Web 3.0 Wave for Cryptocurrencies

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With the presence of Web 3.0, it is hoped that in the future users with machines can interact with data methods, value methods, and other partner models through a peer-to-peer network substrate. It can be interpreted briefly to be able to carry out an interaction without the presence of a third party. Thus, the presence of Web 3.0 in the cryptocurrency world is very much in line and can be something big because in general agree with the stretcher of the word decentralization.

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From the progress that is adjusted to the word progress of the era of the existence of Web 1.0 which became the beginning of the existence of the internet which previously could only be said to be one-way, then moved to the phase of the presence of Web 2.0 which is growing with the advantages of having more limited space and we have encountered until now and so popular. Then the next phase is the problem phase in the existence of internet evolution according to its era. So the concept of Web 3.0 that is carried is wider than the previous phase and carries more of the presence of personalization in it.

Web 3.0 refers to the trouble spots commonly found on the internet today and provides a more individualized system and no authority to oversee the development of a new and open internet. So that it is more about the existence of non-profits, individualism is also in harmony with the existence of a free, reliable, and permissible internet. The basic thing about Web 2.0 is the presence that is supported by Web 2.0, such as the presence of the cloud, social media, and mobile phones. While Web 3.0 is built on the basis of a decentralized data network, edge computing, and artificial intelligence.

Given that the existence of the word decentralization is likely to be one of the main parts of this new concept internet, this means that crypto-assets and their blockchain systems will also be able to play an important role as big as the presence of Web 3.0.

The advent of Web 3.0 is widely predicted to be able to go far beyond the initial problems with cryptocurrencies. The richness of providing interaction opportunities and the scope of partners available globally makes this network cryptographically capable of linking tiers of data at any scale. Such as from individuals, companies, to machines with more efficient machine learning algorithms. This condition will of course provide a broader development for the existence of cryptocurrencies in the future.

One of the things that can be seen from the presence of Web 3.0 for the crypto world is the increasing presence of Tokens from Web 3.0 and the increasingly lively presence of NFT.

However, the question is whether the existence of the word that is carried by personalization or decentralization will have a good impact in the future, and is it true that there will not be a fully centralized authority to be felt at the heart of the word decentralization? Then how do developers and private parties fall in the value of their authority?


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The web 3.0 would assist the promotion of Nfts and this would make more go into decentralized projects

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2 years ago

The threat to Web3.0 is the regulatory boards of the governments, such as the SEC in the US. Many governments are formulating stringent cyber laws to enforce punishment for companies working in decentralized projects. The governments are trying to control/interrogate or seize computer devices from the startups and their founders, even the citizens engaged in cryptocurrency transactions.

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2 years ago