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Rangarri is a name of Bedouin tribe in our area and they never stay on one place. They keep traveling area to area according the weather conditions. They know all the festivals , holy days , shrines annual days and cultural heritage days. They reach there on time for preys, some are involved in different handmade thing business and some looks opportunity to beg.

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They have donkeys to carry their household and now as in modern world they arranged donkey - carts to travel. Mostly live in tents and collect the used goods, clothes , shopping bags and other scraps from streets and sidewalks to sell and earn some money.

Saleema mai , A Rangarri women , has her tent in a open ground where she is living with her tribe. She has some good interest in learning about religion so often came to our house to meet my wife and got some lessons ( my wife did hifz quran and four year Alma course, so she has good knowledge about religious beliefs).

Couple of days ago she came and asked my wife to let your husband ( Me) to go with them to other city where they wants to merry her son. Actually as rituals she wants to go there to see the girl and their house. Then they talked to me and request to go with them. ( According to their rule , one permanent resident of the area should be with them when they place new bond of relationship).

I told them first go alone and see the bride's parents and bride, if you like them , I will go with you for bond. They agreed and went out to go alone. Today morning saleema Mai came to house and I asked her" what happened about that relationship" she replied in typical fashion that ( نا "در" سی تے نا "بر" سی) . It means they are not financially stable and can't give enough dowry and girl is not pretty as well. So we rejected the relationship.

One thing should be there , if girl is not pretty ( they never look educated, civilised, mannered) they should give handsome dowry otherwise bride should be pretty enough. I surprised by their traditional value and got new thing to learn about people how thinks and how evaluate the new relationships and ties between two families.

These interactions are source of learning about the traditional values of our country men and the mindset of different people with different theme.

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Interesting to know about new tribes and their customs. I think everywhere there are limita qhen a girl is to get married. Nobody realises with how much pain she is brought up by her parents.

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Seems like it's old tradition heared of same story with baloch community in one of my lesson they also used to travel from one place to another due to harsh weather but the good thing was more than others they were quite religious type people always visit shrines of holy people!

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Their traditional is really a very strange and surprising, in Pashto they are called Changarryaan

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