Two-thirds of Crypto Currency

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In conventional currency, it is customary to know the terms of two sides of a coin. Where from the physical form it does have a different formation on each side. Whether it's in the form of coins or paper, conventional currency or known as fiat currency actually has implied formation characteristics. So apart from the condition of the existence of the physical form, sentences with two sides of a coin are often used as prose for formations that occur in the economic system that occurs.

The description of the elaboration of the overflow in the form of positive or negative material. As if it is in line with the existence of conventional currencies that have been in force.

Then what about the formation conditions in the existence of cryptocurrencies, whereas is known cryptocurrency does not have a physical form like fiat currency? Digital is a tangible form that is displayed as a representation in terms of the number of digits only.

Indeed, the type of crypto has a logo as a representative of the different types of crypto conditions that are present. While the depiction of every crypto that exists is all born from the imagination of the formation of each side of the cryptocurrency described. Nothing is binding except just the logo, because the conditions are clearly digital.

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At this time crypto is experiencing a lot of harsh shocks from the existence of crypto itself. So if it is represented in the language it seems appropriate to say about the condition of two-thirds of cryptocurrencies.

Why two-thirds?

As an illustration of the side issues that exist in the crypto world, programs, types, and communities.

The programming language used represents the formation of each type of crypto that exists. Type as a differentiator between coins, and tokens. And the community is the third instrument as the driving wheel for the existence of each cryptocurrency that was born.

Cryptocurrency is still stuck on the story sheet of the existence of the crypto itself. Does not describe the strength of the existing crypto conditions. There is still a condition of distrust in the condition of the word decentralization adopted by crypto. Still looking at the language of values ​​is the main purpose of crypto being created. And it is still vulnerable to being entered by irresponsible parties for words that damage the actual cryptocurrency system.

Two-thirds of cryptocurrencies become a polemic every year that goes by. Still have a need for global economic conditions without showing the identity of the strength of the community that has existed until now. The main tangled thread is the state of the debate between crypto and the construction of the crypto bridge itself. Not supporting each other in the existence of other cryptos, causes many failures in several cryptos that actually have clear fundamental projects.

Isn't this about currency... something that we long for to run as beautifully as we know it, we deny destiny and seek justification for mismatched expectations. We are disappointed and we really lost.

And it's about currencies... is there a day when we forget what crypto was created for? Or is it the day when crypto is momentarily forgotten about ambition? Merge them all into one and maybe we will find out what the real currency is.

Isn't it about currency... This world doesn't need anything to surrender, too naive to face what it's fighting for. Comfortable does not mean up, comfortable is just the limit at every stage. The fanfare, the excitement, the euphoria, won't last long. In the end, we will re-enter the world where the rhythm is no longer the same but will be stuck in the same process, starting from the beginning; adjustment, meeting again with boredom, stuck, then there will be lots of pros/cons opinions from the ego from outside of oneself that permeate oneself which makes some people feel that maybe there is something wrong with their decision, some others are getting stronger, and then finally they can get into a rhythm "new life", finding his comfortable point.

Because Life goes on and on, harder, harder. Each decision bears its own responsibility.


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Sometimes we experience tiredness and thinking about to leave the crypto world but we will never be thinking about quiting the game.. We will be resting and the will go on again..

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1 year ago

Theres no space for the word "surrender" but there's a word to keep the light of our candle blazing, "keep moving forward" life must go on, we need to fight hard, accept failures, fight back and be successful.

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1 year ago