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What Is Death?

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1 month ago
  • Long Time No See Fam, How Are You All Feeling?? Been A While But Don't Get Scared I Have Been Online But Haven't Published An Article....

I Was Supposed To Write An Post This Earlier But I Was Too Busy With A Stranger That Just Turned Friend...

  • Note: This Article Might Seem Weird To A lot Of People Due To Some Weird Opinion And Thoughts....

While Having A Conversation With This Friend We Both Shared Our Own Opinion And I Think Its Worth Reading So Keep Reading Because I'd Like To Share With You....

If humans and scientist know how to restart the brain they could have resurrected people from the dead but scientist only know a little about the brain and how it actually works so we are far away from restating a brain...

Though its been said that scientist can successfully restart other organs after death such as heartbeat, stomach process, blood pressure etc...


  • What Is Death???

For me the simplest definition is; Death is when a human/Animal or any living organism stops working In Order Word Shuts Down Permanently due to some critical errors..

When a human/animal or Amy living creature dies/shuts down Permanently their defense system stops working and that's why bacteria and other stuff starts the decomposition process without any complication and then the whole corpse gets eaten by this bacteria in a few years except the bones and maybe other solid part....

  • Facts About The Human Body

Did you know that our skin, hair and other internal defense system are killing thousands and thousands of incoming bacteria and other parasites everyday??

Every single Human/Animal/Fish/Bird and other living creature has this defense system else we'd be eaten alive by the bacteria and other parasites...

We all have a serious defense system to survive here on our planet and if you want to see for yourself take a take tuck it on your skin and take it out then put it under a micro scope...

You see a lot of scary and creepy creatures such as the parasite am referring to, and if you doubt you can search or try it for yourself...

After an hour of discussing I then asked her about her own opinion about death, and its kinda like a question that has no answer but rather she said " Same Way You Don't Exist Before You Were Born Same Way You Don't exist When You Die"

  • Her Second Reply

Its hard for people to accept, the people who wants to believe in afterlife are those who are just emotional and it seems they can't live in a world without justice....

Though for me most times its more like when people die they die, they die means they don't exist, their corpse get eaten by bacteria and lastly our soul hold all our consciousness and memories and when we die all of them gets wiped out in a sec... 😢 so sad this is the reality we are living in, all the good and bad memories would be wiped due to the death of our brain...

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Closing Thought

I wouldn't want to make it look like am an atheist so I prefer making this article a short one..... Life is short to be sad for a minute and don't waste time crying over something meaningless, enjoy every moment because time can never be gotten back...

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Written by   51
1 month ago
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Death is basically something that can't be avoided in the long run.

Like you said, am error amd malfunction of the body. And we fall into an irreparable state of permanent unconsciousness.

The thought of death alone scares me.

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1 month ago

Well said mate, it can't be outrun

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1 month ago

Nice one.

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1 month ago