The first part of my Trilogy has ended

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2 years ago

Published on: October 19, 2021

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The first part of my trilogy has ended consisting of 85 chapters. What am I feeling right now? Of course, I am immensely happy and contented with the result. That is just the first part of it. I am looking forward to finishing the other 2 which will make this trilogy possible.

My journey on writing the first part was an absolute challenge. There were times that I thought of giving up, but a part of me never permitted that. It was as if something was coaxing me to continue because that was all I wanted to begin with.

This trilogy is rather a journey of writing toward self development, social interaction and pursuit of happiness for doing what I like and I find interesting while connecting with different people across the globe. It's surreal to find such haven of thoughts and communication. That is why, I will forever treasure every moment of my

The First Step

The ability to write something interesting, compelling and relatable. If you thought I was writing something, a fictional or nonfiction story with 3 parts, that's not what I'm referring to. This is actually about my journey here on 1/3 done. 2/3 in the process. But I am stuck to this question, when did I start?

Not until I check it on my email (today) will I ever know when did I exactly had the gut to sign up here on read. June 07, 2021. Yet it took me sometime to collect sufficient energy ball to start writing. I guess it was a month after that I decided to give it a try.

June 7, email verification for my account

First Article amazed me in many ways. Before, if you've read my There and here, Before and now, you'll understand that I was indeed so clueless about the existence of cryptoverse not even Bitcoincash! So I took the time to write my rant, I mean my opinion that I've found a gem.

Along with that, I have written a guide for those who wish to sign up to because I can't deny the fact that I loved it ( and surely it was sitting up until now, at the top of my list of recommendations.

Guide to

First ever Sponsors

Did you know? My first ever sponsor was @Bloghound. Her constant and genuine support encouraged me to continue. Along with my earliest sponsors @Emily2u and @Just1dood, I don't know how to thank these wonderful people for the positive vibe they've produce within this community.

Big three sponsors
Sponsors of AmazingWorld

And here are my awesome sponsors. Thank you people for being part of the my of the 1/3 of my trilogy!

First Visit

I took an absent for a month (after signing up) and I spent a month of writing just to be noticed by the TheRandomRewarder aka 'Rusty'. I didn't know that he likes dog? Hahaha or was it my narration that helped me attract his precious attention? But nonetheless, I was absolutely happy when I saw a notification about his very first visit.

First Bitcoincash support

Bitcoincash helped me and my family. That's it. And I am certain there are more who have been saved by Bitcoincash.

First Writing Struggle/s

There were days that I felt so drained and demotivated. Days of unproductivity and laziness. Maybe it was because I let the monster to rule me. But I would just take those absences as my rest. I've shared in my article how I try to fight my struggles in writing and they are quiet effective for me.

First Unnoticed Lie

Would you consider this as a lie? I have written this article about me winning $1200! And I did share what are my plan of spending such amount of money. If you did read until the very last, the one sentence hint, you would know by that time that I was indeed joking. Hahaha for those who've been pranked, I am sorry guys. I also wish to win such amount you know. My plans written in that very article was accurately calculated, something that I will surely follow If I ever win that big amount. But for now, let me dream about it. (LoL)

First risk taken

I'm absolutely a noob. But I want to take the risk of trying to invest in SmartBCH tokens. Currently, I am holding $Kittens, Shiba and Eben. I also took the chance to join the presale of Milk, the governance token of Muesliswap that is, the newest and seems promising dex in SmartBCH.

My journey wasn't good at all. I ended up losing more than 60 usd and I thought I won't be able to regain it not until October 11th, where Kittens had a big pump. Real pump! And the fund, was used to invest and farm milk.

Closing The first Part of my Trilogy

I am four months old user! In that four months of staying, I've done a few things, something I would have never done without the help of this platform. I am grateful to know more people and read them. Now, I'm opening the second part and I wish it'd be as good or better than this.

Thanks for reading!

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2 years ago


What a milestone! Congratulations to you. What a coincidence that both Dood and myself are Malaysians!

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2 years ago

Well, I must say I'm impressed. Have a smile on my face while reading it. Wonderful journey dear. But don't feel demotivated.

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2 years ago

A wonderful journey friend and that has just begun. Many more successes!

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2 years ago

same here, the first-ever article that I've published was all about noise and how I got into noise and read. Thankfully my friend corpsekunno encourage me to write

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2 years ago