and tries to kill him.

But you know, that Muslim has it worse I think!!! He had one job.... he was willing to give his life to do it.... and then FAILED!!!!

Yup, that's the moment you realize..... I am a dumbass numbnuts, who are requested not to participate in the human gene poule.

I also read James "captain slow" May has crashed in Norway and is hospitalized.

Apparently nobody bothered to tell the three Top Gear hosts that their show has been canceled. They now do something called the Grand Tour which is basically Top Gear without all the boring bits.

Trump keeps figuring out ways to pop up in the headlines as well, I see. Apparently took some papers home which he shouldn't have.


Is that the level of the investigations into "the evilest president the US ever had" these days?

Let me tell you if it is, you've already lost, suck it up, write it off, and just walk away.

Have a little dignity will ya??

I think that we're having a super heat wave here in the Netherlands. Utility companies are warning that if we continue to buy swimming pools for our backyards and fill them with up to (and beyond) 4000 liters three times a month the drink water supply cannot be guaranteed anymore. Ie. it's so dry that we're running the risk of having no water come out of our faucets or showers!!!

I've said it before and I'll explain it as many times as i have to to get it through to your thick heads:


What we have is the impolite and inconvenient refusal of the rain to fall at the location and time we want it to fall. There's more than enough water coming down over the course of a year for us to drink, swim, wash, play, and everything else we do with water.

It is just coming down at times when we have more than enough water for our needs already or its falling 20 kilometers from the place where the water is needed in a location no one lives, and the water just floods the local populace and then evaporates or washes out into the sea.

Come on people, this isn't rocket science. If we prevent that water in then wrong places and times from running off or evaporating, storing it in huge aquafers or something, we can pump it to the place we need water to be at the time we need it there and use as much as we need.

I know, mind blown right?

But the real problems, the actual suffering of human beings.... not a word or sound is whispered. Amnesty International should do a campaign raising awareness about this terror that is being inflicted upon... well....

Upon me!

Words are insufficient to convey the suffering, grief, and sorrow I have to go through.....

each time I run out of beer!!!!!

Terrible terrible, trust me, long story, doesn't end well.

Anywho.... who?


And with that ladies and gentlemen, I bid you good night!

Thanks for reading this.

Stay safe and stay happy!!

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1 year ago


same here, I am so not done with life myself as well haha.

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1 year ago

Take this rain that we are having. It's gloom, wet and cold season again here. There are so many things I want to do as well with this so called life I have but I can only do as much.

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1 year ago

We're having a super heat wave over here. Where's you @?

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1 year ago