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Fri, August 20, 2021


I promised that I won't be publishing anything if not Monday next week but here I am. Breaking my own words. Hahahaha I can't never win!

I was encouraged to write about this topic after reading @OfficialGamboaLikeUs ' My Neighborhood types: What's yours? and @John28 ' Different kinds of Neighbor, if you haven't read their entries, read them now❤. Sorry for the tag ✌


Your life won't be happy, chaotic and miserable if you don't have any neighbor or people who live adjacent to your so called "home", that's still called neighbor, I'm confused. Lol. We will miss that spice of life if we won't have neighbors. I mean variety of neighbors. I mean variety? But if you have all of these, I bet of you would wish not to. Or am I wrong?


This might be the closest, the best among all of our neighbors. We get to chat with them about random stuffs and then, being them won't spill what we've discussed. A keeper, literally. But sadly, I don't have such kind of neighbor. I don't know if you can find such kind of neighbor right now? Because even your relatives, who, supposedly should keep your issues spread them evenly, so proudly.


As per @John28 , it is about those neighbors who have a generous heart to give what they have especially food. This kind of neighbor is what we ought to cherish and value. Imagine?A blessing knocking at your door at breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner? That's awesome. Luckily, we do have such a giver type of neighbor. But due to this pandemic, it became seldom. Of course, before giving something to other people, make sure you still have enough for your self and family. Sometimes, generosity comes at a high cost.


Let's break it down into two:

  • Observer with an aim of knowing and befriending you

    They have a good inpression about you. So, observing your attitude and actions will help them decide whether it's a good pick to befriend you, and let you in their household.

  • Observer with an intent to disregard you

    We can't please everyone, right? And we can't be good, calm and understanding all the time. There are some instances when people misunderstood us due to our bad action in the past- or simply the action they saw which then draw bad impression for us.

Especially if you are new to a neighborhood or there's a new resident, surely, their observing mode will be active to help them decide which neighbors are good to be on their side.


This is, the opposite of keeper. We have some neighbors who will get closer to us with the aim of accumulating information to quench their thirst, to appease the itch of their tongue by spreading things about us. Pretty much-slightly destructive. They simply want to have some fun and things about us seems fun enough to start with.


The ultimate version of spreader. This, compared to the spreader, is much more extreme and dangerous. Neighbors under this category have an uncontainable grudge or envy against you. So, fabricating lies and stories about you and creating scandals to bluntly humiliate you across the neighborhood will be their best way to reduce that feeling of enviousness replaced by contentment and fun. They weave stories as if they have the best clothing line. They distribute them as if all are authentic- and those people who follow the thread of fabrication are the same as them. Gullible or lowly gabblers.


Loud. They are the living proof that megaphones can be swallowed whole. Loud and banging of voices across an enclosed room or building can be heard outside. Yes,due to their extraordinary voices that can be heard on either side of the You might be woken up due to their wailing and cursing. Sleeping again might be hard if that's the case, leaving you frustrated all day.

Scandalous. Shameless ones who will open their books containing their stories among their neighborhood. Most couples, who got a problem with keeping their issues under their roof, letting their laundry out of their house seems just a typical event for them.

Let's get Physical (violent version). They start and want a fight. I don't know what they want aside from that but it looks like they want to be feared? or that no one will dare challenge them. This start in the family. I got a neighbor who's like this and I hate the fact that it became their routine. They are a combination of loud, scabdalous and violent person. Raising violence in their household and then followed by banging and smashing and skin contact as if they are hitting one another. Yeah they do. Some barangay officials had already warned them about such attitude but still, they continued as if it's their beloved hobby. This kind of neighbor can go to the extreme so we just keep away from them.

Living Nuisance. They might not interfere with our way of living, but they are, absolutely affecting how we live our life and how we get sufficient sleep and peace of mind. I've read @Bloghound 'article containing her kind complain about the nuisances this neighbor of her along with their 11 dogs give, that prevent her from getting enough sleep and peace. Imagine? Early in the morning you'll be woken up by that adisturbing and extreme boisterous. Hell with that! and knowing that the supposed authority to attend address such disturbance seems to side with the unaware offender.

Indifferent ones

People are rooting and aching for this kind of neighbor. Lol. They mean, those indifferent one who does not interfere with their business, their life when it's not needed at all because both do not do anything that can harm one another. Easy living. No stress attached. Lol. But yeah that's better. Having a "Mind your own good business" type of neighbor will give you peace of mind.

My Neighboring Thoughts...

We do have different sets of neighbors. We can't really choose who will be our neighbor but, we can choose who to spend time and befriend. And...observing would be a great help in such time.

Just one thing, make sure you are not that "nuisance" type of neighbor or the violent, scandalous and loud one or that fabricator or spreader that keep on spreading either the truth or fabricated lies. No, no, you sure making some trouble with that attitude. Lol.

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2 years ago


Ghsto ko yung keeper para kung nagkuwentuhan kayo tapus sinabi mo lahat ng secrets at problem mo di niya pagkakalat

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2 years ago

Thank you for the visit poo. Ang hirap ata yung keeper e. Walang ganun. Hahaha bihira. Kahit relatives natin (di ko nilalahat) yung inaasahan mo higit sa lahat, sila pa yung madalas magkalat

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2 years ago

Oh we are blessed to have giver kind of neighbors. On our right is the karaoke neighbor but it is tolerable...

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2 years ago

Maganda po talaga yung giver. Hindi madamot hahaha. Sanaol madaming ganyan edi busog lusog. djk. yung sa karaoke neighbor naman, oks po siya kung tolerable. Yung iba abusado🤦‍♀️

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2 years ago

Yes sis masarap pg giver

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2 years ago

I have all the kind, especially the fabricator. Unfortunately I have lots of fabricator nearby my house, that creates stories to ruin someone

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2 years ago

I hate that fabricator one pero di natin maiiwasan e. may mga ganyang talagang tao

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2 years ago

I'm an observer-indifferent hahaha.... I seldom go out and talk to our neighbors. That changed this pandemic though, we have to watch each other's back this time since we all live or lived in a compound. No household should get sick that was the unspoken code. That's why if anyone goes out of the compound and catches news, the compound gets informed properly. hahaha.. but that was in the previous place.

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2 years ago

wahaha same here. Nababagot ako lumabas, makipagchikahan (puro naman kasi plastic hahaha). And yes, nung time talaga na need bantayan ang bawat isa e mukhang concern sa isat isa.

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2 years ago