Warning: An Addictive Earning site you should not try

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2 years ago

I have been promoting both noise.cash and read.cash to some friends from facebook. But i struggle to explain it to them one by one so i decided to write about it so they will better understand it. Yes. Happy to help since some have been scammed academically or via bots and investments.

And yeah this is pretty much for future noisers. I know there are many how to's on creating an account in noise.cash but i want to try to write one.

Hey fellas! I have the urge to write a short yet useful introduction about this site that i enjoy to spend my time with. It does not waste my time but it is time and energy saver. Undoubtedly, it entertains me more compared to other sites and apps that requires me to watch tons of videos and ads.

If you are looking for additional earning site, might as well read on. Don't try to cut it short as this will be helpful for you. Seriously, dont skip. Don't be like me who doubted this site at first. It is actually 1000% legit.

Let me ask you first

I know for sure you have a facebook account? Or twitter? Do you post often? I bet you love to react on some fb friends, fb pages posts? And i am sure you often leave a comment to your friends status or even stranger's that pick your interest or trigger your perspective and opinion?

Let me guess

Have you imagined being paid by facebook for just posting, commenting and replying to others' posts as well? If you did, your imagination came true!

Tnrough what?

Through noise.cash. The best microblogging site that enable every user to earn by just posting original and creative contents.

Take a look at this screnshot below. And tell me what you think.

The user is @Bloghound or @Wickedsoul on noise.cash. She post something original and creative and her subscribers will "heart" or "react" on her status and she will receive $ tips. Some of her close friends ( i think) will leave a reply about her post. If @Bloghound ever react or "heart" to their comments, chances are, those user may receive a tip. Notice that $ sign on the right side of each comment.

There are many good users like @Macronald , @bmjc98 @Just1dood @cryptoph and many more who have been on the site for 6 months or less. Even new user are earning, the same day of their sign up. It exists for real. And it is the best site i ever known.

Note: I have to warn you. You might get addicted to it. But if you are persistent enough, let's go and make yourself an account!

Do you want an Account?

If so, i prepared something for you. Here are my easy steps on creating and setting up account as well as wallet address for earnings and suggested niche for you to focus on. Needless to say, let's start by:

1. Signing Up

First, create an account. Click this link. On the upper right corner of the page, Click Get Started.

You will see this form, identical to the photo attached below. Fill it up with the needed information. Make sure you don't forget your password and email add.

Choose a unique username/display name, that cannot be edited later on.

After filling up and tapping on the "Register" button, the next step would be for you to read on the rules of the site. They are pretty simple and i am sure you will not forget about them.

Agree to the terms and rules. Make sure you read them carefully. There is a bait there, if you click on it, your account may be deleted. (The site is just making sure you are actually reading.)

Confirm your email. Go to your Gmail app and check for an email from noise.cash. Input the 4-digit number as your confirmation code.

2. Set up your profile

Go to your profile. Simply click on that black profile icon to reveal options. Choose My posts.

From there, you will see an avatar which will cointain your profile pic. Simply click on it, and add a diserable photo. Atleast good enough.

Add Bio. Tell something about yourself. Anything that tells or represent you. May it be a one word. That's for you to decide on.

3. Set up your wallet

You are basically earning $ from this site but it automatically converts into BCH. I guess you have or you haven't heard about bch or bitcoin cash? If not, click here and here.

For those who opt to know it later, just pick one of the wallet below. Download it on playstore or applestore for apple users.

  • Bitcoin.com wallet

  • Coins.ph

  • Coinbase

There are many crypto wallet to choose from but for a new user, (especially for Filipinos) I suggest you choose Coins.ph or bitcoin.com wallet.

What is the difference of these two wallet$?

Bitcoin.com wallet does not require any user to undergo verification process such as for you to present an ID and fill up form for KYC.

Coins.ph on the other hand, requires users to be at level 2 ( a valid ID and selfie verification are a needed) in order for you to be able to use its features.

Whatever wallet you prefer, you have the privilege to control how much you can withdraw at a time. You can actually set it low, or you can set it higher than $1, even $10 or $20. That is, as long as it's achievable.

Note: The withdrawal is automatic. You don't have to click anything. Just wait.for.your.earnings.to.reach.your.minimum.payout.

4. Start on the real journey

After setting up your account, start on the real journey. What and how?

  1. 1. Post quality contents

There are diverse topic to focus on or you could post about random topic, that is not prohibited. If you do not know what your niche is consider my suggestions:

  • Food

  • Nature

  • Diary-like entries

  • Health and fitness related

  • Hobbies (sketching, inking, digital arts,

  • cryptocurrencies

  • Facts

    4.2 Comment with relevance to a user's post

If a user posted about the sky, or food she or he is having for lunch, make sure you drop a comment that is related to it.

You may appear as a spam or a robot if you comment senselessly.

4.3. Reply and don't forget to be Friendly

If you are up for trouble, don't try to sign up here. You can't find trouble in this site. If you are up to know some folks, learn more about cryptocurrencies (digital currencies) and earn a little bch a day, you are welcome.

When you comment to a certain post, chances are, she or he will leave a reply. You can reply back if you want, that is your choice. But replying would be a good shot for you.

Friendly? Don't be harsh. As much as possible be calm at all times. Noise.cash does not foster verbal violence and is no to profanities, keep that in mind.

If you see someone's post that is not so accurate, approach him or her in a friendly manner.

4.4. Use your power the right way

You may not be aware or you are already. The tips are powered and hosted through every user's heart reaction. Yes, you have the ability to heart slash react on every user's post. You have the ability and abusing will backfire all of your privileges.

4.5 Follow the Rules

In any field, we need to follow the rules in order for us to stay longer there. In any workplace, there are rules, right? And we do follow them just so we can keep our job. In school we follow the rules, why? To maintain our grade, our record and our whole reputation as well.

Same goes on noise.cash. They are simple rules, that fits to be followed easily.

Click here (if you are done reading this whole thing) and you will be redirected to the site.

If you have more questions, kindly comment them down. I am preparing a FAQ's and as soon as i finish it, will let you know.

Good luck, future noisers! I guess you are equipped enough to start your journey in noise.cash?


Screenshots from noise cash

Lead image-unsplash.com

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2 years ago


I love to share this post on my social media because it is very detailed and well explained. I have to admit that until today, I am having a hard time on the site even I was year since last year. This gives a heads up.

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2 years ago

Hey! Go on, it would be my pleasure if you'd share this. I've sent this article to some folks from Facebook but I am not sure if they are really interested.

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2 years ago

Finally managed to read your post. Well done and thorough. Once you start and get to know some friendly folks here, you're bound to be addicted. 😊

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2 years ago

Very detailed and well-explained, sis. Noise cash and read.cash are very contagious 😁

Nahiya ako sa example hehe. Thank you for the mention too 😊 Good evening!

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2 years ago

and thank you din po sa pagbabasa. Sinulat ko lang to kanina kasi may mga ininvite ako kay noise. May kasunod pa po ito na FAQ's sana. And balak ko tanungin yung mga ganyan po sainyo na consistent pa din ang acct. Sana ol po. Pero thank you thank you po. naappreciate ko po

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2 years ago

lah sorry po di ako nakapagpaalam. Pero i will change it na lang. Pero oks po yung posts niyo e. admire you kasi nahahandle and consistent ang account mo so i decided na ikaw na lang po ang maging example.

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2 years ago

Hala ok lng, sis. Thank you ulet 😘 And more power sa bch journey mo. You're doing great and you write so well!

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2 years ago

naks thanks po. Di pa ako kumbinsido sa writing style ko po. madami pa akong kakaining bigas. At isasaing. lol. hahaha. thank you po talaga! Salamuch. Pero kadalasan, mga ilang buwan or weeks po bago dalawin ni randomrewarder? Hindi naman ako umaasa. Pag may dumating, thank you, pag wala, ayun madami pa talaga akong kakaining bigas.

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2 years ago

Trust me. I'm a fan 😊

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2 years ago