Crypto Bearish time is over - Top 5 indications.

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The Crypto market gone through its one of the longest period in bear time and some stretch in market seen recently. Like every Crypto user I am bullish too for its consistency. I am sure lot of people will agree to me that the bullish time has been started and it will spike more by first quarter of the year.

We judge lot of things even fiat market and stick exchanges by some signs, symptoms and indications that where it will go and what possible gaining can come out. Crypto also has some specific indications from which we can conclude that some good days are very near.

Here are five top indications that I examined to conclusion the end of bearish time in Crypto.

Noise around that "Crypto is ash".

It is common practice that lot of maxillary accounts will spread the rumours about Crypto and Bitcoin that it is dead now. It is indication that bear time is going to end and these rumours are to discourage the small investors. Because in panic they will sell the Crypto and gives opportunity to those who are spreading the false , baseless propaganda.

Crypto market will be on bottom.

If we look at top 10 Crypto currencies , we can see the drop of 70-90% from ATH. It is bottom and the best time to rise up. We have seen already in first month of the year when Crypto major players are already 20-50% growth and it continued.

Cycle of crypto term.

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The big projects like Bitcoin , Bitcoin cash, LTC heading towards halving in the end of second quarter. What is halving? Read here about bitcoin halving it is cycle of Crypto currency nature which happened almost after every four years. This halving gives opportunity to investors to gain more profit by holding till the halving period.

Whales in action.

Whales ( big Investors) are slowly in action and in last couple of days we can see huge buying. Lite spike in price and small investors selling heavily which created opportunity for whales. Only BTC trade going more then 3 billions per day and transaction volume in billions indicating that whales are in action which means bearish time is over.

Celebrities will go quit.

Celebrities, influencers and icons always took part in propaganda when market going down to motivate people for more involvement. But they will keep quiet when it start rising. So I didn't seen any celebrity promoting Crypto in recent weeks which indicates that no more bear time is existing now.


Most of indications are in favour of start up of a bullish run. Crypto Market is already warming up to take off . If current scalability heads more then definitely a good bull run will be there till End of June.

Note: There is no hidden financial advise in the content. Do your own research before investment in Crypto.

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If someone needs to know more about these indications then read the article of @Pantera in which author put huge details about the topic. Top Ten signs that will end the Crypto bear market.

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1 year ago


Hope this year's crypto value will increase so that everyone will became happy hehe.

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1 year ago

Surely waiting for good days ahead

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1 year ago

Hoping for good news... I have a handsome amount stuck in different projects. Which isn't handsome now 😂. But i market gets back to the good. It will be handsome again.

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1 year ago

I am expecting good as well.

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1 year ago

Let's hope all the markets are much more favorable than they were in 2022.

Your welcome on the sponsorship. Looking for users who put forth effort by continuing to publish here. You fit the bill Sir :)

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1 year ago

Most of us looking this year better then previous one in terms of Crypto verse. Thanks Bob!

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1 year ago

Everyone surely become very happy with this news sir.

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1 year ago