Freedom with BCH

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Bitcoin cash has so many advantages than any cryptocurrency I have come across, though i only knew about BCH in the beginning of last year which is 2021 where a friend introduced it to me and the world of crypto entirely,all I would say is that I have been using Bitcoin cash right from then to make transactions and it was smooth and fast also.

We have so many freedom with BCH then fiat where we are being controlled by the government and they monitor any incoming and outgoing transactions, everyone wants freedom of their own and now the freedom is here with us, it's the future cryptocurrency (Bitcoin cash).

Bitcoin cash is here to save the world with unnecessary fees, privacy and lots more,who wouldn't want some privacy and being anonymous online is one thing everyone wants rather than putting their personal info online.

Advantages of Bitcoin cash

  • Uncensorable

  • No KYC

  • Secured

  • Peer-to-peer electronic cash

  • Borderless

  • Trusted.

Uncensorable:No accounts can be frozen for large amounts or shutdown as we are in control of our money and no government is in control, there's no limit of money we need to have in our wallet compared to banks where we are given a limit of amount of money that can be transferred to our banks, with BCH it is totally different as there's no minimum and maximum amount to have in our wallet.

No KYC: There's no KYC involved in creating a crypto wallet unlike banks that collect our personal information before creating an account for us,why would they need our personal information to create an account for us,with BCH there's no KYC involved as you can skip the hurdle of KYC and be free to create an account.

Secured:Every transactions on the Blockchain is fully secured with a good security scheme which is secure and hacker's can't easily get pass them unlike banks where we hear different scenarios of people hacking through banks and removing people's hard earned money,BCH is totally secured.

Peer-to-peer electronic cash:No middle-man is involved in any Blockchain transactions,only the sender and recipient are free to transact freely without any middle man to serve as escrow.

Borderless: Transact freely to any location worldwide freely and pay less transactions fee, there's no border or limit to where you can transfer to as it is borderless and people can transact worldwide without going to the bank to make a deposit and send.

Trusted: Bitcoin cash (BCH) is trusted by different companies like PayPal and many more exchange sites in the world as it has so many purpose to bring to the table like privacy for customers and low cost transactions fee.

Closing thought.

This week started with a great start as I am very happy with everything going on around me, though I've missed so much but am trying to make it up so I can catch up with time,I hope you all enjoyed your day.

Thanks for reading 🥰♥️.

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Bitcoincash offers what bitcoin and fiat can't. Quick transaction and low gas fee makes it the perfect p2p currency.

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1 year ago

That is why we need to adopt more and keep spreading awareness to people for its adoption to take place all over the globe

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1 year ago

Agree about freedom with BCH. Someday, I want to achieve my first 1 BCH. :)

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1 year ago