Things that made me happy.

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Happiness Normally relates with our feelings,emotions, desires and wishes. Getting some thing metallic or non- metallic which we have desire or any thing fullfil the expectations generates the Harmon of joy to our mind which converts into feelings of happiness.

The happiness made worth more or stays longer is that one which comes after hard work, hardships and struggle because we feel it against our efforts. Then appreciation around charm it further and we feel it more time period and some times to our whole life.

I divide my things into three zone which made me happy because each phase has different point of view to look at. Also the age factor has different thinking, approach and evaluation to happiness with different mindset and choices.


I spent my childhood in a village with very limited access to wealth but thanks to Almighty Allah never forces to go without food or couldn't get possible available luxury. In childhood my siblings were my biggest happiness. This period of innocence always has very less wishes and much more happiness points comes without demand. Playing with siblings, some domestic games, going to city with dad and small cafs were main sources of happiness.


Pre adulthood and adulthood mainly we stuck in schools, college and university. Things went little bit change as we grew up and our circle of friends impacts on our happiness. The most happy moments I feel that time was in cricket playground. Although we have only one ground in village to play but we sit on boundary line and wait for our turn to play. Elder boys leave empty ground on own will and allow us to play. That permission was high tune happiness for us.

Then when I win first ever maiden trophy as Captain of the team. I lift the trophy in tournament where 16 teams of the area were participating.

Then Eid festivals, maila Baba Ali , baisakhi, and results ( especially passed with good rank) were highly pleasure able moments.

Now as family head.

Things changed with age and I reached to stage of father. Earlier I spent some good time in Arab countries like Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar.

I was the part of a team under Saudi Arabian government project and got the best project awards amoung 66 candidates from whole country. That moment I can't forget which gives me real happiness and proud.

Now mostly I feels happiness by doing,

  • Helping others & charity.

  • Kids did good academic performance.

  • Kids did nobal deeds.

  • Wife cooks favourite food.

  • Wife cares like nurs.

  • Teaching to some one which I know and has experience.

  • Ice Cream.

  • Some one follow my advice and got success.

  • Alter the will of some one from bad to good.

  • Boating & home Gardening.

  • Solving the puzzle & WODL.

  • Writing ( but with calmness).

Thank you so much for reading my thoughts about my sources of happiness and things i get of most. What things made you most happy , you can tell me in comment.

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8 months ago


This is a things that make me happy ,Sleeping in a freshly made bed. Feeling the sun on your face. People saying 'thank you' or a random act of kindness from a stranger. Finding money in unexpected places. Having time to myself. Laughing so hard it hurts. Snuggling on the sofa with a loved one. Freshly made bread.

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7 months ago

We should find joy in everything. Happiness is a feeling that depends on our choices about how we make ourselves happy. Playing with siblings is a really precious and happy moment as everyone goes their separate ways afterwards. I like to play cricket. You were probably a good player which was proved by your team's victory. I'm glad to see on your list that you enjoy helping others. Of course old memories will make you happy!

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8 months ago

Tou look so cute at young age. Life is really a stage in times

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8 months ago

Brother you have vivid collection of memories. I love my childhood and adulthood as well because they have many happy moments. You are so generous, May Allah help you in every matter.

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8 months ago

Your so cute when your young hahaha,, very motivated as a person and I know you have kindhearted because you are helpful and a giver

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8 months ago

Wow very nice old photos, that surely carries a lot of memories!

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8 months ago

Happiness became rare thing these days, this is because everyone is trying to achieve uncomplicated goals and desires, our desirea lead us to disappointments, we should try to be happy with those things we are already having. Try to find happiness in every little success. And yes helping others is a virtue, this also leads a person's heart to happiness. ❤️

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8 months ago

Male are the pillars of every home. The happiness, success of their family and kids made them proud and happy. In our childhood results and visiting to any Maila were our great happiness.

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8 months ago

Its always a thing of joy to discover what makes us happy, and coming by such happiness is always amazing . I like the part you said, you help your wife cooks favorite food.

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8 months ago